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Best 100 Small Scale Business to Start With 100k – 500k In Nigeria

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Are you looking for a lucrative and exciting business you can start with as little as 100k in Nigeria? Then you’ve come to the right spot. Even if you are looking for a business to start with 500k In Nigeria, this piece will be helpful.

This article contains a huge collection of Nigerian business opportunities.

We’ve observed that contrary to what many people believe, capital isn’t the biggest challenge when starting a new business In Nigeria. The biggest challenge is coming up with an excellent small-scale business idea and plan.

If you’re able to raise capital but don’t have a business ideas and plan in place, you will likely wind with a loss of money after investing in a business that won’t yield you a good return.

This is why we at believes every prospective business owner should take the time to study profitable business concepts before investing in them.

Well, you’ll notice that the majority of these Nigeria business opportunities are small-scale business ideas that require online advertising to enhance their presence in the digital marketplace. For that, you should have a knowledge of the length of time need to build your business, Digital Marketing ideas and skills, and SEO strategies required to increase awareness for your business.

To simplify it, we’ve looked at 100 small scale business ideas that are guaranteed to earn an enormous profit in Nigeria.

This article is covering the answers to questions frequently asked about Nigeria business opportunities by Nigerians looking for ideas of small scale business to invest in.

Frequesntly asked questions about small scale business ideas in Nigeria;

What is there any online business that pays daily?

What is the best daily income business in Nigeria?

What business can I start with 5k in Nigeria?

What business can I start with 100k?

What is the best business that moves fast in Nigeria?

What is the best business to start with 50k?

What is the easiest business to start with 100k in Nigeria?

What business can I start with 50k as a student?

What is the no 1 Fast moving small scale business in Nigeria?

What is the best online business for students in Nigeria?

What is the business to start with 500k in Nigeria?


Small Scale Business Ideas in Nigeria

  • Dry Cleaning Business

Dry cleaning is among the most rapidly growing industries in Nigeria. Many people are overwhelmed with their work schedules and might not have time to wash their clothes. This is the reason why the dry cleaning industry remains highly sought-after.

  • Restaurant Business

Are you a fantastic cook, or would you like to learn techniques for cooking professionals? If so, you might consider opening a restaurant.

  • Car Rental Business

People need cars to move around. However, not everyone has the money to buy a car at this point. This is where a car rental service could come in. Before entering the car rental industry, ensure you know the business’s basics thoroughly.

  • Bakery Business

Nigerians enjoy eating sweets like cakes and bread. Before you begin your catering business, make sure you have all the necessary information needed to succeed. It may be necessary to attend an institution for catering to begin.

  • Raw Food Stuff Business

Nigerians love food and would rather eat home-cooked food rather than fast food. It is possible to enter into business selling food items like rice beans, garri, and beans which are frequently used to prepare meals. Raw food business is a good business to start with 100k in Nigeria.

  • Daycare Business

Daycare centers can earn income because mothers have to work following the birth of their children. It is possible to start the daycare center. You’ll need to establish your company and purchase the necessary equipment.

  • Hamper Business

The hamper industry is one that it grows during certain times of the year, such as Valentine’s and Christmas time. If you’re adept at organizing gifts, then you ought to consider getting into the hamper industry.

  • Graphic Design Business

If you’re artistic and creative, you must think about entering graphics design and development.

Even if you don’t know how to create, you could learn by doing. Graphics design business is a good Business to start with 100k in Nigeria if you can get a Laptop.

  • Jewelry Line Business

In order to start your own jewelry line business, all you require is trustworthy suppliers who can offer your jewelry in bulk and give the jewelry at a reduced price.

  • Party Rental Business

Nigerians love parties. They will never run out of options if you can provide excellent services. You can also provide the equipment for events.

  • Pizza Delivery business

You can begin your pizza delivery and production business from the comfort of your kitchen. Explore the possibilities by making a variety of options like chicken pizzas, Hawaiian pizzas Italian barbeque pizzas. Your customers will be drawn to your establishment.

  • Nursing Home Business

It is possible to start an enterprise that offers individuals care for the elderly and infants at home. In the major cities’ nursing homes, this business generates a lot of money because people are often too busy to take care of these issues and would rather outsource the work.

  • Poultry Farm Business
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Poultry farming is a profitable venture that can make millions. However, the farming industry requires a lot of caution and attention. You must also determine your ideal customer and what poultry products you plan to market—for instance, eggs or chicken meat in itself.

  • Cosmetics Business

It is also a lucrative one. It requires a lot of research and hard work, but the results will be great If you put in the effort.

  • Microfinance business

If you have the capital or are able to source money, you could begin a microfinance venture. All you require is a business plan that will provide you with the information you need you should do at any given time.

  • Phone Repair Business

Guys that deal in phone repair are thriving because everybody has a smartphone and will need repairs at some time or the next. It is possible to acquire phone repair expertise so that you can earn your cash from fixing phones for others.

100+ Best Repair Service Ideas to Start Your Own Business
  • Gym Business

Suppose you’re an avid fitness and health fanatic and are looking into starting a gym-related business. You will require sufficient funds to outfit your gym.

Local gym business is a good business to start with 500k in Nigeria,  people in your environment will come around and pay to exercise in your place.

  • Wine Bar Business

Wine is a drink that is popular in bars, restaurants and private homes. It is possible to start an enterprise that deals in wine. The only thing you need to do is ensure that you select the correct location.

Wine selling is business is a good business to start with 100k in Nigeria.

  • Transport Business

People need to travel from one location to another for a variety of reasons, including business. A lot of people do not own cars and require a reliable and reliable transport company to transport people from one location to the next. Start your own transport company by first determining whether you’d like your transport company to be based within a state or between states.

  • Tailoring Business

Tailoring is going to remain a sought-after service in Nigeria. If you’ve got an eye for fashion, think about tailoring. These tailors will reward you for being beautiful.

Business To Start With 500k In Nigeria

  • Tomato Farming Business

The beginning of a tomato farming venture doesn’t require a lot of capital. All you require is a supply plug like an agricultural farm. Be sure to do your homework and seek expert assistance. These will inform you of which varieties of tomatoes are popular and what they will sell.

  • Real estate Investment Business

There is a huge opportunity to build wealth in real estate; however, it can be a dangerous venture. It is essential to conduct thorough research about the possibilities available within the property industry; otherwise, one could get into trouble. It is also important to understand the legal and financial issues surrounding the real estate market.

  • Electronics Repair Business

You can begin an electronic repair shop once you’ve received training on what to do in order to have the job completed. The establishment of an electronics repair shop is not expensive after the money you have spent learning.

A lot of people have delved into electronics repair across Nigeria and are now earning quite well for themselves. The majority of people require the assistance of electricians.

  • Courier Service Business

Courier service helps to deliver products. The courier company serves as a middleman between the producer and retailer or customer. There’s plenty of profit to be made from this industry. Courier service business is a good business to start with 500k in Nigeria.

Before you start, make sure that you have the right information and then create a complete business plan that will help you along the path of business.

  • Freelance Writing Business

Are you  a good writer whos is asking, what business can I start with 5k in Nigeria?

You can become a writer and work at your home. All you require to begin this venture is a laptop and a time. It could also function as a side-job that can be incorporated into your primary job. It is also possible to engage in this to broaden your range of abilities.

  • Arts and Crafts Business

Are you a person with a talent for artwork? It doesn’t matter if you are able to draw or paint yourself. So long as you are able to purchase the materials and sell them.

If you have a solid network of people who will be willing to purchase artwork, take the artwork from the creator and sell it to them.

Small scale business models are ones that you can mix with other tasks in the event that you can manage them. Remember that wealth creation comes by generating profit from as many different sources as possible.

High-Demand Small-Scale Business Ideas in Nigeria

  • Clothing Store

An apparel store, commonly called a boutique, is a lucrative business. Their appearance does not faze Nigerians. You can find an honest supplier that will supply you with clothes and other accessories. You could make your store a strictly designer-based one or offer a mix of designers’ labels (brands).

  • Woodworking Business
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To start a furniture or woodworking business, you must be able to master the craft and conduct enough research to make the right decisions for marketing and management.

  • Agriculture business

You can begin an agriculture-related business like crop farming. It is a sector that will always be in high demand since food is an essential commodity. Commercial farming is an extremely profitable venture in Nigeria.

If you need quality web design in Nigeria for your Agric business, the guys at Tycoon Concept a good and experienced in Graphics Design and SEO.

  • Fish Farming Business

Fish farming is among the most relaxing methods of farming in Nigeria. You only need the capital to begin the venture, like building an aquarium for fish and then stocking up. Additionally, you will need to do some research to gain enough knowledge of the business.

  • Organic agriculture Business

Organic products require time to mature, unlike other fertilized products. Organic products are also highly sought-after because people are shifting away from fertilized foods because of health issues.

  • Shipping Company

Shipping business is among the highest-profitable Nigerian companies. You will have a huge income and turnover.

  • Pest Control Business

Pest control is concerned with the elimination of the presence of pests in the surrounding. Pest control is a business that involves getting rid of harmful pests like reptiles, rodents and insects in residential and commercial properties. There is a growing awareness of the dangers harmful animals can pose. This can be a profitable business.

  • Gaming Business

Beginning a business in gaming requires that you know how to run it. It’s a lucrative business because a lot of people enjoy gaming. All you require is funds to buy the equipment you need.

  • Fabric Business

The business of fabric is an extremely broad one that offers a variety of choices and possibilities. It is up to you to decide the fabric you wish to concentrate on. Be sure to choose an established supplier prior to going into business. Also, you need a reliable coach to help you navigate the complexities of business.

  • Funeral home business

It is possible to start funeral home businesses that provide people with funeral products. This type of business is always in high demand.

  • Repairing solar panels for business

Repairing solar panels is for tech-savvy people. You must acquire the right training and follow electrical guidelines and instructions to perform the job correctly.

  • Liquid soap production

The demand for soaps in Nigeria is so vast that even the established soap brands aren’t meeting the needs. This is one area you must consider.

  • Car wash

It takes only a small amount of capital to open the car wash business. It is possible to spice things up by putting up an area for sitting with a television set so that customers can relax as their cars are cleaned.

  • Mini Importation

Explore all eCommerce websites and then hire an agent for procurement to purchase these products. The procurement agent will then ship the items to you that you can sell.

  • Information Marketing

It is possible to earn money by turning documents into various formats like reports, ebooks or videos and then selling them on the internet.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is concerned with selling an organization’s products by promoting their products through social media with the affiliate links you have created.

You receive a percentage of the revenue generated when you purchase these items. The products you can sell through affiliate marketing can be digital or physical items. You can join any affiliate program you like and earn cash.

  • Site Design and Maintenance

Many individuals and businesses operate online. They need someone to oversee their websites. Everyday, new business are registered with the CAC in Nigeria, most of them need a website.

  • Call Card Business

This is another business that is very popular in Nigeria. There’s not a single person who doesn’t have a smartphone and needs to recharge it from time to time.

  • Food Cart/Mobile Food Business

Food is among the most basic needs for a man. It’s no wonder that it is among the most popular products sold in Nigeria. If you’re looking to start small, you could consider setting up a food cart food truck company.

  • Sports Betting Agency

A lot of people are immersed in the sports world and prepared to invest a lot of money in it. All you require is a tidy workplace, an electric generator, a computer, printer, internet access and fixtures boards.

Sports Betting Business in Nigeria – Complete Guide for Starting

Business To Start With 50k

  • Cupcake Business

There are many people who love cake in Nigeria. You could start a business of baking cupcakes that you can sell to as many people like street vendors, direct customers, etc.

  • Make yourself a YouTuber

You can create a YouTube channel and earn profits in Nigeria. You need a good camera and smart phone.

  • Blogging

The blogging industry is suitable for those who are able to write. It’s one of the best ways to earn money from home while working. All you require to begin your blog business is an internet connection, an excellent ability to research along with a laptop and enough time to invest.

  • Sales of Mobile Phone Accessories

Starting with just N50,000, you can begin selling mobile accessories for phones. You can lease a space that you will be selling from, or you could sell on the internet and then deliver the goods to the places they are required.

  • Plantain Chips Sales and Production
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This is an easy way to begin your business. It can be started from your kitchen. All you have to do is put your company’s name on the plantain’s nylon chips, and you’ll be ready to go.

  • Production of Ice Blocks and Sales

Nigeria is located in the tropical climate zone where there is a lot of sun and warmth. This is the reason the production of ice blocks and sales is a lucrative industry in the country.

  • Tailoring and Designing Cloth

Fashion design business requires the necessary skills. It is a profession that will never die since people will always need to put on clothes.

  • Okrika Bale Business

The business of Okrika Bale is about selling second-hand products like clothes and shoes. This business is flourishing well in Nigeria due to the weak economic situation that the nation has.

  • Uberpreneur Driving for Uber and Bolt

Another option for starting a business is registering with a transportation company like Bolt and Uber and then driving for Uber and Bolt.

  • Small Chops Packaging

Small chops are an easy meal that people are now using at parties and occasions. Beginning small chops packing business can be a lucrative business concept in Nigeria.

  • Hire purchase services

A hire purchase option is one in which the buyer is required to make a first down payment and is able to pay the balance over time with the addition of interest. As an example, you could purchase a car and lend it to a driver over the specified time at more than the price the one you purchased it at.

  • Start a Yoga Studio

Yoga is rapidly gaining popularity in Nigeria. Be aware of the latest trend and earn money from it.

  • Interior decoration

All you need is appropriate education in order to start a successful business in interior decoration.

  • Wallpaper Sales and Instalments

Wallpaper is a popular technology that is used to decorate the home. It’s a lucrative business.

  • Consulting Business

If you are a professional in any field, such as selling, marketing, social media, career and etiquette, you could provide a course to people on it for cash.

  • Beauty Business

Make-up is among the most profitable business ventures in Nigeria. You will require the money to purchase the equipment needed to begin, and you will later purchase more as you progress.

  • Shoe Manufacturing

A lot of people are beginning to purchase more manufactured Nigerian products. Consider shoe manufacturing.

  • EventMC

You could consider becoming the master of ceremonies for occasions. Nigerians are fun-loving people, and it is no surprise that this kind of business will flourish.

Fast Moving Small Scale Business In Nigeria

  • Customized clothing

People are enthralled by wearing customized T-shirts and polos that have distinctive designs and messages. You can get into the business of designing custom clothing and other products.

  • Auto-Repair Shop

A repair shop for autos is a lucrative business, not just in Nigeria but around the world. This is due to the fact that people always require having their vehicles fixed. To manage this business effectively, knowing everything you can about car repairs and automobiles is essential.

  • Business Aquaponics

Aquaponics is the process of cultivating plants without soil, using the wastes from marine creatures to supply nutrients to plants. It’s a business that you can begin in your backyard.

  • Email Marketing Business

Email marketing is one method of advertising which is anticipated to expand over the next few years. It is possible to start your own business in email marketing, and you can expect to expand your business as time passes by.

  • Social Media Marketing

Take social media marketing into consideration as a part of the social media market. It is an important tool to increase the visibility and profit of businesses.

  • Cupcake Business

Many people love cupcakes. Learning the art of making them and then selling them is possible.

  • Boutique Business

Selling trendy items is not going to fade as people like to look stylish. It is possible to sell jewelry and clothing bags, shoes, bags, etc.

  • Dry Cleaning Business

Many people are making a profit in the dry cleaning business. It is worth considering setting up your own dry cleaning business as well.

  • Restaurant Business

Restaurants can be opened in Nigeria. This is another industry that is growing.

  • Car Rental Business

Sometimes, people would like to have a car for a short period of time for personal requirements. It is possible to rent out vehicles.

  • Eggs Distribution and Supply

It is possible to access an egg supplier for businesses like cosmetics companies and restaurants. You can buy your eggs from a farm that raises poultry.

  • Pizza business

You can begin an online pizza business from the comfort of your home. A lot of Nigerians like pizza, and you can earn profits through this.

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