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Best 3 Series To Binge Watch 2021 [Expert Pick]

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Well, this work from home has started taking a toll on most people so the top 3 Series To Binge Watch this weekend. So let’s get started with shows which will glue you to your laptop or mobile whichever you are using to watch. Read this article from start to finish so that you will have complete ideas about this series.

Top 3 Series To Binge Watch


According to The Next Hint, the series is back with its season 4. That’s black lightning season 4 This series has a total of 4 seasons. This story revolves around a wrestler.

Jefferson Pierce is a man with a secret and a wrestler. He was a hero to his community as the father of two girls and principal of a high school franchise that is also the safe place for young gang violence-placed young residents in the area.

He was a hero of a different kind nine years ago. He used his powers to keep the streets of his homeland as the disguised Black Lightning with the extraordinary power to harness and control energy.

After several nights with his existence on the line, however, he quit his Super Hero times and became a principal and a dad, seeing the impact of destruction and loss that his alter ego inflicted upon his family. His daughters Anissa (Nafessa Williams) and Jennifer (China Anne McClain) were chosen to aid his town without using his talents, but his wedding with their mother Lynn (Christina Adams) grew into powerful young ladies.

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Nearly a decade later, Pierce’s crime days are long…or so he was thinking. But with crime and corruption growing like a firestorm and the ones he loves about, Black Lightning comes back to save not just his home, but also the heart of his community. The One Hundred, a frightening local group.

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A rather odd premise for this exhibition by executive producers Susan Downey and Robert Downey Jr. – Gus is a half-deer, semi-human guy who starts an adventure with his fellow Tommy Jepperd.

They venture together through a post-apocalyptic civilization that hunts hybrids like Gus in quest of the mother of the boy.

The series is based on the same-name comic series by Jeff Lemire and is managed by Susan Downey and Robert Downey Jr. For the second season it has already been renewed.



The new Shadow and Bones Fantasy series on Netflix introduces enormous, mystical moments of action and really enjoyable characters, is based on the best-selling Grisha novels of Leigh Bardugo and features ordinary young women who find that their power to save their country is great.

Alina Starkov In the meantime, a bunch of pirates throughout the water have their own ideas. It is a fantasy story, both urgent and fun, that will gratify book fans and people who do not know the Darkling Grisha.

Conclusion Series To Binge Watch:

The first series to binge-watch in 2021 is BLACK LIGHTNING. The show has been around for a few years but it’s getting more popular with each season, and there are plenty of reasons why you should be watching too! What if your favorite superhero was black?

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Black Lightning takes the idea one step further by telling an African-American story about what it means to have power.

If you’re looking for something new this year then BLACLIGHTING might just be perfect for you. For those who don’t want superheroes or sci-fi stories, SWEET TOOTH will satisfy their need for drama!

Sweet Tooth tells the tale of Gus Grissom – a high school student that goes missing on his birthday after being pushed


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