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Video Hosting Service – How to Choose The Best

In 2021, 82% of internet traffic came from videos. This trend is continuing to rise. Video content is heavier and puts more load on the server. Premium video hosting services are essential if you want videos to be an integral part of your content marketing strategy.

You might be thinking about video hosting services now that you know how important they are. However, merely searching for “video hosting services” on Google will only return a handful of results.

What’s the solution to this information overload? The only way out is to know exactly what you are looking for. You won’t have to make rash decisions or go through endless trials before you find the right one for you. Let’s dive in and see what features you should look for when looking at video hosting services.

You need a customizable player if you are white labeling. You can control many options, such as speed, quality, and volume, how the video ends and begins, and thumbnail.

Premium Security

High-level security is crucial for protecting your video content’s confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity. Choosing video hosting services with DRM encryptions such as Widevine & Fairplay DRM and watermarking is advisable. This will prevent unsolicited downloads and other threats.

Screen capturing. The platform should offer security for sensitive data, such as financial and healthcare banking information.

Scalability and Support

A robust and scalable Content Delivery Network can help minimize packet loss and buffering, increase video quality and improve security. You can also add a robust 24/7 support system with expert professionals. Voila! Now you have reliable video hosting services that deliver high-quality content and provide a smooth user experience.

Video Analytics

APIs that allow for custom integration and development is essential, regardless of whether you plan to build apps based upon video content or create custom portals. This is why it’s important to choose video hosting services with a functional API. Analytics is the same. A clear dashboard with analytics allows you to easily monitor key performance indicators such as engagement, conversion rates, and views.

Firewall Friendliness

Do you send videos to the right audience, only to have them blocked by a firewall at work? This is just wasteful sugar-coating and a waste of time and resources. These platforms won’t allow explicit content to flood in if you choose premium video hosting. Your message will reach your intended audience, and firewalls won’t stop it.

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Is it better to host my videos or use a video hosting site?

Even if your dedicated server or virtual machine can handle video traffic, it can still put a lot of strain on your server.

A normal page with images should usually occupy less than a few megabytes. The size of one 720p video can easily exceed 100 megabytes.

One gigabyte of bandwidth is required by just ten viewers who view one minute of HD video. You could have a thousand or more visitors to your text- and image-based pages for the same bandwidth.

A single video can easily exceed your bandwidth limit within a few days if your hosting plan places bandwidth restrictions. Video hosting third-parties are usually better for this.

Sites that offer free video hosting

Social media gives you access to free video hosting services for your videos.
It is now easier than ever to upload videos to the web. How should you choose a service? Check out these free video hosting options.


Like Instagram and Twitter, Facebook allows you to upload and host videos directly on the site. Facebook’s biggest advantage over other sites is its ability to upload videos for up to 240 minutes. Video sharing on Facebook is easy because of its nature span>

The embed feature allows you to share your Facebook videos outside of the platform. You can play Facebook videos from your blog or website.

Uploading to Facebook and embedding on your website will bring you a huge win. All your views are consolidated in one place. This gives your video more social proof, making it more attractive to potential viewers (on Facebook or your website).

You can make a Facebook ad for a particularly popular video and increase its popularity. You can control who sees your Facebook ads. This allows you to increase your video’s potential to attract customers.

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YouTube is the most popular video hosting site, with more than 300 hours of video being uploaded each minute. In addition to hosting videos and being a social network, YouTube is the second largest one in the world. YouTube is also owned by Google, the world’s largest search engine. 

This means that it has a huge user base and high rankings in search results. You can also use detailed video analytics to refine the characteristics of a popular video.

YouTube could be the right place for you if you want to reach a large audience, gain followers through your YouTube videos, and monetize your content.

Uploading videos to YouTube is free. However, ads will be displayed before or after your video. You can earn revenue through these ads if you sign up for the YouTube Partners Program. However, unless your videos are getting a lot of views, it’s unlikely that you will make a significant impact.

YouTube allows unlimited bandwidth and file sizes, but videos cannot exceed 15 minutes to become partners. Additional features include basic analytics, editing, live streaming, social sharing, and other functions.

You might consider a video hosting company like Vimeo or Dailymotion if you’re looking to embed a short video without ads on your site.


Vimeo’s basic account is free and allows you to upload 500MB per week. This equates to 25GB per year. Access to basic statistics and privacy settings will also be available.

Videos are ad-free and cross-device-compatible. As long as your monthly plan allows, there are no bandwidth, file size, or duration limits. )

Vimeo has a smaller community than YouTube, so you may not have as many people watching your videos. However, the platform is known for producing high-quality, professional content, which is great for creative professionals and businesses.


Dailymotion offers both free and paid accounts as well as a partnership program that provides ad revenue and increases exposure.

Video ads are not available, but they appear at the end by default. This is in contrast to YouTube’s more direct model. Videos can be embedded on other websites, just like the other options.

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Although bandwidth and storage are unlimited, file sizes can only be 2GB, and videos cannot exceed 60 minutes. Analytics are also limited to paid accounts.

Video Hosting FAQ

What does it mean for a video to be hosted?

Video hosting refers to the process of uploading video content in order to make it available online. You can find many third-party video hosting providers, such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Is WordPress able to host videos?

WordPress can host video content, but you won’t want to upload them directly to your WordPress website. Video content is expensive and can be difficult to embed.

Can I upload movies on my website?

Upload movies to your website without a copyright claim. Only upload the movies that you have the copyright to or permission from the copyright holder.

Which is better, YouTube or Vimeo?

Vimeo supports a higher bitrate and higher sound quality than YouTube. You will need to subscribe to one of their paid plans to get this quality. Vimeo will show a video of the same quality that you uploaded to YouTube. YouTube is known for its high-quality videos.

Is Vimeo more secure than YouTube?

When comparing technical features between the two sites, Vimeo is a clear winner. Vimeo offers a better privacy system that allows users to upload videos that are only visible to followers or selected accounts.

Final Words on Video Hosting Service

You should look into other video hosting services if they lack the aforementioned features. There are many options available. Here’s a powerful platform for video hosting.

Multi-level user access, custom thumbnails, and firewall friendliness are all possible. VdoCipher offers it all. Still skeptical? Try the 30-day trial for free and see the full range of features for yourself. Are you ready to take your business videos to the next level? Comment below.

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