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YouTube ( can be one of the best places to start your online marketing business. However, when I first started marketing on Youtbe during my new SEO job, I felt at a loss. Marketing on YouTube seemed quite simple at first glance, but I didn’t do it very well for some reason.

Gradually, I realized that there are things that I need to improve and some important steps that I need to follow. In the end, I learned from my mistakes and understood how to do it.

Below I will combine what I learned into a short guide that I would have liked to have when I started, filled with valuable information for small scale business. I hope this will help you a little.


I won’t bore you with technical details about how to create a Youtbe channel, but we will talk about what distinguishes the greats from the rest of the pack. To attract visitors, you need a professional-looking, user-friendly YouTube channel.


More and more people are coming to YouTube to learn skills or facts. This means that it is important for your channel to look reliable and irrefutable.

Having a professional-looking banner and logo that represent your work is the first important step to creating a great YouTube channel.


I know everyone says that you need amazing, unique content for success, and it’s true that high-quality content is a huge factor. But if you are just starting your channel and feel that this is not your best work, do not worry. You’re just getting started.

You’ll get there! The most important part of success is constant production. Instead of being too critical of your own work, try to be consistent and make sure that you always post new content on a schedule. The more you stick to this schedule, the more successful you will be.

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Another thing to be careful about is the kind of videos you post. As I said before, people watch videos on YouTube to improve their skills or get information. And this should be the area you are working on. Videos with instructions and lists are in great demand, and your videos will get much more views when published in these formats.

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Catchy headlines are a big part of YouTube marketing. The most viewed videos are videos that have perfected the art of a catchy title. Let’s say you published a video about losing weight. If you call it “Losing Weight,” your numbers will never reach such heights as in the video called “5 ways to lose weight quickly”.

Even if you have a great, informative video, you won’t stand a chance against a video with a catchy title that has stressed adjectives.

Does this make your video a click bait? To be honest, it helps a little. But as long as you give people useful information with high-quality content after they click, a little harassment will not hurt anyone.


What people see in your video before they actually click is a big part of driving traffic. It must be something with a kick, something that arouses curiosity.

You will see that most of the successful videos with impressive views have excellent images in the form of thumbnails. You will also see a lot of tits selected as thumbnails. It is best to avoid such a cheap trick.


Annotations help a lot. People who watch your Youtbe videos will probably be interested in the relevant videos. So at the end of each video, show them other options. Give them more and get more views.


Be sure to ask people to subscribe to your channel, put likes and share your Youtbe videos. From my experience, I can say that it makes a big difference when you remind the audience of the need to take any action. Feel free to do this at the end of each video.

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The word SEO has often scared me. I thought it got too complicated too fast, and I wanted to eliminate SEO from my YouTube existence…until I realized that I couldn’t.

But as I gained experience and understanding, I found that SEO is not as scary as I thought. Once you make sure that you follow certain rules, it will greatly help your business.


Adding captions, when possible, attracts more people to your videos. When I tried it myself, I noticed a big difference. The number of my views increased by about 50%.


Long-tail tags should be used, but it is better not to overdo it. It is also recommended to optimize it, taking into account the importance of ranking.


Keywords are important to ensure that your niche is connected with the right people and you find your audience on Youtube. Once you select a niche, you will understand which keywords are suitable for it.


Using keywords, and using them as early as possible, is certainly important. They should be shown above the fold, under the video. But don’t let the technical details force you to write something robotic and spammy. Please do not overdo it, and make sure that you speak in a human way using your keywords.

Video Editors Can Be Used to Easily Customize Your Videos

There are several online video editors available that you can use to make the mentioned changes to your video.

VEED  is a powerful Video Editor that provides an incredibly easy-to-use interface that will allow you to perform complex video editing tasks liks adding subtitles to your videos, merging videos, adding visual effects, and creating content that increases views, gets more likes and attracts followers.


The VEED video editor is a web-based Video Editing Software with both free and paid plans.

How to Increase your Subscribers Number

Here are five ways to attract more subscribers to your Youtube channel:

  • Ask viewers to subscribe at the end of each video
  • Use playlists to encourage viewers to watch more of your video content
  • Create a professional channel page
  • Upload a channel trailer on your channel
  • Send subscribers in social networks to your YouTube channel


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