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7 Smart Ways to Make Money on Facebook in Nigeria

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Here, you will see the Seven Smart Ways you can Make Money on Facebook in Nigeria.

Facebook has many proven ways it offers for users to make money on Facebook in Nigeria, and this is because Facebook is the largest social network in Nigeria and the world as a whole.

Both personal brands and corporate businesses use the Facebook platform to promote their products and services; On Facebook, you can sell goods and services, place ads, create a profitable network, and much more.


The good news is that anyone can make money on Facebook if you follow the suitable method.

Smart Ways to Make Money on Facebook in Nigeria

Consider some of the suggestions below on how to make money on Facebook to either increase your earnings or start a side hustle in Nigeria.

  1. Referral or Affiliate Marketing

If you like Web-based business and are ready to share with others, think about word-of-mouth recommendations, which are one of the most effective forms of advertising.

Many companies in Nigeria are aware of this, and that is why they offer people a “invite a friend” bonus.

One of the brands in Nigeria that offer “invite a friend” bonuses is Piggyvest.

PiggyVest gives you N1000 per person when you invite a friend to register with them.

This means that if 50 of your Facebook friends sign up with them, they will pay you $50,000, and there are a few more others.

You can send invitations by email or share your Facebook link with your friends to register with your referral code. If any of your friends register using your referral link, you can get a cash bonus! You can register for Piggyvest from here.

  1. Become a Facebook Influencer
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Facebook influencers really get a lot of money from Facebook. All you have to do is open a Facebook account so that you have a lot of meetings in your posts. Then you’re getting close to it. But Facebook’s only goal is to make money on Facebook, so you don’t have to forget about the only purpose of the page that becomes influential on Facebook. You can do this using your regular Facebook profile.

As an influential Facebook user with a good fan base, individuals and companies will contact you to promote their business. then you can charge them as you see fit depending on your size and traffic and earn good money for yourself. To become an influencer, having a good follower base is a must. So try hard to enhance your follower count. If you find it difficult or time-consuming then find out about Media Mister and check their services for getting more followers.

  1. Sale of goods/services

The Facebook market is large, and it has a huge number of potential customers for everyone who is ready to sell products or services on Facebook. This is a free-for-all feature with which you can buy, sell or trade almost anything in your region. Although Facebook’s marketplace isn’t as specialized as local buy and sell groups, everyone has access to the Facebook marketplace, so they can easily share your post with their friends and maybe even find the special thing they were looking for.

  1. Create a Niche Facebook group

Having a niche is everything that is connected with interest and passion.

Then you should figure out the potential of this niche if it will help you make money on Facebook. After that, you start sharing the content. Facebook pages supposedly have low organic reach, and people are more likely to forget about you if you are not consistent. So, you should have a pre-written content pool.


Making money on a Facebook page is not a two-week job. And it is very important to have basic knowledge in this area.

So, you should create good and attractive content for your fans and inspire other people to like your page.

Sometimes you can create and sell an e-book or create a master group(paid) for some fans who may want more than you usually publish on a regular page.

  1. Selling pages and groups

Another way to make money on Facebook is to sell an account. Yes! this is possible and easy.  You can create a Facebook account and create subscribers for this account, when it has a huge number of subscribers, then you can put it up for sale. Facebook account is now being bought by marketers and brands for their advertising purposes, as Facebook gives more weight to the old account.

In the same spirit, you can also sell your old band or Facebook page if you have a large number of relevant fans. These days, many online companies basically need an account with a large number of relevant subscribers to purchase to start their business. You can also sell them to them.

  1. Creating a Facebook group

It’s easy to make money on Facebook when you know what you need to do right. Creating a Facebook group is a sure way to earn good money for yourself.

Now, to get started with this, create a Facebook group and make sure that you have at least 10 thousand participants and a good participation in the conversation on a certain niche. Don’t bore your followers, so you should engage them with relevant questions, images, blog posts, surveys, etc.

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In turn, you can earn money on Facebook through paid surveys, sponsored content, selling your own product/book/services and, of course, affiliate marketing.

  1. Social Media Manager

Did you know that you can get money by managing as many Facebook social media accounts as possible if you are versed in social networks? To become a social media manager, you need basic social media management skills. As a social media manager, your responsibilities include posting content on a Facebook page, planning posts, developing graphics for content, responding to subscribers ‘ comments and maintaining their activity, as well as increasing the audience, and much more.

Interestingly, as a social media manager, there is a high probability that you may have to manage other social media platforms where the brand is present.

Therefore, you may need to be familiar with other social media platforms, such as Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. But keep in mind that different platforms require different approaches.

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All the ways, as mentioned earlier, of earning money on Facebook are achievable if you are determined to make money online. Take the time to conduct thorough research of any of the ways that interest you, and find a method to make it work for you. Many people are already doing this, so you need to find a way to stand out from other competitors.

Many people in Nigeria trust and use PiggyVest to save & invest securely.

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