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How Can I Listen to My Kids WhatsApp Voice Messages Without Them Knowing?

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Social messaging apps are free services that are popular these days. People use messaging apps to keep in touch with friends, family, and their clients. WhatsApp is one of those instant messaging apps that have made their way to the next level. The application has billions of users in the world. The vast majority of people love to use the social networking app no time ever before. It is a Facebook-owned messaging app serving people of all ages like kids, teens, adults, and older ones.

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People are interested to listen to voice messages, voice calls, text messages, and chat conversations on cellphones. You can see instant messenger on digital devices on phones. Seemingly, it is impossible to listen to VoIP calls on WhatsApp without them knowing. However, technology has evolved over the recent years, and you can do it with the WhatsApp monitoring app.

Why do parents want to listen to WhatsApp voice messages?

WhatsApp VoIP calls and voice message features enable the youngster to interact with strangers. Young teens met someone online and exchange WhatsApp. Teens start interacting and believing in someone to whom they have never met in real –life. The emotional attachment could lead teens towards consequences that are following

Blind dating

Pre-teens are more desperate to use social messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Snapchat to interact with stranger danger. They breach their privacy and share contacts, and after that talking with strangers through voice messages, Voice calls, text messages, chats, and group chat. They interact with the strangers via WhatsApp calls and decide to meet in person. Young teens often become the victim of date rape and sexual assault.

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Sharing of sexually suggested posses

It could be embracing teens, making voice and video calls on a social messaging app with strangers. They can record and share their videos. There is plenty of case where teens did video calls in a sexually suggested pose, and receivers have shared the video as revenge porn. So, parents prevent teens from making voice and video calls with strangers, and they have a tool WhatsApp monitoring app to get the job done. So, parents want to watch and listen to the voice and video calls of teens when they are up on the monitoring software for WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp Monitoring app?

It is an application for cell phones active with instant messaging apps. You can install it on the target cell phone device without root and access social networks without them knowing. It gives you a complete insight into the cellphones active with WhatsApp. It is easy to install and operate on a cellphone. You can secretly access social messaging apps logs. It empowers you to read messages, chat conversations, voice calls, video calls, and media sharing. WhatsApp tracking app has dozens of powerful features that empower you to know what your child is doing on the cell phone device active with the social messaging app.

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Top-rated Features of WhatsApp Monitoring software

Here are the following features that you can use on cell phones active with the instant messaging apps. Let’s get to know about them in detail.

Live screen recording

Screen recording is the best tool for parents to monitor and record back-to-back videos of the phone screen active with WhatsApp and deliver data to the control panel. Parents can watch what kids are doing on the social messaging app.

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VoIP call recording

Users can use the WhatsApp monitoring app on the target phone and activate the Voice call recording feature. It empowers you to record and listen to the one-side voice calls and voice messages on the instant messaging app.


You can capture the phone screen active with the social media app and schedule screenshots to get more information. You can download captured screenshots to see voice messaging activities.


Users can record and capture every keystroke applied on the target cell phone device using keystrokes logging. You can monitor WhatsApp keystrokes to read text messages, chat conversations, and others.

Social media messenger spy

It is one of the best WhatsApp monitoring tool for kids that empowers you to monitor social networking logs. You can read messages, chats, voice chat, and media sharing logs.


WhatsApp monitoring software is the best tool for parents to record and listen to voice messages and voice calls.

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