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Why You Need a Festive Corporate Identity Design, How to Create it? Examples, Ideas, Recommendations

Recently, you must have seen many brands changing their logo on seasonal holidays or special occasions, such as Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, and others. It is not about changing your brand logo or identity, but it is about adding a festive charm to it to draw the attention of your target audience. 

The new brands are unaware of why a festive corporate identity design is of utmost importance. If you are one among them and have an array of questions on why it is important and how you can create it, then here is a detailed answer to all of your questions. 

Why is Festive Corporate Identity Important?

Your standard brand logo represents your brand identity by replicating the mission and values. But when it is the festive season, and you wish your audience a happy occasion, your brand should also seem like celebrating. And that is possible, not just with the offers and discounts you make available for the customers, but by changing the look of your brand logo temporarily till the festivities pass. 

You might have seen Google doing it for almost all special events that come up throughout the year. Some brands that take Christmas and New Year seriously try coming up with a modification of their logo to maintain their brand identity but with the charm of the festivities. 

Your brand messaging remains intact, while the seasonal touch will help you connect with the holiday spirit of your existing and new customers. Moreover, you will have a better chance of targeting your seasonal product promotions. Apart from seasonal promotions, you will also gain the upper hand and a visual impact on your seasonal marketing campaign. 

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How to Create a Seasonal Brand Logo for your Business?

Your logo design is already conveying a valuable message about your brand. When you are about to tweak it, your intention should be to keep the message and text clear while playing around with slight design changes or the addition of a few elements. 

You must keep in mind to avoid using too many graphical elements or colours while modifying the brand logo. You can always take up a service that will help you to make your own custom design for your seasonal brand logo. Too many colours will not showcase a good taste of your design efficiency, and customers might not like it. 

Here are some tips you should keep in mind while you are creating your seasonal brand logo for the business:

  • Plan Early

You must plan it out early. You can’t expect your designer to come up with a creative and unique seasonal logo design one day before the festivities. So, just like you plan your marketing campaigns beforehand, make sure you plan out your seasonal logo designs with ample time. 

  • Use Seasonal Colours

The whole idea of modifying your brand logo for seasonal festivities is to create a dedicated appeal. And that will remain incomplete if you are not using the seasonal colour scheme. For instance, Christmas represents the signature colour of red & white. So, adding those colours to your existing logo design by adding certain elements will make your logo replicate the effect. 

  • Seasonal Icons

As stated above, the seasonal elements and icons will do the needful in enhancing your logo’s appeal. For Christmas, you can use snowflakes, Santa’s hat, Reindeer, Christmas trees and others. Different occasions can be represented with specific signature elements, which you need to pick and implement. 

  • Less is More
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Seasonal logos should not have a clutter of design elements and a riot of colours. Keep it minimalistic, and that will be sufficient enough for you to mark an impression among your consumers.

Examples, Ideas, and Recommendations through Brands that Implemented Attractive Seasonal Logos

There is no specific idea that you can use to define your logo for the festive appeal. Your observation, creativity and thinking ability will help you create a festive custom identity for your brand logo. You can take the help of a professional logo maker or a graphic designer to help you with creative and unique ideas. 

Remember, you must be unique with your design implementation, as repetitive designs might take away your uniqueness. Therefore, it is better to have a custom idea on it at all times. But, if you want some recommendations and examples, let’s see some festive logo designs carried out by different brands.

Below are some examples from popular brands to get inspiration on how to implement the concept for your logo. 

  • Twitter

Twitter made its famous logo bird wear a red Santa hat and a scarf to showcase Christmas celebrations. 

  • Coca Cola

As Coca-Cola already has the red colour in its design, it added a snowfall appeal to its logo, making it a Christmas-perfect design. 

  • Target

Target, an online store, did nothing much to its logo but added glitters all around it to make it look like a red ornament ball that people preferably use for decorating their Christmas trees. 

  • YouTube

YouTube changed the ‘O’ in its ‘You’ as a Christmas garland and hung a pair of bells on the top right end of the logo. Hence, Christmas was well replicated on YouTube’s logo. 

  • Sainsbury’s 
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Sainsbury’s logo is pretty simple in general, as they have written the brand name on a yellowish-orange backdrop. For Christmas, they changed their logo a bit and added a Santa Claus Chariot flying by the underlying curve that goes underneath the brand’s name. It is a simple addition of a Christmas element, but it did make a visible impact. 


This is a clear understanding of why a festive corporate identity is important. The trend has been used by popular brands for a long time now. And as it is creating a great impact among the audience, new brands are also keen on adapting it.

So, if you are a new brand, and want to reflect festive charm on your logo, make sure that you follow the specified tips and take inspiration from the stated logo designs of different brands.

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