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7 Reasons to Use Proxies for Your Small Business


Internet services are used by almost all businesses today. The cloud now allows the storage of important data, including business data and customer information. These innovations are beneficial, but they can also present a threat to your business when exploited by malicious attackers.

By 2021, it is expected that cyberattacks would cost businesses up to 10.5 trillion dollars and these attacks would not spare small businesses. So, it is highly recommended to take precautions such as protecting your business with proxies.

What Are Proxies?

Proxies are servers that act as a bridge between the user and the internet. It is an intermediary server that separates the end-user from the site they want to access.

Take, for example, a Blazing SEO proxy. In usual setups, when you access the internet, your details are directly sent to the website you are on. Blazing SEO proxies add a layer of protection by accessing this website on your behalf. This way, your information will not be exposed. It provides different levels of security, privacy, and anonymity.

Below are the most common proxies you can use for your small business:

1.    Residential Proxies

Residential proxies, as the name suggests, work around your location. The main purpose of this kind of proxy is to give you a different location as you access internet content. Say, for example, you are in Asia. Residential proxies can change that to whatever location you may want to access content from.

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It works by giving you a different IP address from another location. This type is beneficial in getting geo-blocked information you may need for your business.

2.    Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter proxies are not connected to your ISP or network service in any manner. They are linked to the data center, concealing your IP address and identity. They are essentially IP addresses given by a third-party provider. The web server will recognize these IP addresses rather than your own, enabling you to conduct online transactions anonymously.

These proxies are quick and inexpensive, but they are not suitable for web scraping since they are readily banned. They are ideal for protecting brands and doing market research. HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and Secure Sockets proxies are the two primary kinds of data center proxies (SOCKS).

3.    Anonymous Proxy

This type of proxy sends your access request without any information about you. It connects to the server as if it is doing it on its own. True to its name, it provides high levels of anonymity by hiding both location and IP address.

Reasons to Use Proxies for Your Small Business

1.    Bypass Internet Service Provider (ISP) Restrictions

As a business website owner, you may choose to install drastic download and upload restrictions. This is because your internet connection has a limited bandwidth and cannot be shared among all employees. Additionally, if your internet service has a data cap, you should avoid exceeding it. Using a proxy site allows you to circumvent these ISP limitations.

2.    Eliminate Official Prohibition

There are several reasons why some websites are inaccessible. This occurs when government officials are careful of what they could disclose if they are not completely taken down. The reasons for restricting access to certain websites vary by country.

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3.    Keep Hold of Your Online Identity

Protecting business owners’ online identities is fundamental. Individuals may do this by employing a virtual private network (VPN). Proxy sites are gaining popularity as corporations become aware of their possibilities by routing users’ connections via a distant server.

4.    Ensures the Anonymity of Traffic

Anonymizing traffic includes scrambling all incoming data to prevent it from being traced back to its source, thus preventing hackers from establishing who is behind any online activity.

Additionally, it protects from hackers by hiding their real IP addresses while accessing the web. It also prevents hackers from stealing by hiding their original IP addresses while accessing the web through proxies.

5.    Allows You To Create Private Network

This is because only one proxy server, not every device, will be responsible for delivering and receiving data into and out of your network. As a result, no information can pass back at this point, resulting in establishing an “invisible” or “secure” tunnel across each VPN endpoint system.

The proxy server gets data from your computer and then forwards it on. This method is repeated until your connection is established. These responses are protected using secure protocols before being delivered; only the endpoint host can decode and access their contents.

6.    Secure Business Information

With malware and data breaches increasing, companies with a digital platform are putting themselves in significant danger. Each year, billions of records are compromised by internet data breaches.

By accessing the internet and disclosing the firm’s IP address, unauthorized individuals might exploit your data or cause further threats.

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These behaviors may result in your social media and bank accounts being reported and blocked. This has a detrimental effect on the business’s image, and it is expensive. A corporate proxy adds an extra layer of protection between the company’s servers and external web traffic.

Hackers will have a tough time gaining access to your server’s physical location. They will, however, connect to your proxy server instead of the actual address.

7.    Protection Against Email Hacking

Per day, a sudden surge of emails with dangerous URL attachments hit every company’s email system. Hackers and thieves may hack employee accounts and users, so it is essential to protect their email accounts. When organizations use proxy software, each email is scanned for harmful links.

Last Words

Today, all businesses, no matter what size are susceptible to attacks over the internet. That is why taking cybersecurity measures should be one of the priorities. And one of the most affordable and accessible cybersecurity measures is proxies.

Proxies go a long way toward securing your company from breaches, increasing website performance, blocking undesirable websites, providing online anonymity, and assisting in the seamless operation of web scraping. This will secure your company’s reputation, hard-earned money and contribute to the improvement of your small business.

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