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News In Nigeria Today On Buhari’s Impeachment [2021]

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News in Nigeria today on is president Buhari.
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News In Nigeria Today on the call to impeach president Buhari is as a result of the administration’s lack of response to the insecurity in the nation. 

  The recent trending hashtags; #buharimustgo and #buharimuststay on Twitter by Nigerians has contributed to the news in Nigeria today on the call to impeach president Buhari. 

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 On Monday 10, 2021 Mark Gbillah, a representative of Gwer East federal constituency (House of Representatives) at the National Assembly, confirmed that the call to impeach president Buhari is due to the administration’s inability to respond positively to the issues of national security. 

 Speaking on Rave FM, a private radio station in Osogbo, Osun state, the deputy chairman (of) house committee on petroleum resources spoke on the trending news in Nigeria today.

Latest news in Nigeria today is out.
Reading news from Punch newspaper. [file-from-pexel]

News in Nigeria today Is on the call to impeach President Buhari by some Nigerians

 On this note, Mark Gbillah said,

 “We have the constitutional mandate to hold the executive accountable for the issues bedevilling our country. Section 14(2b) of the constitution is very clear that the security and welfare of the people is the primary role of government and it is very obvious to many Nigerians that this administration has failed in that regard.

 “So, it is necessary as those who seems to be conscious of the failure of this administration in this regard, to raise that fundamental issue and to explore constitutional avenue, to hold the government accountable which include initiating impeachment against the president. 

 “It is unfortunate that, instead of our colleagues in the ruling party to see whether what we tried to do is constitutional, they started playing politics with issue, even they themselves are confronting in their constituencies.

 “This is rather unfortunate and I was personally disappointed in the APC senators who seem to be more interested in eulogising the president instead of holding him accountable and try to help Nigerians get through this very dire period in our nation’s history.” 


News in Nigeria today on kidnapping

Gbillah continued,

 “Kidnapping is now the order of the day with absolutely no intervention from the security operatives. It does not even appear as if our intelligent network in this country functions any longer. 

 “The National Security Adviser in a statement said certain military expenditure and equipment can not be accounted for, in this administration.”

 If I should ask if the call to impeach president Buhari will be a success, here is what Gbillah said:

 “We are going to take actions that are necessary and let Nigerians and posterity take notice of the partisanship the APC prefer to play, instead of stand in defense of the nation.”

 Also, referencing the news in Nigeria today on the killing of 30 people from his constituency, Gbillah added:

 “One of the problems is the lack of political will by this administration. You can see that till date, this administration has not declared herdsmen as terrorist but on the other hand, proscribed IPOB which until now has not been recorded to have killed anyone. So, this kind of bias responses are not acceptable to us in the legislature. 

 “You can also recall recently when a broadcasting commission fined Channels TV for hearing the statement of an IPOB leader, while the same Channel has aired statement by Miyeti Allah threatening the whole nation and the TV station was not fined at that time. This is completely unacceptable and we should raise alarm to all well meaning Nigerians of where this administration is taking us.”

 On the news in Nigeria today about the government of Nigeria, what do Nigerians have to say about the call to impeach president Buhari?

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