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HP Warranty Check – How to Quickly Check HP Warranty

This guide contains details on conducting HP Warranty Check, what to do when you warranty is over, extend your current warranty,  and lots more.

As a buyer, when you think of buying an upgraded desktop, laptop, or new printer for your office or home, One of the primary brands you think of is HP.

In the field of consumer electronics, specifically printers, desktops, laptops and laptops, HP is one of the most renowned and trusted brands available. HP offers products that have excellent specifications and offer amazing performance.

HP is also able to assure its customers of its product’s long-lasting quality by offering top after-sales support and extensive warranties.

If you own an HP product and wish to conduct an HP Warranty check, the only thing you need to do is visit HP’s website, enter the country of your residency or purchase, and then type in the serial number for the HP device.

You will find the serial numbers on barcode stickers that come with the device, which typically is located on the back of the device.

When you verify the HP warranty for the device, you’ll be able to determine if the device is still covered under warranty provided by the manufacturer, as well as how long the warranty’s duration is.

The initial warranty offered by HP will cover the HP item for the duration of the warranty; however, it is essential to opt for HP warranty extensions.

It is essential for your device to function for at minimum several years; that’s why it’s essential to make sure that the device is properly maintained until the end of the warranty provided by the manufacturer.

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If you buy HP Extended Warranty, you will be able to ensure that any additional repairs are handled in the event of a break of the warranty offered by the brand.

You can extend your current warranty by choosing an HP Care Pack.

To get started, you must visit the Support page on the official HP website and click the HP Care Pack. Then, you must choose the product you wish to receive, the extended warranty, the family of products, and lastly, the series of products, after which you can click submit.

Then, you can select the Care Pack that is suitable for your needs and then pay the payment. You can also take advantage of a third-party service that offers extended warranties for desktops, laptops and printers.

Check What Does HP Warranty Cover

HP’s standard limited warranty of one year is for replacement or repairs of parts that are found to be to be defective. Some of the problems or damage covered by the warranty are:

  1. The hard disks (or SSOs) of laptops from LiP are covered against failure for the warranty period.
  2. Keyboards from HP laptops and desktops are covered under the normal warranty.
  3. The screens that are part of laptops are covered under the standard warranty that covers certain kinds of failures. laptops and battery against any failures during the warranty time
  4. For HP printers with regard to cartridges for ink, the warranty protection is extended up to the point that HP ink has run out and/or until the warranty expires, whichever comes first.
  5. For HP printheads. The warranty continues until the warranty expires or until the limit of usage has been reached. This occurs first.
  6. The standard license is limited; however, it is not able to protect against damages resulting from:
  7. Injuries, abuse or usage of HP product in violation of the guidelines
  8. The warranty doesn’t include peripherals or products that are not HP as well as software applications or programs.
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12 Things Not Covered Under Laptop Warranty

  1. Laptop Physical damage damages internal damage
  2. Broken Laptop Screen Dots on the laptop screen
  3. Keyboards that are defective, missing keys
  4. Unlocking the case (Hinges or Damage to the cover)
  5. Cracking the OEM Seal (Don’t attempt to open your laptop yourself; your warranty co uld  be cancelled.
  6. Warranty is void when you remove, add or change any internal component without consent from the OEM.
  7. Data files lost Videos, photos Software for the system, 3rd software, 3rd
  8. Any user-installed software
  9. Computer theft, damage, or breakage (Any insurance plan will cover those).
  10. Laptop liquid damage, Water spill, Coffee split
  11. Charger cable damaged, damaged charger and charger pin Charging Port DC Jack
  12. Electric short circuits, and burning

How to Screenshot on HP Laptop

Ways To Conduct a HP Warranty Check

For a warranty verification on every HP device, you’ll need to identify the serial number that is unique to it.

The majority of HP products have codes or a laser-engraved number printed on their surface. If you aren’t able to see the serial number on your device’s surface, look at the surface of the battery or the proof of purchase.

You can check whether your warranty remains in effect by:

  • Conducting a search on HP’s warranty support website. HP warranty support site
  • Using HP Support Assistant

Performing a Check via HP Support Warranty Checker

Here’s how to determine your HP warranty status with an HP support page: HP help page:

  1. Go to the HP Warranty Check Support page.
  2. Click on Check Warranty Status
  3. Enter your country’s name and your serial number for the defective product.
  4. Hit the “Check Warranty “button
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HP Warranty Check FAQ

What Do You Do If You’re Out of HP Warranty?

You can purchase an after-warranty HP Care Pack, that will take effect after the end of your standard warranty or the date you bought it. But, the package must be purchased not more than 90 days from the time your initial warranty ends.

If you’re still not sure then there are some alternatives. Call HP at 800-752-0900 to find out whether they’ll repair your device, and if yes what the cost will be for the part you need. You can also purchase the spare components at HP and then repair the device yourself.

Can You Extend Your HP Warranty?

In you have make a HP Warranty Check and discovered that your warranty is over, the most straightforward method to extend the warranty period is by buying the HP Care Pack for which it will cost you $89 to get three years of warranty.

But the warranty must be bought within the first 90 days following your initial purchase of the hardware.

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