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25 Free Digital Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Digital marketing has become a crucial part of any business’s marketing strategy. But not all digital marketing tools are created equal, and many small businesses find themselves spending thousands of dollars each year on digital marketing tools that they don’t use. Today, I’m going to reveal the best free digital marketing tools for small businesses.

Top 25 Best Free Digital Marketing Tools

Have a look at the full list below, and let us know if anything else should be added to this list!


Buffer is a free tool that lets anyone schedule posts for their social media accounts on any given day or time. Buffer can also share posts with follow-up messages, replies, quotes, and more—all before they’re shared publicly. 

When users join Buffer, their social media accounts are added to the Buffer system. When a post is scheduled, the user will be alerted through email or message push if they have time available that day to schedule that post. Buffer has an intuitive interface that allows users to share content with the click of a button quickly. 


Canva is a handy free digital marketing tool that can be used to create many types of graphics and images for social media, web applications, websites, and emails. It has over 40 ready-made templates you can use to enhance your shared content or post on Facebook or LinkedIn along with other platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. 

Canva also offers extra capabilities like text editing tools so users can add their own fonts after importing them from the Google Fonts library using special tags. 

When integrated with Instagram, Canva will develop image sizes ranging from small to medium or large. You can choose for your graphical content sharing by clicking the Settings button within Canva’s tools. 

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is a handy free digital marketing tool that shows you information about a website’s traffic. With Google Analytics, you gain insights into your social media metrics and across other platforms, including social media icons in Blogger or services like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn analytics. 

These statistics show you the amount of traffic and visitors to your website or blog. SEO, Facebook page marketing, and Pinterest. These free tools help you build a loyal audience who will frequently return for more relevant content on social media such as blogs, news articles, and other types of cultural reports. 

Google Analytics has a wide range of filters and reports that can be used to identify issues with your social media efforts.


Hemingway is an online content authoring tool that allows marketers to create and edit articles easily. The name comes from the way Ernest Hemmingway used to make his style of writing more concise but still easy to read (he wrote in such a manner as if “he was telling [his] stories”). Marketers can use it for both personal uses like educational resources or business needs like PPC advertising campaigns.


Hotjar is a handy free digital marketing tool that can increase the ROI of your social media marketing by recording more than just clicks and user behavior while using products. 

Additionally, it helps marketers understand what interested users are doing when they visit their website so you can accordingly create content with better insights. Hotjar is a user behavior monitoring tool that offers real examples of users’ actions when using your product. 

Hotjar’s UTM tags include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other popular social media platforms, among which you can tag links to pages or share buttons on-site to track links clicks. Its simple interface helps marketers manually set up the tagging while prompting easy-to-follow reports about how visitors use their products over time. 

Sprout Social 

Sprout Social is a free tool that helps you track and analyze the performance of your digital marketing. It offers tools to show all brand assets from websites down to URLs, product images, and social media icons on blogs or services, including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 

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The main purpose of the Measured claim-tracking system compared with other platforms it offers is improving SEO by tracking what different people do when they come across search engine results pages (SER PS).

Several features help marketers improve their quests for better websites. These include tools to track keyword rankings data or analyze how sites appear in search results pages. The measured feature allows you to track back times when certain brand assets were placed. Something few other platforms allow you do at all. 

Open Site Explorer 

Open Site Explorer is a free digital marketing tool that tracks brands’ digital marketing campaigns and selects their next step accordingly. With its help, marketers track everything from blog posts to downloads through social media interactions acquired by employing pre-designed web tools for capturing data at maximum speed. 

The tool features three main areas that allow users to track data across various channels, including blogs, social media, and Google Analytics. It also offers a basic reporting system with charts of traffic flows along with major indicators showing overall campaign intensity. 

Site Explorer also allows you to manually set up which attribute or property needs to be added to work accurately.


Charlie Parker is a free resource that tracks how users interact with your brand and its mentions on specific social media platforms. You can also track keywords and phrases that influence your brand’s data, such as finding out the terms people type when searching for you across search engines. 

The platform uses an extensive list of social media platforms that allow users to see how many mentions they gained and their sentiment -favoritism or disliking towards brands, categories, or specific products. Charlie Parker plays a part in determining keywords and hashtags for particular campaigns.

It is If you want to create real-time engagement between users and your website, it enables people without experience in digital marketing, such as non-marketers appreciate the value of tracking what happens every time they need something from websites. 


WordPress is a free, open-source blogging platform and content management system (CMS) with over 16 million active blogs as of January 2017. It offers hundreds of thousands of plugins, widgets, and themes to choose from, as well as numerous network hosting opportunities for those who need support. 

WordPress’s platform is a powerful, robust solution for both blogging and digital marketing. It also offers a full-fledged management system that allows bloggers to alter their blog every time they need to tweak the site or look different from anyone else.

In addition, WordPress handles all of the technical requirements necessary for your website, including but not limited to making sure your website can be viewed without issues on mobile platforms. In order to get started with WordPress, you first create a WordPress site by installing a CMS, which means that it is easy to get going. 


Crowdfire is an interesting digital marketing tool that allows users to grow their social media following. This digital marketing tool has a variety of tools that it can utilize depending on the needs of each user. 

There are features for generating great-quality webcam videos, social chatbots that are easy to use, an annotation machine that automatically organizes your website or blog content into images, RSS feed notification alerts, and other tools. 

The platform is perfect for time management because you can set alerts during specific times to ensure your posts are not forgotten or overlooked. 

One of the best features of this tool allows its users to communicate with Twitter directly from their WordPress site or blog, which includes direct. It is pretty self-explanatory. It allows users easy access to promoting their content every single day.


A medium is a great tool for marketing and advertising. They offer free digital marketing tools such as their blogging platform, which makes it simple to share your thoughts and opinions with the world without having to pay anything.

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The best part about Medium is that they have something for everyone, from politics to self-promotion websites, so you won’t have any difficulties finding a suitable topic for your posts. You’ll be able to set up a custom domain for your blog, as well as post moderation software within the blogging platform.


Wistia is a video marketing tool that provides pre-made videos for marketing purposes. It also offers tools to create its own videos, which makes it the perfect balance between the old-school approach of buying professionally made videos and the newer internet phenomenon of YouTube and social media. It allows users to create beautiful videos that can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, or placed within websites for professional look alike views.


SumoMe is a free digital marketing tool that provides tools for marketers to grow their social networks. It has quickly gained popularity as it offers alternatives to paid tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Insights. 

With SumoMe, clients can easily see which content works best and manage their social media campaigns without spending unnecessary money. The company behind the program boasts a strong retention rate – over 1 million users – and almost 700 thousand active users.


The segment is a free digital marketing tool that provides analytics, conversion tracking, and powerful lead generation tools. They used to be owned by the team at Contextify, who are now more focused on their project ConvertKit. 

The segment appears as an app name because of its strict privacy policy – it only shows up when you want it to appear based on your individual preferences. It focuses more on web-based apps rather than content management or blogging platforms.


Peek 360 is a free digital marketing tool designed to help marketers collect new insights about their consumers, segment the market and automate the acquisition of relevant prospects. 

The tool collects data from a multitude of sources on-demand, allowing marketers to create profiles for potential prospects that identify target audiences as well as key company attributes. 

However, corporates can really take advantage of the tool is in the social intelligence area, where Peek 360 identifies 40 different social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 

It is very easy to switch between these accounts simply by changing the visual appearance of your profile or adding backgrounds that match each one. The more you use it, the better Peek 360 becomes at understanding what types of content are most likely to interest companies based on their network connections. 

Google Scholar 

Google Scholar Digital Marketing Tool has been designed to help marketers find, engage and convert high-value prospects across the digital marketing ecosystem. With this tool, marketers can generate reports about their audience insights spanning digital media, including traditional (or online) magazines, blogs, television shows, web originals, or social networks. 

Google Scholar allows for multiple benchmarks that highlight key metrics relevant to the company’s business objectives. Key performance indicators include best conversion rates, customer lifetime value based on additional purchases, average order size, and cost-per-conversion. Google also can “Low Key” all of your suppliers so you can include them in data reports without revealing their URLs or information for third parties to see. 

Google Trends 

The free digital marketing tool Google Trends is a website that allows users to access demographic and interest data. This site helps marketers track the changes in search behaviors year over year and across various regions worldwide. One of the most common uses for this website is catching consumers’ attention during marketing campaigns. The website also has features such as social sharing, saving favorite results, and so on.

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Blog Topic Generator 

This free digital marketing tool allows users to quickly generate the number of blog posts they need over a wide range of best interest topics. It is especially helpful for marketers who are currently running an online campaign or trying to find product/service-related topics for future content. 

When writing content, keep in mind that potential customers might not be able to “see themselves” using your product or service. So choose relatable and interesting topics for the audience and maintain a balance throughout your campaign so you don’t bore them. 

Content Idea Generator 

The Content Idea Generator Free Digital Marketing Tool was developed to help marketers generate ideas for blog topics, article headlines, and product or service-related content to engage their audience. 

This website is full of written instructions that describe the best practices for writing engaging content, including what types of emotions or feelings can be conveyed to your readers. There are even several short digital marketing case studies that you can follow.


This free digital marketing tool is designed to help marketers summarize an article or thoughts in short and straightforward sentences. It also offers the ability to share your content with others for feedback. 

This website can be highly beneficial if your goal is to gain clarity on a specific topic you are working on at the moment. This free tool is also helpful when ranking content in search engines like Google for higher visibility (and getting more organic traffic).

Onpage Optimization Tool 

The Onpage Optimization Tool Free Digital Marketing Tool is a website that has a subtitle of ‘Find the right keywords for your SEO.’ The website provides helpful tutorials and articles on how to optimize your content to rank higher in search engines. It does not specify which search engine it supports, but it covers general information about keyword research, title tags, anchor text, meta descriptions, and semantic optimization.

After the Deadline 

After the Deadline is a website designed to help marketers meet deadlines and complete various tasks such as articles, websites, or blog posts. The site provides free guides and articles for use at any level of expertise, including freelance writing jobs. 

The author gives instructions on how to find your topic, craft your article and submit it for review by other users to ensure that content meets what will be required by the company you are providing content for.

Readability Test Tool 

The Readability Test Tool is a free digital marketing tool designed to help users understand how readable their message is and whether the average person would understand it. The program can provide an estimated grade for text or individual sentences and break them down based on particular categories such as sentence length and words per sentence.

Save Publishing 

Save Publishing is a free digital marketing tool designed to help users create and publish an article or blog post. According to the site, “the first screen lets you find related topics as well as browse other free content about those recent sources” as it provides categorized articles and blog posts that users can use immediately. The website also gives information on finding top search keywords for your niche and how to conduct keyword research.

Final Words on Free Digital Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

While many free digital marketing tools are available, we’ve narrowed down the list to only the best and most useful. To make things easier for you, we’ve included our picks for each category. 

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