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The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging in 2024

Are you frustrated that your blog has not been generating enough traffic for your business? Are you trying to grow and expand your blog but are having difficulty reaching a larger audience?

Only if your website and relevant blog content are easily visible to others will they be able to reach you? Things that aren’t visible don’t exist. You can increase your website’s traffic by following certain search engine optimization tips. This will allow you to reach a wider audience.

Search engine optimization (or SEO) is a complicated process. Optimizing your website for search engines requires that you consider many factors. Your website will then be visible to the public and may be visited by others.

Guest blogging and guest posting are the latest SEO techniques. What is a guest blog? Isn’t it common to spend time creating blogs for your website?

That is exactly the difference. Your website is busy with blog posts. Your hard work isn’t paying off, as traffic to your website is still low. You might consider writing blogs for another website and being a guest blogger.

Confused? Believe it or not, you can benefit from writing blog posts for other people. The two websites can benefit from each other’s help. The other website can get a blogger or a guest blogger. You can also place backlinks to your website on the other website that visitors can view.

You can bet that if they see the link to your site, they will visit it as well. Voila! Now you are welcoming new users to your site. Writing for others isn’t so bad.

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your website. According to statistics by Optinmonster, close to 60% of blogs feature guest postings, with a frequency ranging between 1 and 5 per month.

Although guest blogging is a great way to market your content, getting the best out of it can be complicated if you don’t know how it works. This informative guide will help you learn how to guest post or guest blog.

This article will explain the basics of guest blogging. It will also help you to become a savvy guest blogger and use guest blogging to grow your website. Let’s begin by answering the fundamental question: What is guest blogging?

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is a popular type of content marketing. This involves you contributing a guest blog post to another site or blog. You will need to choose a website that has a large following and then guide them back to your site via a quality backlink you will get from the other website. This is how guest blogging can be found.

The idea is to be at the top of browser searches by standing on the shoulders and top-rated websites.

It’s like being friends with the most popular guy at school. Let’s call him Jack. Many students didn’t know you before. It was almost as if you were invisible to them. You suddenly start hanging out and talking with Jack. Others are now noticing you. Gradually, more students are paying attention to you. You are not invisible anymore.

This is also true for guest blogging. Your site will be visible on popular sites, which will increase traffic and help you get noticed. Find guest blogging opportunities and get out there!

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Why should you consider guest blogging?

Guest blogging is definitely the hottest trend in the last decade. It allows you to collaborate with other bloggers to reach more people who visit your websites. Let’s look at some other reasons to guest-blog.

Guest blogging is a great way to promote your blog and get a quality backlink from reputable blogs. It is similar to chatting with famous people to get some attention.

First, you can promote your content to new readers who might not have known about it.

A high-quality backlink can also boost your website’s SEO and help it rank higher in search engines. This means that there is a greater chance of people visiting the site, and therefore the traffic will rise. Higher traffic to your site will increase the SEO value. A wider audience will also be able to see it. The cycle continues. This is how guest blogging SEO works.

Are you still skeptical? You should read this guide on guest blogging to learn about the best benefits.

Guest Blogging, Blog submission sites

Guest Posting Advantages

  • Increases brand awareness

Guest blogging can be a great way to get new customers to your website or business, whether you’re a brand new business or an established business. If your company produces watches, and you write a guest blog post on a popular fashion blog, you will be sure to gain new customers.

Guest blogging can also help build trust in your brand.

  • Reach out to a targeted audience

Imagine that you own a dating and relationship blog for millennials aged 25 to 40. You are targeting a specific age group in this instance. You can reach your target audience by finding guest blogging opportunities or collaborating with blogs that only cater to millennials within that age group and, preferably, in a similar section.

  • Build a strong backlink portfolio

Did you know that one backlink from an authoritative and well-known blog can instantly boost your SEO ranking? People are willing to contribute to popular blogs without any monetary compensation. They allow guest authors to leave backlinks to their sites. This allows you to build a strong backlink portfolio that will improve your SEO ranking and increase your visibility. Guest blogging is a great way to get noticed!

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Imagine that at least 100 people per day visit this popular website. They will click on your backlinks, and search engines will recognize your site as soon as they see your guest post. Your website will receive recommendations and be more visible to people of the same age or with similar interests. Your website’s popularity will increase exponentially.

  • Enhance your online credibility

When a reader visits your blog, they will first look at the websites that you have contributed to. This is a quick way to assess your online authority and reputation. Guest posts on well-respected blogs can help you build your online authority and street credibility.

It seems like someone is making a name for themselves by writing guest blogs on popular websites. This fame will help you build relationships and promote your brand.

  • Drive visitors to certain pages of your website

Let’s suppose that there is a page on your website that doesn’t receive enough traffic. You want your new visitors to go to this page. It is easiest and fastest to do this by linking to the page in your guest post. This will direct new visitors to your landing page, not to your main page.

Isn’t this how it works? Imagine that you’re admiring a saree online, and then suddenly, many similar products or accessories appear there. You will be tempted to check out other products by the “frequently purchased together” or “you may also enjoy this” tags.

This is the same principle. Simply add links to the pages you wish to visit on your guest blog. Traffic will be directed to this page.

  • Don’t wait for people to see your product.

You’re doing everything right: social media marketing, promotion, quality content, and much more. Sometimes, however, people don’t find your brand even though you have checked all the boxes for content marketing. Guest blogging on other sites is a great way to showcase your brand and generate qualified leads.

  • Receive feedback on your content

Do you feel like you’re still not getting the right message despite all the content writing courses that you’ve taken? Feedback on your posts is a great way to improve your writing skills as a blogger. Guest posting requires extensive research and adapting your content to the site you are writing for. This is a great way to make your writing more flexible and adaptable and gain valuable feedback from the community.

  • Improve your content marketing skills

Guest posting is more than just writing one piece of content, contrary to popular belief. You will need to do influencer research, build relationships with the community, adjust your tone to appeal to the target audience and get on social media. You will be able to improve your content marketing skills over time.

  • Grow your network

Sometimes it’s not about who you know but what you know in the blogging industry. Guest blogging allows you to expand your network and make new connections. These connections can be used to your advantage on many occasions and are an incentive to guest blog.

  • Increase your social following

Guest blogging offers you the opportunity to reach a wider audience via social media. Guest contributors often link to their social media accounts to the blog post. This makes it easier for your audience to find you and follow you if the post is liked. This increases your social media reach and could lead to more traffic to your website.

Before you guest post, you must understand why you need it.

You must be clear on one thing:

What do you hope to achieve from guest blogging opportunities?

Not yet convinced if you should embrace guest blogging? See reasons why you should go with Guest Post in SEO.

How do you find guest blogging opportunities?

Your goals and the outcomes you want to achieve with guest blogging SEO strategies will dictate your guest blogging SEO strategy. Before you start, you should list your expectations and goals.

  • Want to increase traffic to your website? Next, find a blog with a large international audience and steady traffic.
  • Targeting a specific audience? Look at which blogs are relevant to your target audience and narrow down your search.
  • You need more backlinks for your website? Make a list of the pages you would like backlinks to. Keep your anchor text ready for guest posting.

Guidelines for Choosing a Website to Guest Post

You are now ready to start guest posting. It is crucial to choose the right blog to host your guest post.

These are some factors to keep in mind if you’re looking for guest blogging opportunities or how to choose the right blog. Here are some ways to find guest blogging opportunities.

  • Topical relevance

Do you have a food blogger looking for guest blogging opportunities on a tech blog? Although you may get more traffic to your website, the majority of leads won’t be relevant. You should choose a website that is in the same niche as your guest post to present your content to them. For example, you might reach out to a lifestyle website and write a guest article for their relevant section.

  • Traffic

It will not benefit you to post on a blog with only one or two thousand visitors per month. If you’re choosing a blog to write on, ensure that it gets a steady stream of traffic each month. How do you find guest blogging opportunities? You should look for websites with high traffic as this indicates that they will continue growing and becoming more authoritative in their domain.

  • Author bio

You should be able to add a short author bio to your guest post if you want to build your brand. This feature is not available on all websites. You can add backlinks only to your website. Suppose you are looking to increase your online authority. In that case, you should choose websites that allow you to write a few lines about yourself and link to your social media.

  • Domain authority

You will get more benefits for contributing to a website whose domain authority is higher than yours. Moz has a system that ranks domain authority on a scale from 1 to 100. You should aim for websites that have a domain authority greater than 45-50.

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How to find guest blogging opportunities

Explore other options. It can be difficult to find a blog that is legitimate. Here are some tips to help you search for blogs that will accept guest posts.

  • Google Search Operator, advanced keyword string: To find guest blogging opportunities that are relevant to you, use an advanced search string with keywords. Here’s an example of such a string.
  • Social Media (Twitter): Do you have any Twitter followers? If so, which blogs would be great for your guest post? Twitter: Follow them @ and connect with them on social media. If you don’t get an immediate green signal, don’t lose heart. Continue to grow your network and ask them for any leads.
  • You should check out where your competitors are guest blogging: Guest posting, like most things in content marketing, requires some competitor research. Locate your competitors’ guest posting sites and reach out to them to get involved.

More on Finding Guest Blogging Websites Using Google Search

This strategy focuses on using search engines’ power to your advantage. It’s easy to follow the rules: keep combing the correct keywords until you exhaust all relevant queries.

Suppose you are looking for websites where you can post SEO-related content. In that case, you should search Google for keywords like “SEO write for us,” “SEO guest blogging,” and “SEO writer guidelines.”

After that, the engine will show you a list of niche-related sites with specific web pages or sections for guest posting. This means they are open to guest contributors publishing their content.

This approach has one problem: you will need to do a lot more manual digging. You need to think creatively about all possible strings that can help you find sites that will promote your content and provide backlinks.

These are 36 search terms that you can use to locate a lot of quality opportunities using Google’s basic search:

  1. “[Your Blog or Website Keyword]” + “article needed”
  2. “[Your Blog or Website Keyword]” + “blog post needed”
  3. “[Your Blog or Website Keyword]” + “writer wanted”
  4. “[Your Blog or Website Keyword]” + “become a guest blogger/guest writer”
  5. “[Your Blog or Website Keyword]” + “guest article”
  6. “[Your Blog or Website Keyword]” + “suggest a blog post”
  7. “[Your Blog or Website Keyword]” + “guest post written by”
  8. “[Your Blog or Website Keyword]” + “guest post”
  9. “[Your Blog or Website Keyword]” + “write for us”
  10. “[Your Blog or Website Keyword]” + “article wanted”
  11. “[Your Blog or Website Keyword]” + “submit an article”
  12. “[Your Blog or Website Keyword]” + “submit guest blog “
  13. “[Your Blog or Website Keyword]” + “blogging guidelines”
  14. “[Your Blog or Website Keyword]” + “guest blog post wanted”
  15. “[Your Blog or Website Keyword]” + “post written by” + “[familiar writer/link builder]”
  16. “[Your Blog or Website Keyword]” + “blogger wanted”
  17. “[Your Blog or Website Keyword]” + “guest blog submission”
  18. “[Your Blog or Website Keyword]” + “contributor guidelines”
  19. “[Your Blog or Website Keyword]” + “accepting guest posts”
  20. “[Your Blog or Website Keyword]” + “guest writer”
  21. “[Your Blog or Website Keyword]” + “contributing writer”
  22. “[Your Blog or Website Keyword]” + “writer needed”
  23. “[Your Blog or Website Keyword]” + “guest author”
  24. “[Your Blog or Website Keyword]” + “guest column”
  25. “[Your Blog or Website Keyword]” + “guest blog opportunity”
  26. “[Your Blog or Website Keyword]” + “guest post by”
  27. “[Your Blog or Website Keyword]” + “guest article opportunities”
  28. “[Your Blog or Website Keyword]” + “submit article”
  29. “[Your Blog or Website Keyword]” + “guest post opportunities”
  30. “[Your Blog or Website Keyword]” + “contribute to our site”
  31. “[Your Blog or Website Keyword]” + “guest post written by”
  32. “[Your Blog or Website Keyword]” + “Niche edit”
  33. “[Your Blog or Website Keyword]” + “Link Insertion”
  34. “[Your Blog or Website Keyword]” + “Our Editorial Fee”
  35. “[Your Blog or Website Keyword]” + “Get Paid to Review”
  36. “[Your Blog or Website Keyword]” + “Blog submission sites

Finding guest posting sites using Google search is all about using keywords in the right context.

Football guest blogging sites, guest blogging sites

How to Start and Write a Guest Post

You are now ready to start guest posting. Here’s a quick and easy checklist that will help you get through the whole process.

Step 1 – Write your guest post.

Write your guest post, and then pitch it to the potential blogger. Make sure the topic you choose is original and hasn’t been published elsewhere. Your proposal’s details, such as tone and style, can make or break it. Make sure to optimize your content for SEO and include high-quality images along with it.

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Step 2 – Contact the blogger.

Once you’ve set up your blog, it’s time to contact the blog owner. Their contact information is usually found on the website. Send them an email. The following must be included in your mail body.

  • Who and what are your brand values?
  • Why would you like to contribute to the website of that blogger?
  • How can your guest posting add value to the audience?
  • Send them a sample of your post for feedback and review.

Step 3 – Capture traffic following your guest post

You should see an increase in traffic once your guest post has been published. This is when you should make sure you have the most impact and retain your audience.

Pin your best-performing posts to the top, so it is visible by new visitors when they visit your website.

Step 4: Promote your guest post

Promotion of your content is the cornerstone of great content marketing. It doesn’t matter if you write the most amazing blog post ever written.

Use social media to let your followers know that you have guest-authored an article on a popular website.

You can also ask the blogger who contributed to your promotion to tag you on their social media pages.

Step 5 – Respond to comments.

Engagement is the key to building a loyal following. Engagement is more than just writing a blog post and publishing it. You should respond to comments and encourage discussion on forums in order to get maximum engagement.

Your chances of increasing exposure and traffic will increase the more active you are.

How many times should you guest post?

This question is not easy to answer. There are two options. You can publish one guest post per month, or you can post new guest posts every other week. It all depends on what goals you have for your content marketing strategy.

You should guest post more often if you want to continue driving traffic to your site. You should target only the most respected blogs. Only publish one piece of high-quality content per month if your goal is to increase your brand’s authority.

Also, you need to be aware of your bandwidth and capacity. While you are trying to get as many guest post deals as possible, don’t neglect your blog. Neglecting to maintain your blog will only harm your brand and could even cause you to lose your existing audience.


Guest blogging is a great way to increase brand awareness and boost your business.

Guest posting is a low-cost, organic way to boost your brand.

It is a good idea not to put all your eggs into one basket. Instead, you should look at a range of websites for guest posts.

This will prevent you from becoming too saturated and ensure your content reaches new audiences each month.

Start researching the perfect website for your brand and build your network.

Here are 5 key Guest Blogging takeaways from this Guide

  1. Guest posting to a blog with low traffic won’t be of benefit to you.
  2. Getting feedback on your posts is a great way to improve your writing skills.
  3. Guest blogging is a great way to promote your blog.
  4. One backlink from an authoritative and popular blog can help you rank higher in SEO.
  5. Create an author bio if you want to create a brand.

Guest Posting FAQs

What are my website’s guest blogging benefits?

Blogs and stories that feature your products or services on other platforms and websites increase your audience and traffic to your site. Guest blogging is a cost-effective way to get your products out there.

Your website will attract more people to your brand and increase your popularity.

How do I select a website to host guest blogging?

Are you looking for guest blogging opportunities? Choosing a website with more traffic than yours is a good idea. You might be in the same niche as the other, making it more popular.

Post your content to websites that sell fashion jewelry.

How often should one guest blog?

There is no one rule. Guest blogging should be optimized based on the responses that you receive through guest blogging. If you are consistent with your posting schedules, people will wait for your posts. Your chances of reaching people are more significant if you post more often.

Can I guest blog on multiple websites?

Yes. You can guest blog on multiple websites to ensure a steady audience and attract more people.

Which are the most popular types of blogs?

There are four main types of blogs: personal, business, affiliate, and niche.

Over to You…

If you’re considering including guest blogging in your link building plan (that’s an excellent step) it’s better to be aware of a few strategies to identify the most promising prospects.

Experts take part in guest blogging to gain great content for their websites and also have their posts published on other sites of high quality. This can help extend their the reach of their site to new readers and create a community of experts, and establish a stellar reputation.

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