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8 Reasons to Start Carpooling Business With Your Car

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The world is filled with roads filled with traffic filled with vehicles. Commuting is one of the biggest battles that most humans face each day.

Driving is much more comfortable than that, but it’s no joke either! It’s seriously a draining quest before you get to your destination and before you reach home.

One of the solutions that many people think of and do is carpooling — the world where driving and commuting collide.

First of all, what does carpooling mean and how does it happen? When two or more people share a ride together, and the car is owned by one of them or by another person, that’s carpooling.

These people can be friends, neighbors or strangers to each other, and the charges are up to the owner of the car, who is more often than not the driver too.

If you own and drive a private car, carpooling is one of the ways to maximize the serviceability of your vehicle.

Although many people focus on the cons, among which is the car getting overused by non-family passengers, there really are awesome things about launching carpooling.

Be enlightened, and be impressed. Here are 8 reasons that will convince you to start driving your car for a carpooling business.

1 – Make it a business and earn!

Big carpooling companies exist, and carpoolers pay them just like how they spend money on transportation when they are commuting. You, even if you do not own a company, can personally start a carpooling business and earn using what? Your own car!

Make an honest business out of your well-working car. You can actually reap awesome amounts of money if you do carpooling daily or weekly. Even when your carpoolers are your neighbors or relatives living near your place, they should pay for your service. Of course, you should let them know beforehand that you’re carpooling as a business for extra income.

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Keep them from saying “Hey, we’re family!” or “Thanks for the free ride!” by telling them that it’s your new business. Inform them before actually letting them share rides with you as their driver.

Everyone is doing his/her best nowadays to make a decent living, so your close friends and relatives must be aware and sensitive that business is business. Small businesses should be helped not only by moral support but by the support that they mostly need which is financial.

2 – You can personally make carpool arrangements.

When you’re the one doing the carpooling venture, you can personally make carpool arrangements with your passengers. Since you’re the owner, you do not have to always stress yourself out from doing hectic adjustments because of your carpoolers’ schedules and preferences.

It’s your car. You are the driver. You are the carpool manager. The people who carpool with you are invited or welcomed because their destination is the same as yours or is along the way to yours. They are not the point of reference but you, so you decide on the schedules, routes and rules in your carpooling business.

Although you can kindly accept a few suggestions and modifications from them when they are urgent, generally, you decide everything. It’s up to you and nobody else, so even if it seems like you’re the one driving them to their destination, it’s not like that. Rather, the passengers are the ones asking favor from you.

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3 – Carpooling helps lessen the amount of cars and air pollution.

There’s a sigh-worthy global problem when every person drives a car. The roads get even more congested and polluted, and that’s never good. If you go for a carpooling business, you help lessen the amount of cars used on the road. As a result, air pollution is also reduced.

Imagine. If everyone is driving alone everyday, there’s no doubt that roads will be overloaded and that global warming will not be properly addressed. But if in each car, all the seats are occupied by people, the help may seem little at first glance but collectively, the efforts can make a huge, beneficial difference.


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4 – Your traffic stress is relieved because of companions.

When heavy traffic delays your appointments or drags your weary body on the way home, for sure, your mood is ruined. You feel like you want to push all the vehicles in front of yours because the traffic is so exasperating and tiring. Sometimes, your anger and frustration towards the slow road scenarios get directed to everything! When you reach your destination or your home, you’re frowning, all haggard and mad.

Believe it or not, carpooling has an advantage to alleviate such mood-wrecking hassles. Because you have companions sharing a ride with you, your traffic stress gets relieved. It becomes bearable because you have people to talk to.

You can watch your patience better because you can’t shout and express your rage when carpoolers are with you. Though you may rant together a bit, it’s very different and more controlled than when you’re driving and riding alone through the hassles of heavy traffic.

New Friendship, Carpooling, collage dorm party

5 – You can build new friendships.

Since you and your carpoolers are sharing a ride daily or weekly, you are sharing time, and that’s a great opportunity to share good stories. Here, you can create fresh memories out of newly built friendships, especially if you’re initially not close or not completely familiar with each other. Awkward air may be there at first, but when you carpool often and get used to each other’s presence, natural conversations will just happen because you have already become friends!

6 – You will learn time management.

Carpooling allows you to learn proper time management. Punctuality is crucial here, especially because you are the driver and the car is yours. Without you, the carpoolers will need to commute. As your carpool agreements indicate, all of you must be present on time, so no one gets left behind and nobody becomes the cause of delay. Moreover, you can’t be late because if you are, you won’t simply make carpoolers wait but you will also be late for your personal endeavors.

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7 – You may gain tax benefits.

There will be tax benefits to which you will be entitled to when you’re using your private vehicle for your business. Check out the provisions in your local authority to know what they are. Tax depreciation benefits could be one of them!

8 – It’s heartwarming to help other people avoid the struggles of commuting.

Last but surely not the least, carpooling is really a good idea because it’s a way to help people. Isn’t it heartwarming to see and know that you’re an angel that helps other people avoid the struggles of commuting? Of course, it is! You probably have been there and done that, so you know how much of a helping hand it is to have carpooling.

You have the money to buy a car and maintain it while there are people who cannot afford that. Be grateful for that blessing, and one way is by sharing your gratitude through carpooling.


Definitely, if you’re thinking of how to get the most out of your private car, carpooling is a smart path! Of course, just like any other thing, there could be some disadvantages or weaknesses in this type of sharing a ride, however, you can find ways to manage, get rid of them or lessen them at least.

Carpooling is for you (the car owner) and for other people who want to skip the bigger inconveniences of the heavy roads. When you think you’re on the losing side because it is your own precious car that’s being used for carpooling, ponder on its rewards that are more significant than the adjustable flaws.

You may not simply earn money but save money. What’s more delightful, you earn not just money but also good friends and better road experiences!

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