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Have you always loved working in the agricultural spare?  Are you attracted to rural life? I have compiled a list of over 100 agricultural business ideas in Nigeria for you.

While anyone can start their own profitable business in Nigeria based on Agricultural business ideas, Agribusiness is not just a type of business that is suitable for everyone.  To succeed in Agribusiness, you need maximum focus and be ready to take responsibility.

Having decided to open your own Agricultural business, you need to take into account several features of such a business.


  • Labor intensity: To get really good profits from Agricultural business ideas, you will have to work hard. If hard physical work does not frighten you, you will succeed.
  • Expenses:  At the initial stage, you will have to spend money on land, agricultural machinery, seeds, or the purchase of animals.
  • Competition: Almost everyone in Nigeria feels the need to grows vegetables and keep chickens. Therefore, in order to make a profit, you will either need to find your market or choose an exclusive production direction.



  1. Start a clinic for pets
  2. Start growing shellfish
  3. Start extraction of oil from coconut, palm oil, and other nuts from seeds
  4. Create soil testing laboratory
  5. Start agro/ecotourism business
  6. Start an agricultural equipment and accessories store
  7. Breeding of ornamental domestic fish
  8. Growing decorative bamboo
  9. Growing fruit trees
  10. Cultivation of rare and unusual plants
  11. Online stores for farmers and buyers
  12. Tree pruning and removal services
  13. Production of creative works and crafts
  14. Growing spirulina – used as a food additive
  15. Fruit and vegetable export business
  16. Growing vineyards and gardens
  17. Agricultural brokerage and consulting services
  18. Processing of organic food
  19. Sugar cane cultivation and production
  20. Greenhouse business
  21. Production of insecticides, herbicides, and pesticides
  22. Storehouse of high-quality seeds
  23. Cotton growing
  24. Organic food cafe/restaurant
  25. Pet wearables and Fashion clothing store
  26. Production of chicken eggs
  27. Production of quail eggs
  28. Poultry farming
  29. Breeding of domestic birds
  30. Animal husbandry (Goats, Rabbits, etc.)
  31. Herb Store
  32. Fish farming
  33. Rice cultivation
  34. Growing cacti
  35. Breeding butterflies
  36. Beekeeping and honey production
  37. Growing herbs and spices
  38. Production of frozen chicken meat
  39. Nursery of seedlings of several plants
  40. Online forum/website for farmers and other agribusiness entrepreneurs
  41. Repair and maintenance of agricultural machinery/equipment
  42. Production of sweets from fruits, vegetables, and herbs
  43. Lawn care and Yard Care
  44. Poultry and livestock production
  45. Production of organic biodiesel
  46. Production of organic cosmetics
  47. Pet Store
  48. Installation and maintenance of ponds
  49. Growing aquarium fish and aquatic plants
  50. Growing coconut and palm oil production
  51. Solar power plant for farms
  52. Rubber factory and production
  53. Pig breeding and farming
  54. Shop of garden/landscape tools and equipment
  55. Pet care and cafe business
  56. Production of medicinal herbs and root crops
  57. Bakery business
  58. Production of fruit juices, jams, and jellies
  59. Bonsai cultivation
  60. Egg incubation production
  61. Floral business
  62. Agricultural Credit Center for Small scale farmers
  63. Vermiculture and vermicomposting
  64. Eco Tour Travel Agency
  65. Hydroponics Retail Store
  66. Breeding snails
  67. Grain farming
  68. Agro-industrial fairs, exhibitions, and event management business
  69. Production of organic fertilizers
  70. Organic crop production
  71. Breeding frogs
  72. Production of canned fruits, vegetables, and herbs
  73. Fumigation and pest control services
  74. Growing and processing nuts
  75. Store of animal feed, vitamins, and other pet products
  76. Flour milling production
  77. Production of animal feed
  78. Growing tea and coffee
  79. Sheep and goat breeding
  80. Production of local beverages, such as homemade wines
  81. Orchid growing and agriculture
  82. Agricultural, gardening, and landscaping training services
  83. Growing wheatgrass
  84. Production and cultivation of beans
  85. Services for the production of garden gazebos, pergolas, and trellises
  86. Dry and fresh flower shops
  87. Breeding of fly larvae – breeding of fly larvae as a free source of high-quality protein for poultry farms and aquaculture enterprises.
  88. Mushroom cultivation
  89. Production of air fresheners and perfumes
  90. Corn cultivation
  91. Growing vegetables
  92. Production of soybean beverages
  93. Flower growing and agriculture
  94. Shops of local cuisine/ local delicacies
  95. Production of a chicken coop/poultry house
  96. Stores of agricultural products and goods
  97. Retail sale of organic products/ trade at the farmer’s market
  98. Dairy farming
  99. Mobile organic food stores
  100. Game breeding and specialty store
  101. Landscaping and maintenance services
  102. Mushroom farming


Today, Agricultural business ideas are among the easiest ways to earn money in Nigeria

The variety of business directions in the agricultural industry in Nigeria reveals prospects for farmers and other entrepreneurs in the Agribusiness value chain. As practice shows, business in agriculture pays off quickly despite quite serious investments. Given the high demand for natural and environmentally friendly food, the most cost-effective ideas can be implemented in organic farming. Since the majority of the population in Nigeria tries to live a healthy lifestyle, the need for high-quality food (Organic food) will increase to unprecedented heights. Therefore, today many people in Nigeria can invest in Agricultural business ideas and expect high returns on their investment.

Thanks for taking the time to read my Agricultural business ideas list.


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