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5 Best Video Ideas to Boost Small Business Performance

Video is an excellent way to promote your products and services. However, as small businesses have a limited budget to spend on marketing, they might not be able to produce high-quality, big-budget videos. However, this doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t consider making videos! Believe it or not, video marketing is vital if you want to generate impressive ROI. And according to Smart Insights, 88% of marketers agree with the video ideas mentioned in this article.

This is one of the reasons why different ISPs use video ads as one of the best video ideas to promote their offerings. They also include their customer representative number, such as spectrum 1800 number, so interested people can contact them to either know more about the packages or subscribe to the service.

5 Video Ideas for Small Businesses

As stated above, small businesses should consider investing in video marketing because, after all, it is going to help them promote their offerings more efficiently. With that said, let’s have a look at five video ideas that can help SMEs to boost their performance.

#1. Testimonials

If there is anything that can help you build trust and credibility amongst your audience, it is the customer testimonials. The buyers who have purchased your products and have experienced how you handle their needs are the best way to put in a good word of mouth, which will help show your business positively. Therefore, it is better to make a testimonial video. It will connect more with your audience due to human presence. Also, such videos will appear to be more realistic as they will have the customers themselves explaining how they found your offerings to be.

#2. Behind the Scenes

When people get to know about you, they will naturally be curious to know more. This means they will be interested to know how you operate and what’s your work culture like. You can take advantage of this and create a behind-the-scenes video for them.

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You can take your audience behind the curtain in such a video and show how you manufacture the products and how your brand functions. This will allow your customers to trust you better. Moreover, they will always look forward whenever you announce to launch a new service or a product.

#3. Animation

If you are a creative being who wants to wow your audience with your imagination, consider making an animated video. However, do remember that animator videos are usually advertised as explainer videos. So, in an explainer animated video, you can create a short marketing clip to explain what your brand is about or what your product/service does. You will be targeting such videos to those people who don’t know much about you.

#4. Documentary

People love stories! Therefore, there’s a solid chance that your audience wants to know about your journey as long as you are willing to tell it in an organized way. And what better way to do this than do it in the form of a documentary.

It is possible that you might not have documented your growth but if you have archives then you can use them. On the contrary, if you are just starting out, then make sure to record your achievements. The process of filming a documentary may seem to be a bit daunting, but keep your eyes on the prize and rest assured, your efforts will be awarded.

#5. Live Video

If you can, then don’t hesitate to go for a live video! You can broadcast your presentation, meeting, or an event that your business is hosting so that your audience can become a part of it.

Live videos will make your customers believe that the company is transparent and truthful. You can also use a live stream to ask about your customer’s feedback. This way, they will feel valued.

Marketing Videos FAQ

What is video marketing?

Video marketing uses videos to promote and educate people about your products or services. It increases engagement on your online and social channels and educates your target audience, and lets you engage them using new media.

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What should a marketing video consist of?

Marketing Videos may be of different types depending on your goals; great video ideas can include but are not restricted to:

  • Product demos.
  • Tutorials.
  • Vlogs.
  • Expert interviews with experts.
  • Customer Testimonials.
  • Background Work (Behind the Scene).
  • Animations for explaining products.
  • Live webinars.

What is it that makes videos appealing?

The fresh content lets viewers know they are seeing that your website is in operation and expanding. This increases the likelihood to return. Engage with your viewers whenever possible. Answer comments, address questions and thank your viewers for taking the time to view your videos.

What is it that makes a video successful?

In order to create videos that are successful when it comes to creating a successful video, you need to bring your tale to life swiftly in order to draw attention as viewers go through their feeds immediately.
In the first few seconds, you should provide an understanding of what the video is about and ensure that viewers are confident that all they have seen is worth the time they have.

Does video marketing make sense?

Video marketing might seem like a simple method to establish your brand; however, once you get a grasp on it, you’ll be wondering why you’ve waited so long to start. It’s time to include video marketing into your strategy for content.

How effective are marketing videos?

While convenient and effective for consumers, video marketing can provide marketers with a beautiful multi-faceted, flexible, and accessible medium to connect with their audience. Indeed, Diode Digital recently found that online videos are 600 per cent more effective tools for marketing than direct mail and printing together.

What are the reasons small businesses need video marketing?

Videos help increase brand awareness, enhance online presence, improve brand image, increase engagement, increase trust, and be affordable and straightforward to create; however, the most important advantage of video marketing for small-sized businesses is increasing sales.

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What is the significance of marketing videos?

Video marketing refers to using videos for advertising and informing people about your service or product. It improves engagement on your online and social channels, educates your customers, and lets you engage them using a new method of communication.

Do videos attract more attention on social media?

Video content garners more attention than other forms of content. It also tends to stay around for a long time. For instance, a TikTok video instance is a popular option to be featured on users’ For You pages for several weeks or even months after the video is first posted.

Are Videos Good for SEO?

One of the two crucial SEO metrics is the number of time users spend on your website or website, and the number of backlinks linking to your website and videos almost always increases each of these numbers.


Video is undoubtedly one of the best tools in this digital age to acquire new customers and improve your sales.

If you are going to film a video, then make sure to do so in high quality and use different video editor software to make the footage crisp. It will help you connect with your audience better and would eventually help your business prosper.

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