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Top 6 Instagram Analytics Tools to Increase Your Audience

In the past, businesses wanting to market on Instagram had to do everything manually. Fortunately, there are now a number of Instagram analytics tools available to make the process easier. These tools can help you track your followers, see what posts are performing well, and even schedule your content.
Using an Instagram analytics tool is a great way to save time and get more out of your marketing efforts.

Do you know that Instagram has more than one billion monthly active users? This popular social media platform is a hit for many personal and professional users. So, what is the secret of the success of Instagram? It is user engagement at its best that clears the way for increasing your audience in a short time only.

If social media is so powerful, then why is it only Instagram? The fact says that Instagram‘s engagement is around four to twelve times more than any other social media channel. Hence, the waters for the selection of Instagram are clear like never before. The next question is how beneficial this social media platform is to increase the audience?

Why Instagram For Business?

why Instagram for business, Instagram Analytics

First, global mobile internet users have passed 4.32 billion out of the total 4.66 billion active internet users in 2021. So, who are the ones that are getting the most attention on Instagram? These are the celebrities and top brands that can easily connect with the fans and customers on Instagram.

The main reasons that businesses are switching to Instagram are because:

Increases community: Do you know that more than 25 million businesses are actively using Instagram to target their audience? All thanks to the powerful visual content that is the sole support of the shoppers in e-commerce. This works perfectly for the businesses that offer better visuals and product details for quick product information and visuals.

Easy targeting and retargeting: The targeting features of Instagram like location, demographics, interests, behaviors, and lookalike audiences give a head start to the businesses in managing current and prospective customers.

A plethora of visual marketing features: The visual marketing features of Instagram are unbeatable and hence attract multiple online customers who rely on this content before making a decision. It helps businesses catch user attention and accordingly engage them effectively.

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Engages at the right point with the customers: The customers may not spend time on your official website but open Instagram daily. Hence, businesses can offer content right to the customers and blend the content for marketing.

Creates user-generated content: What else can a business expect other than the user-generated content? The loyal customers posting the business’s details work as a catalyst to attract multiple customers. In addition, the authenticity automatically increases the confidence of the newly joined customers.

Updates marketing features: Instagram’s marketing strategy is easy to understand and comes with powerful features that promise business growth. The updates feature like ad stories, tagging, linking, etc., offer multiple benefits to any business.

Leverage Instagram for Business With Analytical Tools

analytical tools

Once all the main advantages of using this second-most engaging social media platform are clear, it is time to switch to dedicated Instagram analytics tools to improve business.

The main reason for using these tools is to constantly monitor the marketing strategies and offer changes according to the results. However, it may seem a bit difficult to manage your business performance.

Still, in the end, everything comes to these tools that simplify the entire process and help businesses get clear insights about their performance on Instagram.

Top Six Instagram Analytics Tools

So, here we are with the top six Instagram analytics tools that offer the much-needed support to understand and grow your audience.



Iconosquare is one of the practical tools that help businesses understand posting frequency’s relation to the audience. Moreover, it is the ideal tool for the companies or consultancies that manage the performance of multiple Instagram accounts. Hence, save numerous clients and manage everything from a single dashboard.

This tool even shows the interactions and comments to ensure the details of smooth conversations. In addition, the library of the content on Iconosquare helps quick posting for different content online. One of the stunning features of this Instagram tool is the editorial calendar that allows post scheduling, and hence creators can manage content even when they’re not available.

In addition, businesses can compare the influencers based on their followers and engagement metrics before hiring them for Instagram marketing.

Sprout Social

sprout social

Sprout Social is another top-ranking Instagram analytics tool that comes with the power of content management, content creation, and different analytics. While it allows a fully-featured calendar for scheduling posts on Facebook and Twitter together with Instagram, its centralized media library makes the work easy for the digital managers.

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It is easy for large teams to manage their work on Sprout Social as it comes with valuable features like push notifications and a social CRM funnel.

Sprout Social doesn’t only help businesses improve the audience but helps them boost conversations over time. In addition, it gives details about hashtag performance and geo-tagging.

The presentation-ready reports of Sprout Social can be easily downloaded or exported for quick meetings.



Keyhole is one of the top Instagram tools that offer real-time feedback to businesses. Thus, it adds the best marketing strategies and helps find the best interior trends that you can work out accordingly. In addition, the predefined KPIs are easy to track and generate automated reports that are easy to understand and evaluate.

The account creators can thus focus on the individual marketing strategies and extend the same to the competitor’s accounts to focus on their shortcomings. It becomes crystal clear to understand the best-performing metrics when you know what your competitors are doing great.



SquareLovin is a popular Instagram analytics tool that combines overall views and follower counts. In addition, it offers details about the best time frame to post business details according to the metrics. This tool further gives insights about the worst times and hence helps businesses avoid silly mistakes in postings.

The details of the individual metrics on each post help design and implement the best Instagram marketing strategy. It may seem relatively simple, but SquareLovin helps in managing the overall audience growth. Once you’ve cracked the game of timings on Instagram, the chances of increasing your audience increase many folds.

minter, minter io offers tactical insights into the content decisions that do excellent work in moving a step further than providing information to your Instagram account. It works best in breaking the post engagement into performance rates. The tool thus focuses on the quality of the growing audience and helps create benchmarks.

Plus, it helps businesses identify the potential customers that can be associated with your brands. In addition, the relation between posts and user activity helps companies route their posting schedules.

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social rank, socialrank, Analytics Tools

It is an essential tool that you can use for both Instagram and Twitter. SocialRank identifies the follower’s pattern, and hence businesses can curate content updates. In addition, it helps see the popular emojis and followers’ bio and posts that are trending.

SocialRank is ideal for local marketing. It comes with follower filters that narrow down the small segments and help businesses focus on the specific companies, gender, and other factors. Additionally, it is easy to rank or prioritize user engagement.

SocialRank is ideal for overlaying filters and pulling the follower’s list from Excel or PDF documents. In addition, all digital marketing agencies and popular influencers use SocialRank to attract an audience.

Are Instagram Analytics Tools Worth It

It is not a great idea to invest your time, money, and efforts in a direction with zero monitoring. While social media is easy and highly beneficial in the end, it is all about its optimized use. So, here comes the role of the top Instagram analytics tools.

Businesses and professionals are aware of the popularity of Instagram and its multiple business benefits- especially the ones focusing on increasing the audience. The multiple Instagram analytics tools offer precise monitoring and detailed insights into the business activities.

All these tools are powerful and authentic change-bearers for Instagram that are helping it gain the top position when it comes to offering customized user engagement, improving relations with an existing audience, and reaching new audiences.

Final Words on how Instagram Analytics Tools Can Benefit Your Business

In conclusion,there are a variety of Instagram analytics tools available to users. These tools can help users track their progress, engagement, and growth on the platform. By understanding what content is performing well and what content needs improvement, Instagram analytics users can fine-tune their strategies and create a more successful Instagram presence.


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