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Snapchat Plus – 8 Exclusive Features of Snapchat Premium

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Snapchat Plus is a new feature for Snapchat that allows users to increase their privacy and get better video quality. Snapchat Premium also has more features than regular Snapchat. Some of the benefits of using Snapchat Plus are increased privacy, better video quality, and more features.

Following the success of WhatsApp Business and Telegram, Snapchat has introduced a paid subscription service to increase revenue. It’s called “Snapchat+” it gives users early access to brand new features and exclusive access to certain features within Snapchat’s app for messaging that is ephemeral. In this post, we’ve explained everything you need to learn about Snapchat+. Snapchat+ subscription.

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Snapchat+ Subscription (Snapchat Premium) Explained

What’s Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat+ is a Snapchat premium subscription that gives customers access to “an assortment of exclusive, experimental or pre-release capabilities” within Snapchat’s messaging application. It offers a variety of benefits, including the ability to mark the friend’s name as a BFF, exclusive badge stories, rewatch counts and many others. But it’s worth noting that a Snapchat+ subscription doesn’t remove advertisements from Snapchat, which is a significant disappointment.

Snapchat isn’t the only messaging app that recently launched a subscription service. Popular messaging apps, such as WhatsApp and Telegram, have unveiled WhatsApp Premium and Telegram Premium over the past couple of months. In any case, you can look over the latest Snapchat features here:

Snapchat Plus, Snapchat Premium

Top Premium Features of Snapchat+ Subscription

  • Pin Your Friend as your #1 BFF

Snapchat+ will offer an option to pin your friend on the upper right corner of your chat screen to be your top BFF. But it’s not like you need to be BFFs with the person who you add them. We explained in our Snapchat Emojis explanation article those who can be best friends with each other for two straight weeks receive the red heart beside their name on the chats list and will be called BFFs.

  • Snapchat+ Badge
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As part of your Snapchat+ subscription, you will also be able to see an elusive star icon alongside your Snapchat profile name to show that you’re a Snapchat+ subscriber. People will probably notice you have a Snapchat+ badge whenever they browse your profile.

  • Story Rewatch Count

The name says it all, Snapchat Premium will let you know the number of instances your pals have viewed your content. However, it appears it’s a test at the moment and will be expanded for other Snapchat users the in the near future. According to The Verge reports, features that are based on interactions with other users will eventually be available and open to everyone.

  • Post View Emoji

Snapchat+ subscribers will be able to choose an emoji that will automatically be displayed whenever their friends see Snap. This means that you will get a signature for each Snap you post on Snapchat Premium.

  • New Bitmoji Backgrounds

If you’re bored by Snapchat’s Bitmoji backgrounds Snapchat provides, you must undoubtedly sign up for Snapchat+. It will grant you access to brand-new Bitmoji backgrounds that you can begin using from the moment you sign up. Furthermore, specific backgrounds include a Snapchat+ logo subtly placed.

  • Snapchat Web

If you are a Snapchat Subscriber, you’ll also be able to use Snapchat online ( visit). In this manner, you can send snaps and messages directly via your laptop or computer. If you’re interested in learning the steps to download and utilize Snapchat on your computer or laptop, refer to the instructions below. It will show users how you can download Snapchat PWA, Snapchat Web features, and much more.

  • Ghost Trails

Ghost Trails on Snap Maps allows it possible to view the history of your friends’ locations within the last 24 hours. It’s important to know that this feature, Ghost Trails will be visible only if the friend you’re sharing has shared their address with you.

  • Exclusive Snapchat Icons
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Additionally, new Snapchat+ subscriptions are custom icons. Based on Alessandro’s recent tweet, more than 30 icons are available. Snapchat Plus may, in the future, include more icons for Snapchat Plus users.

Suppose you’re Snapchat Premium Subscriber or a subscriber to Snapchat. In that case, your responses to stories shared by Snapchat Stars (Snap Stars) will be given priority and will be more noticeable to Snapchat Stars.

Snapchat+ Price and availability

Snapchat+ costs $3.99 each month. In India, the cost is much less at just Rs. 49 per month. It’s currently available in a number of 25 nations. We can expect the company in the near future to bring Snapchat Plus to more regions in the near future, however. You can find a complete list of countries where you are able to use SnapchatPlus:

Snapchat Plus: Available Countries

The Snapchat Premium is available in the United States, The United Kingdom, Canada, United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Netherlands, India, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Denmark, France, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, and many other countries.

Snapchat+ frequently asked questions.

Does Snapchat include ads that are removed after Snapchat Plus Subscription?

The truth is that a Snapchat+ subscription doesn’t offer an advertising-free experience. It appears that the ad-free option won’t be coming anytime soon. Snapchat’s SVP of Product Jacob Andreou told The Verge that advertising would be the mainstay of the company’s business model.

What is the cost of Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat Plus costs $3.99 per month and grants you exclusive features, such as the ability to add your BFF to a friend, as well as unique badges, story replay counts, Snapchat web, and many more.

Is Snapchat Premium the same thing as SnapchatPlus?

The answer is no; Snapchat Premium describes the system utilized by a lot of users who create personal stories via Snapchat and charge users to view them. Snapchat+ is the company’s official subscription service that provides additional features.

Is SnapchatPlus made available within India?

The truth is that SnapchatPlus is now available in India and is priced at only $49 per month in the country. Additionally, you can currently avail of Snapchat Plus Snapchat Plus service in more than 25 countries.

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When we looked at the options Snapchat provides in their premium membership (Snapchat Premium), Snapchat+ seems like an uninteresting proposition the majority of users will avoid. The ability to eliminate advertisements could have made the subscription attractive, but it appears like this isn’t going on in this case.

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Criticism of Snapchat Plus: some people find it confusing, some features are not available outside of the app, and there are concerns about data privacy.

With the release of Snapchat Plus, many users are voicing their criticism of the updated app. Snapchat Plus offers additional features, such as the ability to send Stories in bulk and see who has seen them before.

But some users feel that these additions take away from the simplicity and spontaneity of Snapchat. Others say that the new features are overwhelming and confusing, making it difficult to use the app effectively.

Overall, while some users appreciate the updates to Snapchat Plus, others find them unnecessary and frustrating.

Conclusion: Overall, the pros outweigh the cons for most users of Snapchat Plus.

SnapchatPlus is a new feature that was added to Snapchat and it is available to users who have the app installed on their phones. The main benefit of using Snapchat Plus is that it allows users to send longer messages than they would be able to if they were using regular Snapchat.

Additionally, the filters that are available in Snapchat Plus are generally more creative and attractive than those that are available in regular Snapchat. Overall, the pros of Snapchat Plus outweigh the cons for most users of Snapchat Plus.

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