Lenovo Warranty Check, Lenovo Extended Warranty, Lenovo Warranty Lookup

Lenovo Warranty Check – Online Lenovo Warranty Lookup Guide


Lenovo is one of the most trusted laptop and computer brands. It also has a standard warranty of one year on all of its products, including laptops, desktop computers for consumers, monitors, keyboards, microphones, computer accessories and mobile phones (Motorola).

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Lenovo Warranty Check / Lenovo Extended Warranty

Lenovo Warranty Check, Lenovo Warranty, Lenovo Warranty Lookup

There are even three years of Warranty on certain laptops that are professional and workstations. 

If your Lenovo device is defective or malfunctions, the device can be repaired at no cost in the Warranty. But, it would be best if you examined your Lenovo model’s warranty status prior to taking it to repair or taking it to the Lenovo service centre. To do this, you can utilize Lenovo’s Lenovo Warranty Status Check tool available on the Lenovo website.

Lenovo Warranty Lookup Tips

How to Find The Lenovo Warranty Status Online

Suppose you’re interested in checking whether your Lenovo gadget’s status with regard to Warranty; you’ll need to keep the serial number in your wallet to conduct Lenovo Warranty Lookup. The serial number on the product itself or in the product’s packaging. If you are unable to locate this serial number, go to Lenovo’s site that will explain the best way to identify the serial number of your Lenovo model’s serial numbers.

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Lenovo Warranty Lookup Steps

Once you’ve found your serial number, you can follow the steps listed below:

Lenovo Warranty Lookup First Step: Open a web browser on your computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, and navigate to the following webpage: http://support.lenovo.com/in/en/warrantylookup

Lenovo Warranty Lookup Second step. Choose one of the following devices that you own:

1.    PC: Laptop, Tablet, Desktop, or Monitor

2.    Data Centre: Server, Storage, or Networking

3.    Mobile: Lenovo or Motorola Smartphones

4.    Smart: Lenovo Smart Assistant or VR

Lenovo Warranty Lookup Third Step: Enter the number for your serial on Lenovo product into the text field on the page. Then, click the button ‘Submit.

Lenovo Warranty Lookup Fourth Step: The subsequent page that loads will display you all the details related to the Lenovo model’s warranty condition. It will also provide you with the name of the product and the date that began the standard warranty period, as well as the expiration date of the period of Warranty and the country in which the Lenovo item was initially being used purchased.

Lenovo Extended Warranty

Extension of the Warranty of your Lenovo product

The majority of Lenovo devices come with the option of a three-year or one-year warranty. What happens if the device fails to function after the standard Lenovo warranty has expired? There is a significant cost to get the Lenovo device fixed. If your Lenovo device’s Warranty has lapsed, we suggest purchasing another Lenovo Extended Warranty. 

It is activated after the normal warranty period ends; it extends the Warranty for two years for Lenovo laptops, desktops and laptops. Headphones and smartwatches, fitness trackers, and much more. 

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You can purchase an extra warranty package on your Lenovo laptop on the website of Third-party support providers.

Why should you choose the Lenovo Extended Warranty for Your Lenovo device?

You should think about purchasing an Extended Warranty Plan for your Lenovo laptop, computer or other accessories for your computer as it does not just extend the Warranty for up to two years and protects the user from unexpected costs in the event of a malfunction; however, it also offers other benefits, such as a no-cost “No-Questions-Asked” repairs policy that is a paperless procedure, and the guarantee of repair or replacement. 

The Lenovo Extended Warranty Plan for Lenovo products comes with an unbeatable pick-up and drop service that will help you save time and money.

frequently asked questions about Lenovo Warranty Status and Lenovo Extended Warranty Plan for Lenovo Products

What will I find out about my Lenovo device by using this Lenovo Tool for Checking Warranty?

Yes. The Lenovo Tool for assessing warranty status provides all the necessary information regarding the Lenovo device, such as its name, warranty duration beginning date, warranty period expiration date, and status on Warranty.

Do you think Lenovo Warranty Check is available for every Lenovo device?

Yes, this Lenovo Warranty Check tool is compatible with all Lenovo devices.

Do I need to sign up for my Lenovo device before conducting a Lenovo Warranty Check?

There is no need to sign up for your Lenovo device on the internet prior to doing the Lenovo Warranty Status Check. All you need to do is note down the Lenovo device’s serial numbers and input it in the tool to check your Warranty’s status.

What should I do after completing a Lenovo Warranty Check if the Warranty is expired?

If your Lenovo device’s Warranty is expired, you can purchase an extended warranty plan by extending the Warranty providers.

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Lenovo Warranty Check Availability

Is the warranty check reliable?

Yes. The Lenovo Warranty Check tool available on Lenovo’s official site is 100 100% accurate and reliable.

Do you think this Lenovo Warranty Check provides details about Lenovo products purchased in the US or other countries?

The. Yes, The Lenovo Warranty Check Tool provides details about Lenovo products bought anywhere in the world.

Lenovo Warranty Check Information Summary

After you’ve logged in, you’ll be capable of viewing you’ll be able to see Lenovo warranty status immediately; however, there is other information you’ll be interested in looking at, too. The date when your Warranty expires can be checked by using the “Days remaining” countdown located at on the left. It’s recommended to keep track of the date to ensure you won’t be unaware that you’re ready to renew or discover alternatives to assist with your computer. From this page, you’ll be able also to find other Lenovo sources, such as the knowledgebase and guide on repair status, when you’ve opened the repair ticket for service, drivers and software downloads, as well as others.

Lenovo Warranty Lookup Final Thoughts

If the device you purchased is covered by Lenovo Warranty, be sure to check the Lenovo warranty information section.

There you’ll find the basics of your support like response times and the availability of online support. We’ve already discussed this understanding what’s covered by your contract for support is vital to make sure you are aware of what to expect if an issue occurs to your device.

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