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Low-Code: Microsoft Unveils Power Fx Programming Language

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Microsoft has just unveiled a new low-code open-source programing language called Power FX.

For those of us who are dreaming of the day that we can create apps as easily as we would design PowerPoint slides, our dream is becoming a reality.

Microsoft described Power Fx as a programming language that is based on spreadsheet-like formulas.

Power Fx is the latest member in the Microsoft Power Platform family, it is an open-source and low code, Microsoft Excel-based formula language.

This new low code language by Microsoft will help programmers who dislike coding with a less code option for building customized apps.

Power Fx is a general-purpose, strongly typed, declarative, and functional programming language that will help users create apps without writing lots of codes as in traditional programming languages like Java, C++, and C#.

Although it has been described as a Microsoft Excel-based formula language, we hope it supports elements drag and drop.

The language is supposed to enhance the creation of canvas-based apps since it is a member of the Microsoft Power Apps family, a family of low-code application platforms that seek to help people quickly build and launch low-code apps.

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