In this article, we will reveal some of the ideas on how to make money from home via the Internet.

The ideas shared here do not require special education, knowledge, or work experience. They are suitable for people who have never worked remotely and faced such a need for the first time. Most of these ideas on how to make money from home allow you to start receiving money here and now, almost immediately.

  1. Working as a moderator

The work of moderators is to check the information posted on websites for compliance with the rules. For example, moderators are periodically recruited by large social network groups and forums.

I recommend getting a job as a moderator only in large companies in order to get paid a reasonable amount for your job as a moderator.

  1. Remote work in Call-centers

Many Call-centers are now recruiting operators who are ready to earn money from the comfort of their homes. This is one of the best ideas on how to make money from home.

You will need a computer, headset, and a quiet work area in your home, and a reliable power supply. As a rule, newcomers are trained, then brought on the line – to advise clients or process applications.

Remote Call Centers are actively used by banks and IT companies. You can read more about this way of making money by researching it online.

  1. Money-making apps

The Internet opened up a lot of opportunities for earning money online, and one of those options is money-making apps. It is an easy, non-restricting way of earning money that usually doesn’t require any initial investment. There are a lot of money-making apps out there, and they offer different ways of earning money.

Some of those apps require a lot of effort in order to start earning while others offer passive earning options. To name a few of these apps: Honeygain, JumpTask, Swagbucks, Foap, etc. In order to find the ones that suit you the best, you will need to do some research, since everyone has different preferences.

  1. Work as a support service provider

Along with Call Centers, support service specialists are hired to work from home. There are many of such vacancies if you conduct an online search. Moreover, it is not always necessary to have a specialized IT education or skill to provide support services. For beginners, training is usually provided and some of the training are also provided virtually. Taxi companies, restaurants, travel agencies, online stores, and SaaS companies hire support services providers to help them improve the quality of service they provide.

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As a support service provider, you can earn about 30 to 40 thousand Naira a month if you are in full-time employment. You can also get a part-time job (4 hours a day) and earn from this as a side hustle to make money from home.

  1. Tutoring via Skype or Google Meet

Most often, teachers of foreign languages ​​are recruited as virtual tutors to teach via Google Meet or Skype. However, only people who are fluent in the language and can take language tests get language tutoring jobs. You can find people who are interested in hiring a language tutor in language groups on social media.

You can read more about this way of making money from home by researching about it.

Meanwhile, not only English teachers can make money on the Internet. You can get a job to as a teacher to teach people special skills or school subjects using the language you are fluent in.

  1. Earnings in Yandex.Toloka

Toloka is a Yandex service that pays money to complete simple tasks. Initially, only inexpensive tasks will be available to you with a payment of 1-2 cents per task. As experience and rating grow, you can apply for more expensive tasks. However, you won’t be able to earn a lot here. It is rather a side job for people who want to get something right now, have a lot of free time, and are ready to do monotonous work for little money.

Toloka lets you earn small money in your free time for completing simple tasks from your computer or smartphone. You need to be connected to the internet to earn with Toloka.

  1. Selling consultations (Advisory Service)

Selling consultations is one of the most lucrative ideas on how to make money from home.

There are many websites on the Internet where you can sell a variety of services that can be provided remotely without leaving your home.

For example, offer advice on any issues in which you are an expert: fashion, style, psychology or just help in everyday matters that people and businesses deal with. You may think that no one will subscribe to such consultations, but in fact, people subscribe and pay a lot of money.

  1. Earn by writing articles

On the Internet, many businesses have websites and buy unique articles on different topics. If you are well versed in any areas, then you can write and sell articles through copywriting exchanges or directly by finding websites, blogs or businesses that are looking for authors. If you work directly with the owner of Businesses, Websites, or big blogs then the fee for article can be anywhere from 25 dollars per article.

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Articles on complex topics (taxes, accounting, economics, and the like) are bought at prices from 50 dollars for 1000 characters and more. There are sites willing to pay 100 dollars per article. We have been given some of these projects here.

To better understand how to making money in copywriting you can send us a message via our contact us page.

  1. Work as a content manager on websites

A content manager is a specialist who posts information on websites. For example, content managers add new products to the online store catalog, articles to the information site, edit descriptions, and correct errors.

To work as a content manager, it is desirable to know HTML and be able to use graphic editors at a basic level (primarily Photoshop), which many can, and those who cannot – can master in a week. Content manager vacancies are found in large companies.

We recommend looking for such a job in large companies because there is an opportunity to earn more and there is career growth (including for those who work from home).

  1. Work as a mystery shopper

The task of the mystery shopper is to check online stores and other retail outlets for compliance with rules. The work does not require any special knowledge, but you can work from home. Therefore, if you need a simple income through the Internet, then this is one of the best ideas of how to make money from home.

  1. Get paid to assist with student homework and assignment

Helping people with research is a popular service where you can make good money without leaving your home. Especially during the season when school sessions are on. There are special websites for students, where orders are placed for assistance in the preparation for exams, projects, and other academic assignments. You can help students complete them and get paid.


  1. Become a call center rep
  2. Become a virtual customer service rep
  3. Become a business or life coach
  4. Become a consultant
  5. Become a personal trainer
  6. Become a pro gamer
  7. Become a product tester
  8. Become a voice-over artist
  9. Become a website tester
  10. Become an online yoga instructor
  11. Become an online juror
  12. Buy and sell websites and domain names
  13. Start Calligraphy and penmanship business
  14. Cook and bake for special occasions
  15. Create your own drop-shipping business
  16. Create a paid mastermind group
  17. Create your own app and monetize it
  18. Create audiobooks and sell
  19. Create and sell DIY printables
  20. Create and sell stationary
  21. Create and sell woodworks
  22. Create video reviews
  23. Design and sell t-shirts
  24. Do micro-tasks on amazon mechanical turk
  25. Become an English language instruction
  26. Find programming bugs
  27. Help Fix search engine mistakes
  28. Start Freelance writing
  29. Get paid to complete online tasks
  30. Get paid to exercise with others
  31. Take advantage of bank bonus offers
  32. Start your Graphic design business
  33. Grow and sell your own produce
  34. Invest in real estate
  35. Invest in the stock market
  36. Launch your own podcast
  37. Launch an online course
  38. Start Lending money to others
  39. List your spare room/area on Airbnb
  40. Meal prep for others
  41. Medical coding and billing
  42. Become a business naming consultant
  43. Negotiate your bills to cut cost
  44. Become an Online Sign language translation
  45. Online data entry
  46. Online proofreading
  47. Online transcription work
  48. Online translation services
  49. Online tutoring
  50. Participate in online market research
  51. Plan travel for others
  52. Play online games
  53. Rent your car
  54. Rent your clothes
  55. Rent your driveway
  56. Sell coupons online
  57. Sell on amazon
  58. Sell stock photos
  59. Sell unused gift cards
  60. Sell your artwork
  61. Sell your junk mail
  62. Do SEO work for small businesses
  63. Share your phone number
  64. Sign up for free gift cards
  65. Social media and paid advertising management
  66. Start a blog
  67. Start a dog daycare
  68. Start a home daycare
  69. Start a mini salon
  70. Start a YouTube channel
  71. Take advantage of free money
  72. Take online surveys and share your opinion
  73. Teach music lessons
  74. Become a Virtual assistant
  75. Start Website management
  76. Work virtually for a company
  77. Write a book or eBook
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There are many make money from home jobs and other smart ways to make money online from the comfort of your home. To do this, you need to master one of the professions in demand on the network, for example, a web programmer, layout designer, software tester, SMM specialist, and many others.


It usually takes from 4-6 months to a year to master a new profession, after which you can get a high-paying remote job as a specialist, or become a freelancer. Therefore, choose the path that seems more interesting to you.



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