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Attaining business success is every businessman and business woman’s vision, which is long term. Before that vision is accomplished you have got to have goals, you must have objectives, specific tasks can’t be avoided, idea is its bedrock, which must be birthed into reality.

Just like every executed project have an initiation stage. It should interest you to note that the project wasn’t executed by being physically implemented; it has been executed first in the mind. What I am trying to say is that “for business to thrive, especially in this ever dynamic world, there are fundamental steps to be taken and paid attention to. One thing I can assure you is that carefully observing these steps will not give sudden business success but will place you on a path to achieving what you have envisioned and dreamt.

Using the instance of a building, what aspect of the construction of the building will you acknowledge as being most important? I will obviously get feedback from the majority pointing at the foundation stage as the most important, would you say the same? If you will, you are not wrong in saying so, you haven’t just looked closely at the whole stage and its effect on the whole building in general. Do you know the foundation will not shield you from the sun or the rain? It will neither cover up your nakedness nor hold the windows and doors in its place.

The foundation serves as the fore-runner of the building itself ensuring that every other stage is a success, so I will love you to agree with me that every stage is as important as the foundation; the roofing, the body of the building, and many other stages as there may be.

With the illustration above, I want to expose you to a guide to starting and making your business a success, knowing that at each and different stages of your business, you will need these guides; either at the beginning, in challenging periods, or at the apex.


These business success guides don’t wear out; they can just be improved and acted upon more consistently to achieve business success.


Everyone possesses something which we sometimes call a gift; this is mostly referred to as talents. However, many people who possess talents have not been able to harness the great power they have to achieve great feats, because they feel it is not something of substance. Need I remind you of a story I read about; A master was to embark on a journey, and he has 3 trustworthy servants who served him so well, he decided to give unto them liberty to express and become; empowering them also, he gave them talents. Unto the first, he gave 5 talents, to the next he gave 2 talents and to the last he gave 1 special talent. Bidding them goodbye, he proceeded on his journey.

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Everyone has talents. Trusting your talent is what converts it into opportunities for growth, development, and exposure to the world. That is business. Let me say here that, in the world today, everything is business and business is everything. I want to also remind you that talent and skills are not the same, but both have a destination which is mastery. Someone who has achieved mastery in a particular skill can be said to be talented. It’s not the same. Skills can be learned without prior knowledge or experience while talent has its deep root within the individual, which needs more learning and consistent work done.

”Hard work beat talents, when talent refuses to work hard” – Anonymous.

The story continues, “The first servant traded with the 5 talents given to him and he yielded 5 more, now he has 10 talents in total. The next servant traded with the talents given to her and she got an additional 2 talents. The third servant looked aggressively and furiously at the only special talent given to him; he caused himself and then caused the master. Wasting no time, he went and buried the talent he was given.”

The third servant must have thought to himself, I only have this one thing. The talent given to me is arithmetic; Just take a look at the others, the first knows how to sing, write, construct, draw, and make jokes. Now he is a successful individual. The next person knows a lot about color combination, you want to dress right, go meet her and you won’t be out looking like a masquerade, and she also knows how to dance. She is now a highly recognized choreographer in the music industry and owns a make-over studio. A disconnection has been created between the individual and the talent in a way and there is no going any further. He buried the talent.

I want you to know that “Talents liberate and empower you”. You have to begin to create a connection between you and your talent. You have to trust your talent. From trust comes a willingness to groom the talent and you wouldn’t even know when you have got a business started building your reputation or getting money in returning for a well-displayed talent. For talent to even work at all, it yearns out for trust. The guide to having a successful business is just started, follow through the rest and there will an explosive business growth if you practice consistency.

Trust your talent.


Trusting your talent is the foundation that has been laid. Nonetheless, the foundation only is not the building, so therefore we have to keep constructing until the building is exactly how we have envisioned it.

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When you talk about relevance, you talk of importance. A king is only as important as the way he perceives or sees himself to be. The importance of the king starts with himself. In the same vein, after all, trust has been laid behind your talent, trust its relevance.

The third servant weighed the only talent given to him and concluded on its relevance more than any other thing. “You wicked master, is it because I am not relevant to you, that is why you gave me an irrelevant talent to complement?” said the third servant. It is until you believe that what you want to sell to other people is relevant, your business idea is not ready to see the light of day, it won’t become real.

Permit me to point you to the Dangote group, and then ask you a few questions. If the Dangote products; sugar, salt, cement, and others, were to be irrelevant, will it thrive? Will there be high rate of demand? Will there be sales not to talk of profit? The products are relevant, that’s why there is accelerated growth and expansion.

You need to trust your talent’s relevance. You need to trust your relevance.



This guide is not talking about your motive, the word “ulterior” has its meaning aside from the regular phase it has been conditioned to. Businesses don’t just blossom and become big and successful all of a sudden. It definitely will encounter challenges, setbacks, or issues that may threaten its existence. These times are usually unseen, hidden, and unknown; that is ulterior.

The word ulterior can mean, “Kept hidden in order to get a particular result”. It also means existing beyond what is obvious or admitted. The process and procedure, the training, the trying, and patience invested in the business are all ulterior.

Following the first two guides, you will find it easy to trust your ulterior. You can’t do without the ulterior, in fact, all successful business and business owners have ulterior. Some may already be at the stage in their business; you need to trust the training, the challenges, and the process,  because you are definitely on a pathway to achieving a gradual but great feat.

Trust the trying times, not giving up or giving in, that way you give your business the opportunity to stand firm and be strong. It sums up to be an experience that pays off. Trust your Ulterior.


There was a strong warrior of a country who was terrorizing the army of another country, he was said to be a giant based on the features he possessed and he was so feared. No one could challenge him according to his request for many days and many nights. In that country lived a young man who had the talent to play musical instruments, and then he trusted his talent.  Furthermore, he keeps his father’s flock of sheep daily in the forest and he has kept them alive from the lion and the bear.  The same decided to accept the warrior’s challenge. He was asked how he will do so, and his reply was that, if he could save the sheep from the lion and bear, then he trusts his talent, his relevance, and his ulterior. Victory then is certain and sure.


I don’t want you to take strong physique for strength because they are different. Strength is what keeps one going and stable in good times and also in difficult times. Business strength is what makes it stand out from its competitors. It is the quality that differentiates the brand from every other brand.

Coca-Cola is a brand that can be noticed and recognized anywhere around the world, the brand is said to have a secret ingredient which is known to 2 persons alone and these persons don’t ever board the plane, should there be a crash. By the way, every brand has its secret ingredient, a level through which they have an edge over other competitors. If the strength of a business is known to its competitors, then expected profits will begin to drop, and just very soon the business will be out of business.

Your business strength is distinct. Trust it.


To achieve business success, you must have a team. This will comprise of individuals who will fit into specific roles and position. This will make task achievement and goals attainment easier due to shared responsibility. A broomstick can be easily broken into many pieces, this you know while a bunch of the broomstick cannot be broken, and this you also know.

However, if someone wants to clean a dirty surface without trusting in the ability of the instrument to be used, the task won’t be achieved because trust is not available. Most business owners would rather de-motivate, pour out aggression and push blames for misdeeds or misappropriation of scheduled task thoroughly on their team. You need to build undeniable confidence in your team, you need to pour out all the trust you can gather on your team. A very commendation now and then won’t hurt. A loud appraisal and low correction tones build the self-esteem every team requires to be the best.

Together Everybody Achieve More, that’s the characteristics of a team. Trust your team.

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    1. Thanks so much, a business tycoon such as yourself who is in the designing and printing industry can really use this in improving your team members and i do appreciate your kind words.

    1. Thank you. I am rest assured that you re making use of at least one of the T.R.U.S.T in enhancing the improvement in your teams. Your lovely feedback inspires me.

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