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How To Promote Restaurants On Social Media – 2021

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Do you know that social networks are among the most popular platform that can help promote restaurants, build credible online presence, and make more sales?

Although, each great restaurant has many qualities that contribute to their successes, such as delicious food, excellent customer service, a cozy atmosphere and competent staff. But online marketing is also one of the parties that can contribute to the tremendous growth of restaurants.

The importance of social networks can never be neglected because it allows you to stay in touch and build a personal connection with your customers, therefore, restaurants must participate in a good communication with customers on social media.

According to an investigation of the Cornell Hospitality School, three out of four independent restaurants and three out of ten restaurant chains are active on social networks.

Ways To Promote Restaurants On Social Media

Here are some ‘tips’ that will give your restaurant the ‘best sale’ online:


This is a marketing strategy that focuses on creating a name, symbol or design that will differentiate your restaurant from others.

Building the identity of the brand of your restaurant will have a great effect on its performance on social media platforms. Your goal should be to build the identity of your restaurant around your target customers.

An excellent way to show your brand is building a website. A website plays an integral part in the drive of the online presence of your restaurant, and it’s a way for potential consumers to learn more about you. Be sure to design your website to be functional and receptive.

Another important aspect of any brand is the logo. Your logo is the summary of your brand and the business eyes. The logo of your restaurant should look attractive throughout the promotional campaigns.


As a restaurant, you can increase your visibility by sharing videos or images of some kitchen props using basic food photography tips with high quality images on any of the social networking platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn. Visual content is in great demand online these days, and having some catchy photos of delicacies on your website and in your various social media platforms is essential to draw hungry eyes.

The use of relevant hashtags for your videos, images or publications on Instagram is very important, as Instagram is the most popular social media platform with more than 600 million users. You need to post regularly to make potential customers feel your presence.

Instagram and Facebook allow you to see the analysis of your competitors so you can see what they are publishing, you can also search for profiles and publications related to your business and see which ones have the highest percentages of participation.

You can also create a YouTube channel for your restaurant. Be sure to use the same brand for your header photo to match your website and other social networks.

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What restaurants should share on YouTube

Here are some ideas on what to share to promote restaurants on YouTube;

  • Create your own “cooking program”
  • Interview with guests: The testimony of the video of the client is widely popular.
  • Kitchen tips.

The implementation of a local SEO and Google Map Marketing Strategy is a reliable way to improve not only the number and quality of visits to your website, but also your Leads generation efforts, the number of incoming telephone calls and the percentage of consumers who come to your restaurant’s location.

Also, Google My Business is a free platform for local SEO where you can show up in nearby searches, display your contact information including phone number, website address, list of products, opening hours, and your Google Reviews.

You can also publish photos and videos of your restaurant and be more visible to the millions of people searching on Google for businesses like yours.


The ordering of food online is a practice that both young and old people are getting accustomed to. For your restaurant to stay up to date with time and competition, consumers should be able to order their food through your social media platforms. Consumers love doing research online before ordering or visiting restaurants. Try to make it easier for your customers to find their menu by posting a high quality and easy-to-read menu that is updated and precise.


This strategy is often used to grab customer’s attention to your business. Your customers would be glad to hear of special offers like a certain percentage off, on any of your menu list. For example, “buy one, get one free”. You can take advantage of a public holiday or festive season to encourage your customers for more patronage. However, this must be done intelligently so as not to run at a loss.


Do not underestimate the power of collaborating with food influencers. The use of food bloggers and influencers is a great way to boost the online presence of your restaurant.

Look for influencers that are relevant to your brand and invite them to a free meal; When they share a photo of your food, it will promote your restaurant on their social media pages. You can also partner with review bloggers to review and publish their opinion about your food on their custom blog.

As mentioned earlier, you can also offer discounted promotions to your followers if your budget allows it, this could boost the visibility of your restaurant.


If you expect something in the long term for your restaurant, then your consistency and commitment is the key. Your goals should consist of meeting the needs of your consumers who are rest assured they can count on you and do not seek to buy their food anywhere else. The confidence factor occurs naturally because over time you are known as someone they can trust. As the world evolves, competition among restaurants is fierce, and so, you will have to give everything to succeed.


Customer’s feedback is crucial. 75% of shoppers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. You need to pay attention to customer’s review about the service you rendered, failure to do this may cause a turnoff.

There are various ways that you can get feedbacks from your customers, and the method(s) that you should choose depends on what type of information you’re looking to collect.

In summary, regardless of how big your restaurant might be, proper planning and detailed marketing strategy is what will help you get your restaurant to the world.

Feel free to add your feedback about these tips for promoting restaurants in the comment below.

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