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Workday Testing: Why It Is Critical for Business Continuity

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Undoubtedly, Workday is considered as a great Workforce management solution. It lets HR and company leadership be organized and informed with the most up-to-date information. However, this can only be possible if it is configured and optimized as per your unique business requirements.

This is where Workday testing comes in.

Workday is an excellent collaborative tool that empowers employees to access their performance evaluations, benefits, and recommended learning resources through a unified interface. Additionally, Workday has expanded its core platform to accommodate developers, enabling organizations to develop custom applications using Workday APIs effortlessly. As a result, Workday can be personalized, integrated, and extended according to specific business needs. This shift has elevated Workday testing from a desirable feature to an essential requirement.

When is Workday testing needed?

During implementation: Workday is the foundation of your organization’s operations and employee productivity. Workday testing is critical to ensure that it is set up properly as per your unique business requirements. Although Workday is a pre-built platform, it also gives you the opportunity to customize it as per your unique business needs. To ensure that your employees can easily operate Workday, testing is mandatory. Apart from configuration and security testing, user acceptance testing is what you need to handle change management.

During Workday updates: Workday is committed to offering enhanced benefits to its customers through regular feature updates. These updates enable customers to stay adaptable in a dynamic environment. The software releases are inclusive within the existing subscription and distributed simultaneously to all customers. Workday introduces new features through two channels: weekly service updates and major releases. Weekly service updates are aimed at improving system performance, while major releases bring forth additional functionalities and capabilities.

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Since Workday has exposed its APIs for custom development and can be integrated with third-party applications, these updates need to be tested thoroughly to avoid business disruption.

During business process change: Organizations often change their business processes to keep up with changing compliance requirements. These changes must be tested to ensure existing processes are working fine. Moreover, organizations often add third-party apps to enhance their efficiency. Workday testing needs to be performed whenever a new integration takes place to understand its impact on the existing system.

Manual testing isn’t viable in case of Workday.

Given the fact that Workday provides regular weekly service updates and biannual major updates, relying solely on manual testing will not ensure the necessary speed and efficiency. Failing to timely adopt these innovations can result in lagging behind your competitors.

Automation testing is the only viable solution in this era of continuous innovation and deployment. Automation speeds up the testing process by automating repetitive tasks and allows QA teams to spend less time in testing more.

Opkey: Workday Test Automation Platform

With too many test automation platforms available in the market, it is really difficult to find the perfect solution. However, we’ve got you covered. Opkey is a test automation platform that is specifically designed to support Workday automation. Opkey not only supports Agile and Devops but also mitigates risk of business disruption.

Here’s how:

No code automation: Opkey is a no-code test automation platform that requires minimal training and can be easily operated by business users. Involving business users is crucial because they are the ones who utilize Workday to perform their day-to-day tasks. Their understanding of critical business processes is invaluable and ensures comprehensive test coverage.

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Pre-built test accelerators: Opkey eliminates the need to start from the beginning. It provides access to over 1000 pre-built test cases specifically designed for Workday and over 30,000 test cases for more than 14 ERPs and 150 enterprise applications. This extensive library ensures comprehensive coverage across various aspects of your system, offering end-to-end testing capabilities.

Self-healing: Workday is an application that undergoes frequent updates, causing scripts in test automation platforms utilizing interfaces to break. However, Opkey takes a different approach as a meta-driven platform. It automatically adjusts and repairs test scripts, eliminating the need for manual script maintenance. With Opkey, the process of maintaining test scripts becomes effortless and hassle-free.

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