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Complete Computer Repair Business Guide For Beginners

Are you thinking about starting your own computer repair shop?

Starting a computer repair business can bring you easy money, because not everyone knows how to repair their faulty computers.

If you have the technical know-how in the field of computers, this will be your chance to open your own business.

Since almost everyone uses computers for both personal and business use, the Computer repair business has become in demand for many years up to the present. This type of business covers various services that include keyboard repair, software installation and much more. However, starting a Computer repair business requires technical skills and knowledge about computers. Hard work and flexibility can also help you find more customers.

Computer Repair Business , Repair Service


Here are five (5) useful tips on how to start your Computer repair business;


Before starting any business, it is usually necessary to find out your potential customers. You should identify the characteristics and main problems that your potential customers are facing.

It is ideal to first think about the niche that you want to serve, so that you can specialize. It is important to have a certain niche and specialty so that you can focus. Determine whether all your customers use the same hardware and software. As far as possible, you should offer services that are not offered by other technical specialists. This way, you can be irreplaceable for your customers.


You also need to know your strengths and weaknesses. There are people who have a competent technical education, but do not have the opportunity to start their own business.

Having the perfect balance of social, technical and business skills is the key to success in the Computer repair business. In this way, you can guarantee the satisfaction of your customers ‘ needs. In the same way, you should improve your skills so that you can update yourself with the latest technologies. You can read computer magazines where you can get acquainted with the latest trends in the industry.


Are you going to start your computer business to repair all types of computers or a few selected brands? Sometimes specialization can be profitable.

For example, say that you want to focus on repairing HP computers. If you specialize in them, your employees will inevitably become experts in HP technologies, narrowing the area of knowledge they need to work. Narrowing your niche can help your brand become very reliable in the field of your specialization, but it excludes many other brands of computers that need repair.


If you decide to go the general route, it can be profitable but perhaps more difficult. When you start a computer repair business that serves all types of computers, having specialized employees for each technology can help. This way, you can become famous for your diverse fields of knowledge, and people will feel that they can count on you to repair their devices effectively.


When you are engaged in repairing a PC, the time you spend is equivalent to money. That’s why, as soon as you start your business, you should set your rates. A low bid at the beginning is reasonable, but you need to consider that you will face difficulties when raising rates. In this sense, you should set a bid that will not jeopardize your reputation, as well as your relationships with customers.

You can request information about prevailing prices from another Computer repair shop to have an idea of how much you need to charge. This way, you will have a better chance of becoming competitive.

In addition, since you are engaged in computer repair service, it is necessary to have updated operating systems to meet the needs of customers. Keep in mind that your business is engaged in eliminating computer problems.

That is why you are responsible for purchasing the necessary software and operating systems.


A computer repair business may not need a physical storefront or can be started from the comfort of your home. However, having a physical business center where customers can leave their computers can save you valuable time, so it may be worth investing in a physical business place.


If you are planning to start a computer repair and maintenance business, make sure that you are aware of these advantages:

  • The main start-up costs should be minimal if you are already an IT specialist or other specialist and have experience repairing and maintaining computers. Most likely, you already have a lot of what you will need.
  • You have a large target market that goes beyond just individual computer owners. Many small or home businesses do not have specialized IT departments and rely on contracts with external suppliers.
  • Contracting with small businesses can provide a solid foundation for the regular operation of your business if you can do so. If you do an excellent job for them, they will continue to use you and direct you to others.
  • You can decide how much or how little you want to work. Your business can be a part-time job to earn extra money, or it can be a full-time career once you create a large enough customer base.
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Despite the significant advantages, there are still some potential problems you may encounter when starting a computer repair and maintenance business. They are not so difficult to overcome:

  • It is not enough to have technical knowledge and skills. You will need good communication skills.
  • Marketing your business is always expensive. To acquire customers, you need to let them know that you are there. You may want to connect with business owners in your community and build an online presence through a website, social media campaign, and advertising.
  • You will need to purchase and maintain your tools and test equipment. Essential computer repair tools, such as screwdrivers, power testers, and grounding belts are not so expensive, depending on the services you want to provide. Some types of equipment, such as an oscilloscope, can be costly if you will test and repair individual components.
  • You may need a business license to perform repair services. Check with your staff to determine what you will need. At the very least, registering as a limited liability company will allow you to separate your business and personal assets in case of legal problems.
  • Some customers may want you to be certified to work in their systems. Some standard industry certifications are ACMT and CompTIA A+. It is also helpful to have some network certificates if you want to work in computer networking field. CompTIA Network+ and CCNP from Cisco are some of the most common certifications.
  • You may also need insurance and be bound by obligations since you can enter customers ‘ homes. Again, consult with your staff to determine what is required.
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Repair Business , Repair Service, Computer repair shop

Skills and experience that are useful for your computer repair service.

Anyone can start a computer repair business, but having certain skills and experience can increase your chances of success as a business owner.

  • Computer repair experience:

A lot of experience in computer repair is a must in this profession. Many computer repair specialists have mastered the necessary skills on their own, but structured courses are available that complement existing knowledge about hardware and software.

  • Customer service skills:

Customer service is a crucial aspect of the computer repair industry. The business owner should be able to provide prompt maintenance and prepare computers in a timely manner. Excellent interpersonal communication skills are also necessary, especially since customers can be upset and disappointed with their computers even before they walk through the door.

  • Attention to detail:

A good computer repair business owner should pay great attention to details. Attention to detail is one of the essential qualities that can facilitate computer repair and make the technician a good specialist in his work.

  • Problem-solving skills:

The ability to quickly find and solve problems is essential in this industry. Repair specialists use creative problem solving daily, so this is a must-have feature for any business owner.

  • Organizational skills:

To quickly locate pieces of equipment and parts that need disassembling the computer or replacing the part.


Starting your own computer repair business may seem like an easy business idea, but you need to be prepared for some of the problems you will face.

Plan to spend money on marketing your business and building your customer base. Think about the services you can offer to help attract regular customers, for example, providing network service for local businesses.

You may want to get one or more certificates to help confirm your skills and experience in computer repair. Certifications can be helpful when starting your business and can help you gain the trust of customers.


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