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Apple Confirmed that iPadOS 16 would be postponed.

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Apple has confirmed rumors that iPadOS 16 will be delayed. Apple has confirmed that iPadOS 16 will not be released in September. Instead, it will launch iPadOS 16.1 later in the year.

Since 2018, iPadOS updates have been released in conjunction with iOS updates. This has been broken.

The company informed TechCrunch that this is an important year for iPadOS. We have the flexibility to deliver iPadOS as our own platform with iPad-specific features span>

Apple he continued, saying, “This fall, iPadOS will ship following iOS as version 16.1 in free software updates.”

Why the iPadOS 16 delay

iPadOS 16 was unveiled at the WWDC event in June, and is expected to be released this fall. iPad OS 16 will not be released to the general public.

iPad OS 16 was the first to introduce Stage Manager, which can help you improve your workflow and multitasking.

Stage Manager performed well on macOS, but not on iPad OS. This could explain the iPadOS 16 delays. 

Apple is working on solutions to user complaints.

iPadOS 16 delay, a blessing in disguise?

Based on the separated release dates for iPadOS 16.1 & iOS 16 and Apple’s comments regarding the iPad OS 16 delay – it will be interesting to watch if the company staggers future releases.

While Apple has not confirmed this, it will be a welcomed development to have an iPad OS release schedule that is truly de-segregated.

This will provide more iPad-focused feature updates for users of Apple’s iconic tablet.

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