For many people, creating online courses seem to be a very far cry but it might interest you to know that it’s not too hard a process. Creating online courses just requires a few online tools and integrations and the truth is, it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to be effective.

Online courses are built upon four pillars which include:

  1. Your Skills or Talents (such as creative writing, cooking, arts and crafts, graphic design, baking and others)
  2. Your Education (e.g as an accountant creating courses based on free accounting tools that can be used to track school debtors or take stock inventory of items; it could be a doctor creating courses on overcoming depression, and the likes)
  3. Your Experiences (it could be experiences based on work, relationships, marriage, parenting, health issues and all that)
  4. Your Knowledge (about almost anything you know)

So, you see?

You have all it takes!

Decide which of the pillars you would want to leverage on and then, go ahead to plan based on it.



What problems can your skills, education and knowledge and experiences solve? Choose a topic that has HUGE market demand. How can you summarize it into a catchy title to get the attention of your audience?


Your course outline should include modules and lessons that contain a step-by-step guide that will take your students from point A to B, and it must align with points that will fulfill what the Course title promises.


What method/format are you going to use in the delivery of your course? video? audio? photo? Or text? Is it a combination of both audio and text?

What are you going to say in between?


In recording your course, you don’t need some expensive and crazy software. It’s not compulsory you use a PC either; with your phone and a good internet connection, you are good to go. After recording, put it on online platforms like Udemy to sell.


Do you now see that online courses are not as complicated and difficult as painted?

Apart from Facebook Ads which has been the norm and is not part of our focus here, the best way to launch anything digitally is through a value-added webinar on platforms such as:

  1. Facebook (most popularly used particularly as Facebook ads, or in going live in any Facebook group you may belong to), or
  2. Zoom (an online meeting software that allows you to host a live meeting where you can either share your screen or face live with your audience, or both).

These work best for e-Books, online courses, membership programs etc. all you need do is create a value-added webinar where you teach something related to your e-book/product without mentioning your book/product and then present at the end of the webinar, your new book/product as the solution to the problem you had addressed in your webinar. It could be a webinar session of about an hour or two where you give out your free valuable content and also use the opportunity to introduce your course in an irresistible manner.

At this point, you have no business begging people to buy your book; people would instead beg to have your payment link or account number so they can get your book or service immediately. Keep the price down when you enter the market; you can raise it gradually. Now this works even better when you attach a discount to your book/product price and add a fast action bonus (FAB).

For example, if an online course, e-book or product is originally sold at 5000 Naira, you may decide that the first 20 persons to get it would do so at a reduced price of 1500 naira; now, these are fast action takers. This is a proven method that works like magic (as many will want to take advantage of the bonus price).

Let’s say you were able to get 1000 up converting people to join your webinar, in the end just about 10% of this audience would want to buy your book within that discount and fast action bonus period; this can happen just within a few hours of your launch.

There are more advanced ways to host webinars but I have shared with you the top two approaches which require little or no expenses and which will give you the results you need as a beginner.


Don’t spend huge money on technology especially when you’re just starting out as a beginner. As you get more students, automate gradually(You need to automate the process, so that you are not directly involved in EVERY aspect); it’s very good because even while sleeping in the comfort of your bed, your prospects enroll for your course without you having to do anything else.

Once they click the Call to Action (CTA) button, the automated system enrolls them into your course platform, add them to an email list, take them to a checkout page (like 2checkout, Samcart, Gumroad, Shopify and the likes), and then to your payment page. On the payment page, they can make successful payments through payment platforms such as Paypal, Paystack, Flutterwave, Stripe and the likes.

With the use of automation tools (like iAutomate, Zapier), successful payments should be able to send automated emails and course login details to the students who have paid. Thereafter, you add all successful payments to a spreadsheet database or an automated e-mail sequence for future purpose.

In summary, here’s what you should do:

  1. Make all the launch slides
  2. Record your voice
  3. Edit the videos
  4. Put it all together
  5. Find the right platform to host it
  6. Automate gradually
  7. Connect payment options e.g. Paystack, PayPal, Flutterwave, etc.

Now with all these ready, you are prepared to launch like a pro and make massive profits.

Good luck to you!

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Emem Umejuru

Emem Umejuru is a 21st-century educator and an online business Consultant for Startups. She is also a one-time best-selling Amazon Author of the book, SUPER FOR STARTERS: an easy to follow guide to go from no idea to starting and building your online business.

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