Latest Crypto News: Bitcoin Value Has Dropped [2021]

The latest crypto news today: Bitcoin value dropped recently after Tesla suspends payments with Bitcoin.  Bitcoin, a crypto currency which was invented in 2008 by the Satoshi Nakamoto and useful from 2009, has taken over the crypto world as the most popular crypto currency.  The latest crypto news today is on the sudden drop which […]

Latest Tech News Today: 1 Great Twitter Monetization

Latest tech news today: the American microblogging service provider, Twitter has created a monetization feature called “Tip Jar.”   The social network and American microblogging platform known as Twitter is a socialization center for the central world.  Founded in the month of March 21, 2006, in San Francisco, California, US, Twitter has grown to millions of […]

The Latest Music App [2021] For Anxiety and Pain

The latest music app: a digital app and streaming device called MediBeat, has been produced for patients of anxiety and pain.  With many issues of depressions, anxieties and the likes, people are out in search of relevant medication to appease or heal their wounds.  Having seen the power of music, the British Health Tech Start-up […]

Over 10 Billion Amazon Counterfeit Listings Blocked!

Over 10 Billion Amazon counterfeit listings which can cause Amazon to lose the trust of its customers have been blocked!  The news is quite a positive response to the Amazon Counterfeit products listing that has been trendy with negative impact on the Amazon online store.  The Amazon customer reviews on Amazon Counterfeit Listings have been […]

Breaking Science News: New Device Invention In 2021

 Breaking Science News: A device has been developed by today’s best Scientists for a quicker and less invasive blood vessel repairs.   Science news today has today’s best Scientists led by Nanyang Technology University (NTU) located in Singapore, with the development of a new device for quick blood vessel repairs.  The device has a faster and less […]

Nigerians Latest News: The Release Of 29 Students

The Gunmen who took 39 students from the forestry college in Northwest Nigeria on March 11, previously released 10. Finally, they have released the remaining 29 Nigerian students. – Nigerians Latest News. Precisely on March 11, 2021, it was reported that 39 students of the Federal College of Forestry Mechanization of Northwest Nigeria were kidnapped. […]

No.1 Joe Biden’s Sincere Speech On Americans Failure

  President Joe Biden pitched his 2.3 trillion dollars American Jobs Plan in Louisiana, speaking of Americans Failure in infrastructure development.     On a very good note, it is worth knowing that the president of the United States of America is sincere enough to speak on Americans failure saying:    “We have failed to properly invest […]

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