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Whether you are starting a new business, or you are trying to take an existing brand online, a lot of thought and consideration is needed to select the right domain name for your business.

Your domain name is your identity on the web, so choosing the right one is crucial for success in the digital space.

In this digital age, domain availability is considered even in business naming.

Selecting a good domain name is very important and have a significant impact on your branding and marketing effort. 

To make selecting a good and brandable domain easy, consider the tips below.

10 Tips for choosing a good domain name

1. Keep it short and easy to memorize

The longer it is, the harder it will be for people to remember it and you don’t want people to misspell it and get lost. So, let your character be few, at most 10 characters apart from the extension.

2. Keep it unique 

Try to avoid something similar to your competition, that way, you are helping your business stand out from the crowd.

3. Let it be easy to pronounce

Don’t use domain a domain that is hard to pronounce, at least people should be able to dictate it over the phone and people should hear it once in a video and get it.

4. Get advice

Consider getting feedback and advice from friends and family on the domain name you are choosing. Remember your website needs to gain the trust and respect of your audience, the opinion of friends, family, and colleagues that belong to your audience category will go a long way. 

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5. Avoid Numbers, Digits and Hyphens

Numbers can confuse people, they can mistakenly spell or type Four instead of using digit number 4, and when they do that, they go elsewhere.

As for Hyphens, words separated with hyphens are easy for search engines to read, but how many people will remember to add the hyphens when typing or dictating your domain name?

6. Double-check the meaning of words

Your domain name needs to be meaningful and the meaning is significant for your branding effort.

The meaning of the words contained in your domain name can inform how other people perceive your business

For good reputation sake, check for the meaning of words contained in your domain name. I know one word can mean different things in different languages and this is why you also need to consider the language of your audience.

7. Let it sound trustworthy

There is a need to consider the trust factor when choosing your domain name, you need both search engines, spam filters, and humans to see your website as credible and unbiased. sounds more trustworthy to me compared to

8. Use Domain Generators to ease your search

Domain generators are tools that use your keyword to search, find and suggest available domain that you can register and use for your website immediately. 

They are very helpful and easy to use and some domain generators also help with brandable business name suggestions.

9. Try to stick to .com extension or other main extensions like (.org .net .me .info etc.)


 I strongly advise that you stick with the .com extension if possible, this is because most people are conditioned to expect a .com domain extension. Even smartphone keyboards and most on-screen keyboards now provide .com auto-completion key. If I don’t know your company domain and I need to check your website, I just type your company name and add .com. to start searching for your website on Google.

10. Register it as soon as possible

Delay is dangerous.

As soon as you have decided on a domain name, just buy it immediately.

Millions of people are buying domain every day and you don’t want someone to beat you to buying the one you have spent time to find.

 If someone else gets it before you, you’ll have to start the process again and you don’t want to do that.

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