Google My business free listing is Google’s business listing platform that provides information about places and businesses to give good experiences to the millions of people searching online for businesses to transact with and to help businesses generate leads and insights.

In this article, I explained some important Google Business free listing concepts and provided a few quick and easy tips to help your business get found online by millions of people searching on Google for businesses.

Who needs a verified Google My Business Listing?

You need it if;

  1. You want your business to show up in Google Maps Searches.
  2. You want your business to be in Google’s Local 3-Pack in local searches.
  3. You want to earn the loyalty and trust of customers.
  4. You want positive reviews and star ratings from satisfied customers to increase your brand authority.
  5. You want to increase traffic to your website and increase sales.
  6. You want to learn more about your business from Google My Business reports.


  • Relevance: The relevance level of your business listing information with the keywords used in Google search.
  • Distance: Google uses Google Map data to check how far your business location is from the location of people searching with keywords relevant to your business. The closer your business is to the searcher’s location or the searched location, the higher the chance for your business to show up.
  • Influence: Google sources and uses information from platforms such as Google Search, Google Maps, Reviews, as well as data such as Mentions, Anchor text, and links from third-party websites to determine the repute, prominence, and credibility of businesses.




Google business listing calls:

you can add your business phone number to your listing for your customers to call you. If the added number is not a toll-free phone number, your customers will pay for their calls.

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Google Business listing phone number:

This is your business phone number; it will be available publicly to anyone who finds your business when searching the internet. You are expected to use a phone number that anybody can call anytime to contact your business as your Google Business listing phone number.

Google business listing cost:

In case you are asking, is google business listing free?  Yes, Google business listing is free.

Google business listing support:

If you need help with your Google business listing, you can visit the Google My Business Help Community link

Google business listing verification:

The verification is important, only verified listings are published.

Google business listing login:

You must log in before you can access your account and manage your listing. Visit the Google business listing login page

Google business listing benefits:

If you want your business to show up in Google Maps Searches then get listed. It will increase traffic to your website and increase sales.

Google business listing customer service:

Google business listing helps businesses to provide better customer service. Your business can get and respond to feedback from customers and you can Post important updates to keep your customers informed.

Google business listing edit: Google allows you to edit your business listing. If you are the verified owner of a Google business listing, you can login and change business information like Phone Number, Logo, Website, Office Hours, Products, and so on.

Google business listing help: If you need help with your Google business listing, you can visit the google business listing help community – the Google My Business Help Community link

Google business listing keywords:

On the Google my Business Directory, your potential consumer will find your business in keyword searches. Let your business name, business description, and google my business products and services description contain words that are relevant to your business.

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But try to avoid keyword spam in your effort to influence the ranking of your Google business listing.

Google business listing management:

For your google business listing management, you can add people you trust to manage your business. Just go to setting, and add their Gmail email address to invite them. They will be able to access and manage your listing once they accept the invitation.

Google business listing not showing up:

You need to complete the registration process and your listing must be verified to show up in searches.

Google my business listing optimization:

It is important to optimize your Google my business listing. An optimized Google my business listing will help Google bots read and interpret your business information easily. The easiest way to optimize is to provide all the information requested.

Google business website:

In case you don’t have a business website, Google My Business can help you generate one Google business free website.  The automatically generated website uses the information from your Google Business listing Profile, just as in your listing, you can edit the website info and design to match your brand.

Google business Gmail:

The Gmail address of the Google account used for your google business listing is the same email Google will use to notify you when people try to send you a message from your listing. Your Google business listing Gmail will not be made public on the listing like your website, address, and Phone Number.

Google business hours:

You can add the days and times of the days your business will be available to serve customers. Your business hours are publicly-available information, it will be publicly available to people who find your business in searches.

Google business page:

Google My Business is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses to promote their brand and have a credible online presence on Google platforms like Google Search and Google Maps. The Unique page of your business where your business contact details and other publicly-available information is shared is your Google my business page.

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Google allows you to create a custom link (URL) that leads to your page. The URL looks like this

How to create a custom URL for your Google Business page:

  • Just login to your Google my Business account
  • Navigate to dashboard and click on “Info”
  • Then click on “Add short name”
  • Enter the short name you want to use. The maximum number of characters allowed is 32.

In case the name you entered has been taken, you can think of another name and try until u get a relevant name that has not been taken.

If your business name is available, it is better to use it for branding purposes.

  • When you have entered a name that is available, click “Apply” and the name will be saved and it will start showing up on your profile.


Google Business Listing gives you a free and easy-to-use platform to list your business location on Google Maps and show up in local search results. On your Google Business Listing page, important information about your business can be displayed publicly to your potential customer.

You can display business information like your business contact details, opening/closing hours, your website link, a brief description of your business, and your products and services.

If you don’t have a google my business listing yet, you should create one.

If you already have one, make sure it is verified, provide valid and complete information, and regularly update your Google business listing when your business information changes.

Thanks for taking the time to read my piece.


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