How to make money on YouTube

How to make money on YouTube – 8 Unknown Methods

How do you make money on YouTube? In case you are asking, many people want to know how to make money on YouTube and this simple guide is prepared to make it easy.

Before we dive into the details of making money on YouTube, lets get some important information about the platform. is the second most used search engine after, with more than 2 billion active YouTube users and about 500 hours of videos uploaded daily to YouTube. Approximately YouTube viewers spend 11 million 23 seconds on More than 70% of YouTube views are on mobile devices.

An increasing number of YouTube video bloggers (vlogger) have already figured out how to make money on the with their videos. According to the survey, YouTube generates between $ 16 and $ 25 billion in revenue per year, mainly due to advertising.

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Do you want to become a YouTuber? Well, that’s a powerful idea. And we will help you provide additional information about your career on YouTube.

Let’s See How to Make Money on Youtube Using Uncommon Methods

In this simple guide on methods for Monetizing your videos on YouTube, you will thoroughly learn how to make money on YouTube with the video content you upload.

  1. Add affiliate links to YouTube

Affiliate links are a more reliable opportunity to earn money on YouTube channels. The links contain suggestions for creating detailed tutorials and in-depth product reviews. Sharing these affiliate links on your YouTube channel is a bit like marketing your links on your blog. So please do not overdo it. Don’t forget that the audience will click on these links when they trust your resource.

Building a trusting relationship with your audience is not an easy task at all. Help your audience solve certain problems and give them solutions. And you can shoot videos that offer solutions that you previously owned yourself.

  1. Become a YouTube influencer
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Every YouTuber knows about the importance of the revenue stream. As a YouTuber, you have many ways to make money on YouTube. The best ways to earn money from advertising are to add a channel membership and increase the number of views and a Google Adsense banner.

YouTube allows videos, ads, or anything else based on recommendations. You need to follow some guidelines before becoming a YouTube influencer, and first, you need to fulfill some requirements. According to the YouTube advertising rules, you have at least 4,000 hours of video viewing, and you have 1,000 subscribers to your videos in the last 12 months.

  1. Follow the SEO methods on YouTube

There are many YouTube strategies to improve the quality of your videos. But many influential YouTube users forget to use these strategies. This process is the most profitable for ranking your video and attracting more subscribers to your channel. Improving likes, comments, shares, and viewing time are all the best symbolic methods for enhancing your channel and helping you make money on Youtube.

Perfect keyword research is more critical for improving your videos. However, think differently based on what the audience is looking for on YouTube. Add high and effective keywords to the video title, video tags, and video description.

Here is the 5th sector of the YouTube SEO rating

  • Video Length
  • Measure CTR in YouTube search
  • The ratio of likes and dislikes
  • Number of subscribers
  • Comments on your videos
  1. Earn money on YouTube based on fans

When creating content, think about your target audience; your videos should attract and be informative. This way, you have a chance to attract more subscribers to your videos. Once you create a huge fan base, invite them to finance your YouTube channel by joining a channel membership and chatting privately – this method helps to earn more.

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For example, Tipee is one of the services that offer you a combination of a one-time donation and a repeated one. Commercial and non-commercial channels use this fan funding with their viewers to make their video operations run smoothly.

  1. Become an influencer on Amazon

The best and fastest-growing technology is Amazon’s influence program. This program offers to maximize your brand on social networks, especially on YouTube. With the help of Amazon recommendations, you can earn money on YouTube for your work.

Once you have joined this program, you will learn more about what you do and what you don’t do; you will recommend and view products and contact your audience for shopping on Amazon through affiliate links. When your users click on the link and make a purchase on Amazon, you receive a commission, probably 8-10% of the product price. This program is not open to everyone. It is based on the number of your subscribers and other indicators. After checking, you can run the program.

  1. Make a YouTube marketing funnel

It would be best if you optimized your channel to motivate sales. Therefore, choose your niche, collaborate with your partner on YouTube, and start planning your marketing funnel.YouTube is the easiest way to share your message, but if you want to make more money using YouTube at the same time as a blog. This way, you collect more email addresses and sell more products to your fans.

For example, when writing a blog about affiliate products with the recommendation, re-purpose the content and post a video on YouTube in this post. Then send to your audience from YouTube and return to your blog and affiliate links to create blog readers and earn commissions for each reader.

  1. Get profit from YouTube red subscribers

YouTube Red offers users to pay $ 9.99 to watch YouTube without ads. Content creators will earn money and receive 55% of revenue when using the ad-free method, depending on the viewing time. Thus, you can increase the reduced CPM indicators or increase the number of YouTube Red views.

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With YouTube Red, your engagement factors play an essential role. So, check your YouTube analytics to view video statistics such as viewing time, video engagement, and more. This is another way to make money on YouTube.

  1. Paid sponsorship

Paid sponsorship is a lucrative offer to make money on YouTube. This method works for marketers who pay and mention their product in your videos. But this is never the easiest way to start offering yourself to companies. And to be honest with you and your audience, this is an elusive goal.

Then you should promote this product on all your social networks, show them how it is used, the purpose of the brand, and carry out successful sponsorship of the product. Just make sure that the companies you are looking for create a sense of the content they produce.

Final thoughts on how to make money on YouTube

YouTube is the best influence platform in the world. And with all the above points, you may see that there are many ways to make money on YouTube for yourself. The primary key to a successful influence on YouTube is the constant creation of high-quality content. All videos will not be recklessly successful, but in the long run, you will get the most out of it and will earn money on YouTube, even when you sleep.

Thanks for taking the time to read this piece, also check out our guide on How To Make Money On Youtube Without Making Videos.






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