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40 Best Native Advertising Ad Networks for Affiliate Marketing

There are so many Native Advertising Ad Networks that you can utilize for your Affiliate Marketing right now.

Google or Facebook are indeed dominant players in paid advertisements; however, they’re not the only ones in town. The Native Advertising Ad Network in this post are great alternatives to Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

We’ll break down 40 alternative Native Advertising Ads networks to consider in order to increase your reach through other platforms for advertising. We’ll also outline the main reasons it’s essential to explore various digital marketing channels.

Native Advertising Definition

Native Advertising refers to any content published in an online publication similar to the content in the Blog or magazine’s editorial; however, it is paid for by an advertising company and designed to market the advertiser’s products.
The term “native advertising” can also refer to as sponsored content, a kind of advertising in line with the style and purpose of the platform on which it is placed. In most cases, it acts as an advertorial and is presented in a video, an article or an editorial.

4 Reasons Why Native Advertising Ad Networks Are Important

From an advertisers viewpoint, Ad networks are crucial for a number of reasons.

  1. Efficiency: Advertisers buying ads through an ad network do not have to reach out to publishers individually. A single account with an ad network is equivalent to an easier ad order.
  2. Greater coverage: Going through an intermediary will give you greater reach since you can purchase more ads from multiple publishers, much more than you could through a single platform.
  3. Campaign management simplicity: Advertisers do not need to contact independent publishers directly if they want to establish the parameters of a campaign (e.g. limit on frequency and budget) or change banners.
  4. Centralized tracker: Get well-organized reports. Visit your ad network dashboard to track how your advertisements are working.

Publishers, the advantage of working alongside an advertising network to act as intermediaries is buying advertising space previously in the dark. Zeros become dollar signs quickly. Along with the leftover advertising space, Some publishers offer premium advertising spaces to brokers of ad networks.

Why Consider Google and Facebook Alternative Ad Networks

Here are some reasons to consider other advertising networks online when improving your affiliate marketing strategies and online promotion options.

To Get New Data

Data marketing gold. Although it’s not quite like the California Gold Rush of the 1800s, it is an attempt to keep and then maintain high-quality customers.

Different networks offer the possibility of diverse data and even more of it. From an advertiser’s perspective, the key information is crucial when you’re trying to get in touch with prospective customers and convince them to buy and keep them over the long haul.

Find out the most important information about the sites and the people that you’ve targeted. Use the information you get from different ads networks to help guide your advertising efforts across other marketing channels or to retarget your ads.

To Target Different Users

While Google Ads and Facebook’s pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are a means of promoting on two of the top advertising platforms but there are alternatives to think about. Increase your reach and expand your target audience by experimenting with different ad platforms and networks.

Alternative advertising networks are open to new users that can be targeted through topics, domains or even time of day, browsers and many more. Additionally, investors realize that diversification is essential to creating a balanced portfolio; this is why alternative ad networks include a wide range of partner publishers that can display your advertisements.

To Experience Less Competition

Google Advertising is a multibillion-dollar business. There’s no surprise here. Google estimates that businesses that promote their products or services on its ad platform earn $8 per $1 they spend.

Like you’d think, there is a lot of competition as marketers are competing for ad space as well as their share of the eightfold increase in return (ROI).

However, this results in higher costs as rivals in the same industry are competing to get the best slots. The possibility of lesser competition is an excellent reason to consider giving alternative advertising networks a shot.

To Spend Less on Ads

In the Google Search Network, the average cost per click (CPC) can vary from $1.16 (the online commerce business) and up to $6.75 (the legal sector), With a median of $2.69 across all industries.

Industries with the most expensive CPC prices include the following:

  • Consumer services ($6.40)
  • Technology ($3.80)
  • Insurance and Finance ($3.44)
  • Transactions between businesses ($3.33)
  • Home goods ($2.94)

Additionally, The most expensive keywords to use for Google Ads range from roughly $27 to $55, as per WordStream. These are the 5 top keywords most expensive keywords:

  • Insurance ($54.91)
  • Loans ($44.28)
  • Mortgage ($47.12)
  • Attorney ($47.07)
  • Credit ($36.06)

It’s not even taking into consideration the Google Display Network, which could add an average of just 63 cents for all industries, with the highest CPC being $1.49 (dating as well as personals).

Furthermore, Facebook’s median CPC can vary from 45 cents in the clothing industry up to $3.77 in the financial sector across industries, with an average of $1.72.

These are the next highest Facebook advertisement CPCs

  • Customer service ($3.08)
  • Home improvement ($2.93)
  • Employment and job training ($2.72)
  • Transactions between businesses ($2.52)
  • Auto ($2.24)

Now, you can crunch the numbers and find out the amount you could save (and put aside for other marketing initiatives) by trying a lesser-known advertising platform with a reputable reach.

Best Native Advertising Ad Networks for Affiliate Marketing

Let’s explore some Alternative Native Advertising Ad Networks Worth Trying.

In the same way as Google and Facebook, There’s a good chance you’ve looked into advertising on other popular advertising platforms, like YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter (if you’re not previously). What else are you able to do there?

It’s time to explore these digital advertisement platforms getting noticed for Native Advertising:

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You can bid on display, contextual, out-stream, and native in-read advertisements for desktops and mobiles on that facilitates ads across more than 500,000 sites, including Forbes and Reuters. From the standpoint of publishers, it’s a choice for Google AdSense and provides access to the Yahoo Bing search network.

  1. Microsoft Advertising

The marketing system is an excellent Google alternative to ads. The Microsoft Search Network comprises Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and partner sites, which offers access to people who use the search engine over 7 billion times per month. There is no minimum cost to begin, and you’re able to establish a budget or alter the amount you spend on ads every day.

  1. Midroll

Midroll’s ad network links advertisers with more than 250 podcasts. Find a podcast genre that matches your brand’s image or similar audience. After you have started advertising, you can check the progress of your ad at any time of the day or at night. Check out forecasts for your campaign as well as actual downloads, and look up the release date and budget information.

  1. MNI 

MNI is a programmed media purchasing firm that provides native connected T.V., streaming audio mobile and display advertising options. It targets local or social, email, and search engine viewers. Advertising inventory is also accessible in niche areas, including cannabis and political advertising.

  1. Monumetric

Monumetric has more than 195 million monthly unique visitors and a ratio of females to males of 70-30 in each case. Select from a range of ad types, categories and sizes, such as in-screen, skyscraper video, post-roll, half-page or leaderboards on mobile and desktop.

  1. Adblade

Utilize Adblade to connect to more than 300 million people across hundreds of websites with content-style advertisements, such as bullet-style news display, mobile and news bullet styles. You can choose between CPC as well as cost per 1,000 (CPM); see prices on this native advertising platform. Find users by targeting specific locations or devices or targeted audiences by analyzing their behaviour and demographics.

  1. Adcash

Adcash has 200 million users who are unique and 250,000 conversions every day through the help of more than 200 partners. Adcash is serious about making sure things are at a high level and has $12.3 million of fraudulent traffic removed in the year 2019 all by itself. Benefit from real-time reporting on campaigns

  1. AdMaven

You can choose native push notifications and advertisements on banners, interstitials with full-screen advertisements, and full-screen tab advertisements. The pricing offered by AdMaven can be viewed on the basis of CPC or CPM or cost-per-acquisition (CPA) base. Geotarget users who are on an advertising network that delivers greater than 200 million impressions per day across the globe.

  1. AdRecover

This PPC advertising network targets young people, who are usually technologically savvy and prone to using advertising blockers. But, ads that aren’t intrusive and allow permissions are the way this alternative ad network reaches this group of people. AdRecover boasts a greater percentage of clicks than traditional campaigns.

  1. AdRoll

Marketers can use this platform to market their email campaigns and dynamic ads, product recommendations, and retargeting driven by artificial Intelligence. Plans start with a free beginning program, up to $9-$19 a month. Advanced tracking is offered for a monthly cost of $450, and additional email marketing services are available in addition.

AdRoll Ads Network is a great option for online stores since the platform can connect with businesses online that are on Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento, and BigCommerce.

  1. Adsterra

Adsterra’s interactive homepage made me smile at hello. It’s akin to a 3D pin-art-toy but with more fluidity. Absolutely amazing!

However, how can the alternative ad network wow customers on your behalf? Here are some figures 25 billion impressions per month, more than 250 geo targets mapped, more than 50k successful campaigns.

Create display banners and responsive native banners pop-unders, videos that pre-roll and interstitial ads, push notifications, and much more on desktops and mobile devices. Pick from a variety of pricing options, including CPM, CPA, CPC Cost per lead (CPL) or cost per order (CPO).

  1. Adversal

You can bid on clicks to websites as well as impressions that are watched. Adversal is self-serve and serves as a display, video or native advertising system. Publishers must own the domain they own and at minimum 50,000-page visits per month to be eligible.

  1. Airnow Monetization

If you’re searching for an app that can be used for mobile advertising, look into Airnow Monetization (formerly Airpush) that provides access to over 500 million mobile users across the globe and delivers six billion impressions per month.

Furthermore, it has 300,000 mobile apps in use that benefit from near-perfect geo-targeting. The company has an impressive track record of enhancing the effectiveness of advertising by up to 300 %.

  1. Amazon Advertising

Suppose you’re an e-commerce company seeking to boost sales. In that case, you should consider’s advertisement platform, which includes Amazon DSP (demand-side platform) accessible to advertisers, regardless of whether they are selling on Amazon.

With the DSP, advertisers can plan the purchase of advertising space on Amazon and other partner websites.

In addition to customizing advertising or a customized Amazon storefront for your business, The following types of ads include:

  • Video ads
  • Audio ads
  • Sponsored display
  • Sponsored products
  • Brands sponsored by sponsors

Make use of Amazon analysis of conversion to determine how your campaigns are performing and which strategies are working and which strategies aren’t Amazon-based.

  1. Bidvertiser

On Bidvertiser You can find ads in formats for mobile and desktop devices. Select from native ads, push notifications pop-unders and direct navigation, and market to prescreened and targeted traffic sources.

Additionally, you can target users based on place or time of day device, operating system channels, browsers, and much more. Bid in real-time on ads, which include the websites you’d like to see your ad.

  1. BuySellAds

BuySellAds, the company’s slogan, can be described as “Advertising for busy tech-savvy marketing professionals.” If this sounds like you, you should consider this online ad marketplace that’s been in existence for more than ten years.

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You can choose from advertisements, banners, sponsored content, podcasts, display advertisements including email, events, and custom location.

The site’s carefully curated network with more than 1,200 partners publishers caters to a niche audience, including cryptocurrency developers, users, tech experts, and professionals in the field of business. The most prominent publishers include,, Roku, etc.

  1. Engine Media Exchange 

Engine Media Exchange is a programmatic marketplace that allows advertising across devices and screens, including display, video, and connected T.V.

It’s connected to 238,000 domains owned by publishers and receives billions of ads per month. The company’s advertising campaigns highlight its exclusive analysis and targeting, and also, the company offers a guarantee of non-fraud.

  1. Evadav

Select from native, in-page pop-under and push ads on Evadav’s advertising network, delivering around one billion impressions a day. There are more than 29,000 publishers who are part of the network. CPM or CPC price models are offered, and bid suggestions are also available. In addition, the interface is easy to use. Evadav has dedicated account managers and 24-hour customer support

  1. Index Exchange

Index Exchange labels its global advertising marketplace as a place for media companies to market ads in real-time. Each site is reviewed to ensure the highest quality, and the company promotes its commitment to openness. The company’s goal is to “democratize advertising on the internet.” .”

On Index Exchange No buy-side companies competing with demand partners. There are no buy-side fees hidden.

Index Exchange It is more focused on publishers.

  1. PropellerAds

PropellerAds can be described as a mobile display and retargeting ad platform. Advertisers can utilize the self-service platform that includes an ad maker and real-time reports. Automated optimization of ads is also offered. You can choose from pop-under notifications, push notifications as well as on-click ads, and on-page push notifications.

The monthly audience for PropellerAds is greater than 1 billion.

  1. Revcontent

You can manage the budget for your advertising campaigns manage your marketing budget and campaign Revcontent Self-service ad network platform.

Expand your campaigns with other ad networks and reach users at any phase of your sales funnel they’re at.

The formats you can choose from are native advertising, sponsored content, video ads and email, as well as Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages.

  1. RevenueHits

RevenueHits is an alternative advertising platform for publishing. Select from this alternative ad network from pop-unders and display-based ads, contextual ads, geo-targeted advertisements, widgets, buttons, and many more. Footers, dialogue boxes, moving banners and shadow boxes, and sliders are all available.

The RevenueHits intuitive platform makes it simple to start using it as a beginner.

Here, Video advertisements aren’t accessible, and the reporting isn’t available in real-time.

  1. Rubicon Project

Since 2007, the Rubicon Project has served as an online marketplace for connecting publishers and ad buyers.

Highlights include:

  • Private marketplaces from premium sellers.
  • Over 10 types of video for mobile devices.
  • Low fees for publishers.

The sellers that are part of the marketplace include The Wall Street Journal, Publishers Clearing House, Conde Nast and eBay, and others.

  1. SHE Media

If you’re trying to reach females regardless of the stage or age, you should consider advertising through SHE Media. The primary SHE Media alternative ad network’s ads include targeted advertising on display and brand advocates and event sponsorships, and branded content.

SHE Media allows you to connect with fifty million-plus women every month.

But a few ads may be annoying and take up the entire page in certain instances.

  1. Skimlinks

In the industry of commerce, look into Skimlinks. It is a system that automatically sets affiliate links on their partners’ websites, with a total of more than 60,000 in the world. Advertisers can access detailed details about their publisher, such as impressions and CTR, conversion rate, and orders’ average value.

Skimlinks stated that their top 100 top merchants had an 11.75 percent increase in the total value of orders.

On Skimlinks, there are multiple merchant plans to boost exposure if required

  1. SmartyAds

SmartyAds provides a full-stack advertising platform that includes a supply-side platform, DSP, in addition to customized white-label marketing platforms. It is a partner with advertising networks like InMobi, Pubmatic, AdColony, to name a few. It delivers targeted messages on desktop, mobile and mobile apps. These include videos, native content-rich media banners, connected T.V., and push advertisements.

SmartyAds offers Multichannel reach and hyper-local target with relevant promotions

  1. Infolinks

Choose between video, mobile or desktop ads, with real-time intent triggers available on this online advertising platform. Relevant ads based upon the user’s search results are displayed on partner websites.

There are native ads, above-the-fold advertisements, and display banners and customized advertisements. Infolinks collaborates with more than 350,000 publishers across the globe and provides advertisers with exclusive placement across the web pages of more than 25,000 publishers who are direct partners.

Infolinks has self-service marketplace with managed accounts for budgets that exceed $10,000. But Ads in-text can be viewed as unprofessional by some users.

  1. InMobi

If you’re searching for an app that can be used to advertise on mobile, look into InMobi. Concentrate on certain segments of the population and display ads specific to the user profile that the network creates in conjunction with specific apps used.

InMobi Real-time reporting dashboard is simple and simple to navigat, but the antifraud controls needs improvement.

  1. Leadbolt

This top ad-tech company is focused on mobile ads and provides a fully-managed service. Advertisers who sign up with Leadbolt can select between native video, mobile and playable ads that can be targeted for positioning. Get access to developers of apps, studios, and users and select audiences based on their location, demographics, and context.

Leadbolt claims campaign performances exceed industry benchmarks

  1. MoPub

A mobile-specific advertisement platform MoPub provides advertisers with the possibility of engaging in programmatic purchasing by bidding in real-time to buy advertising inventory, which includes advertising that remarkets. Engage with users in the mobile apps that they’re using.

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MoPub is run by Twitter and has over 55,000 mobile applications, but users have complained that speed could be a problem

  1. Nativo

The Nativo native advertising platform of Nativo has over 220 million unique monthly users within the U.S. alone. The formats for ads include native videos, articles and displays. Access the offerings via open-exchange buying managed services, an online self-service interface.

Nativo is described as one of the most effective advertising platforms to promote native advertising on various online forums.

Note that Nativo Campaign setup can take some time

  1. NativeAds

Through NativeAds’ network, connect with new audiences using CPC advertising rates that start from .003 cents. Make use of automated purchasing using the company’s demand-side platform (DSP) or through a managed or self-service account. Make use of pop-up, display, and pop-under and push advertisements as well as video, mobile, and social media advertising. Retargeted ads are available too.

  1. Opt-Intelligence

Look into Opt-Intelligence to gain more signups to your service and increase your email marketing list. You can target audiences on Facebook and other partner websites in accordance with location and demographics and promote your lead generation form on those sites.

Pay only for leads that are referred to you.

Opt-Intelligence is an experienced company that was established in 2003.

But Opt-Intelligence has received a B- grade from the Better Business Bureau

  1. Outbrain

Outbrain has been recognized as one of the top advertising networks native to the market, as per Utilize the self-service platform to make use of automated ad purchases that have more than programmatic partners on their marketplace. Pricing is based on a CPC basis.

Outbrain is trusted by The Washington Post, BBC, MSN and other notables and has monthly available impressions of over 180 billion

Note that Outbrain charges a credit card processing fee of 2.9%-4 per cent and is restricting in regards to ad content.

  1. Perfect Audience

Make use of Perfect Audience for display and mobile retargeting, including Facebook, Twitter, and Shopify targeting. Retarget audiences across multiple platforms. Pricing is based on a CPM basis, and there is no spending minimum.

On Perfect Audience, you can get get a two-week trial at no cost and receive 100 dollars in credit. But if you compare it to Google results, the results and price could not be any more superior.

  1. PubMatic

From 2006 onwards, PubMatic has been working to develop creative ways to advertise digitally. Today, advertisers are able to benefit from programmatic products for purchasing. It provides live audience forecasting in real-time and has pledged to ensure the safety of brands.

PubMatic gets Ad impressions of 134 billion per day, but on PubMatic it is difficult to get in touch with customer service. Additionally, the company has a C-rating from the Better Business Bureau

  1. Sovrn

Svorn collaborates directly with more than 40,000 sites. Sites are evaluated on 25 important factors to guarantee high quality. No matter if you’re interested in display, mobile or video advertising, it is possible to use this alternative advertisement network.

Svorn has High: Very low fraud and high visibility rates

  1. Spotify

Its Ad Studio is a self-service platform where advertisers can create video and audio ads. Alongside videos and audio advertisements, think about an ad on display or podcast. All over the globe, Spotify has more than 175 million users who have ad-supported access.

Spotify Users spend 2.5 per day on the Spotify platform, Yet the Spotify geo-targeting process could be enhanced so that it can be specific in determining the location of the target

  1. Taboola

Taboola is another top advertising network that has more than one billion users. Taboola has a partnership with some of the most prestigious publishers worldwide, such as USA Today, NBC, Business Insider, Bloomberg and MSN.

  1. Verizon Media

What was once called ONE from AOL was formerly ONE by AOL. It is today Verizon Media, with an audience of around 90 million. The platform offers an omnichannel experience with a wide range of available ad formats, including mobile interstitials, native ads, video ads push-downs, and many more.

Verizon Media is a network of trusted apps and websites that include Apple News, MSN, Yahoo and Samsung

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Don’t mistake Verizon Media for Vibrant Media

Vibrant Media is another Native Advertising Ad Network that focuses on contextual marketing and has more than 45 million unique monthly users across the globe. Profit from a global programmatic exchange that lets you choose videos, in-articles and show ads to the most relevant users.

Vibrant Media Ads are of high quality and monitored, and assurances of safety for brands have been put in place,  At certain times, advertisements may be overused, which may affect viewers.

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Questions to Ask Before Choosing Native Advertising Ad Networks.

As you can see, there are many alternative advertising networks to choose from. If you’re looking at your choices, here are some Native Advertising Ad Networks questions you should ask yourself:

  • What type of target audience is targeted?
  • What are the ad network’s clients appear like?
  • Are you trying to market to a certain sector?
  • How simple is it to navigate the website?
  • What are the possible ads?
  • Are customizations available?
  • Do you have the minimum balance requirements for accounts?

There could be a bit of a trial and error period. You shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with various options and platforms to find out what other advertising networks have to offer and the most effective way to promote your brand.

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