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10 Mistakes with Choosing a Home Solar Company and How to Avoid Them

Installing solar panels on your home’s roof is one of the most effective ways to use sustainable energy and eliminate your energy bill. Nearly forty percent of homeowners in the United States have considered options for solar companies in the past year, with several starting the process.

Your home solar system provides an alternative to being held hostage by massive energy companies and can lead to energy independence. The journey starts with choosing a home solar company to help you get the correct number of panels and take your energy collection system online.

There are several factors to consider when picking a company to provide a solar installation experience. Overlooking any of these factors could result in a less-than-stellar system that doesn’t meet your family’s needs.

The good news is that you’re in the perfect spot to learn more about what to look for when weighing your options for a solar installer. Continue reading to find the perfect fit today!

  1. Getting Only One Quote

Part of exploring options for solar companies is reaching out to multiple options that fit the bill and getting price quotes. Quotes are essential since they provide something tangible you can compare across companies to find the best value.

Hiring the first installer could cause you to pay more for solar panels since you’ll have nothing else to compare. It’s a good rule of thumb to contact three or four local solar companies to get quotes from each. The quotes aren’t the most critical factor, but they’re still worth considering.

When getting quotes from solar installer options near you, you should also ask questions. You’ll prevent several issues later in the process by asking the right questions before hiring. Ask about installation costs, warranty coverage, and confirmation of certifications to get an accurate picture of what you’ll pay and the services included in that price.

  1. Ignoring Proper Research

Plenty of research goes into choosing a solar panel installer for residential solar systems. It’s best if you do some fundamental pillars of research to find the best solar company in your area.

Your research will help you dive into each option’s track record and customer reviews to ensure they’re worth your money for their services. It’s also a sure way to determine if they use quality materials for your home solar system.

Online research is the best place to start when narrowing your options for solar companies. You’ll find many online customer reviews on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Yelp. Read these reviews to get a first-hand account of the solar installation experience.

Industry associations are another critical component to consider. You’ll want to hire a solar installer with the proper training and certifications to handle the task. You’ll protect yourself from a botched installation and ensure quality service.

It’s best to work with a solar company that offers in-person consultations as part of their service package. Research the company and schedule a consultation if you feel confident in your chosen business.

  1. Not Considering Financing

The best solar companies offer several paths toward financing your new home solar system. It helps to consider all options to find the most affordable financial situation. Asking the solar installers about their financing options is the best way to get more information before deciding.

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Ask about each financing plan and compare the interest rates with each project. It’s also crucial to look at the entire cost of the installation after accounting for interest on the loan.

Take a close look at the terms and conditions of the financing contract before signing. It’s your last chance to look for hidden costs and fees that could add up and cost you an arm and a leg. You’ll get the best deal by doing extra work to explore your financing options.

Solar loans are a terrific way to get solar panels without paying everything upfront. You’ll still qualify for the Federal Tax Credit for solar energy. It’s the most cost-effective way to purchase your solar panels since you’ll replace your electric bill with the loan payments for your solar system.

You can also lease a solar energy system, though you’ll miss out on the tax credit with leasing your panels. Home equity loans are another effective way to invest in solar panels and add value to your home.

  1. Choosing Based on Price

Choosing a home solar company based on price alone is a massive mistake for your financial health and energy needs. You want to make sure to compare solar installation costs. You get what you pay for when it comes to home energy systems like solar panels.

You’ll receive lower-quality equipment for your solar energy system when paying less to the installer. You could also face inadequate safety measures and a faulting installation on your roof that fails to meet your energy needs.

Experience and track record are two critical aspects to compare along with the price you’re quoted at. The best companies will charge more, but you get peace of mind that they’re qualified and experienced to handle the installation. You’ll spend money to get a solar energy system, and getting the highest quality from the solar panel company is the best.

  1. Lack of Local Expertise

Hiring a local solar panel company is wise since they’re experts on the local climate. They’ll know how to set up and install your solar panels to collect the most sunlight possible daily. The proper angle and location for panels will help you fill your storage battery or generate passive income from net metering.

Their experience and knowledge will save you money and ensure your system will collect ample sunlight throughout the year. A local company is more likely to take extra steps to assist you than a massive chain is. Ensure their technicians are certified before starting the installation process, but trust in their skills and knowledge from past installations.

Talk with neighbors or friends who recently installed solar panels in their homes. Ask about which companies they considered and which one they chose for the job. Their input can help you make the best decision when choosing a local home solar company.

  1. Ignoring the Warranty

The warranty is one of the most critical aspects of hiring a solar installer to transition your home into green living. You’re paying significant amounts of money for clean energy, and it’s crucial to get the warranty coverage you deserve for added peace of mind.

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Review all details related to the warranty coverage for the installation and equipment before deciding. Ask about which pieces of equipment are covered by the warranty. You’ll need brackets, wiring, inverters, and solar panels on your roof.

Here’s a closer look at each warranty section to dive into when choosing a home solar installer.

Equipment Warranty

Solar panels are designed to last up to three decades, but not all panels have equal warranty coverage. Your equipment warranty should cover your solar panels, system inverter, and other components against defects that limit your system’s ability to collect energy.

The range for warranty coverage is between 10 and 25 years, depending on the equipment you choose. It’s better to pay more for quality equipment with an extensive warranty. You’ll eliminate the possibility of paying out of pocket for new equipment if something goes wrong.

Performance Warranty

An overlooked warranty option for your household energy system is the performance warranty. You want peace of mind that your solar system will produce the advertised power. The best solar systems will provide at least 80 percent of their capability for years.

Panels that fail to bring in the necessary power to keep your home running are subject to the performance warranty. Work with a company like Blue Raven Solar to get the best service and sustainable energy for green living.

Installation Warranty

Much can go wrong during installation, so it’s critical to find solar installer options that offer an installation warranty. You’ll enjoy peace of mind that the installation is free from any defects that could limit energy collection and create an unsafe situation.

The standard installation warranty lasts one to five years, depending on your chosen company. The company must address and fix any issues during the warranty, helping you get repairs at no extra charge.

  1. Unclear Contracts

You shouldn’t require a legal specialist to break down the contract terms from the solar company. The terms are simple, and it’s up to you to do your due diligence when reviewing them and asking questions. It’s your responsibility to understand each detail of the contract.

The contract terms will protect you and help you determine if you’re getting taken advantage of with low-cost quotes and services that under-deliver. It helps to ask the service provider questions about any terms you need clarification on. They should provide clarity so you can move forward with confidence.

It’s also best to read the fine print when reviewing the contract. Taking the extra steps will ensure your solar panels are installed correctly and you get the warranty coverage you deserve.

  1. Not Understanding the Solar Benefits

In addition to decreasing your energy bills, solar energy provides several benefits to homeowners. It’s crucial to fully understand those benefits so you don’t balk at the price of installing a solar energy system on your roof.

You’re committing to green living with your solar panels since you no longer rely on finite resources like fossil fuels for your power needs. It’s a clean and renewable energy source that will be abundant as long as the Sun continues to shine.

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It’s possible to make money from your solar energy system if you keep it connected to the electric grid. The electric company will purchase your surplus electricity for other customers. You could make hundreds of dollars in passive income from your solar panels.

A solar installation is one of the ways to help with noise and air pollution. Your panels don’t produce sound or smells since no combustion is required for energy production. It’s an excellent time to consider solar panels for your home’s roof so you can make a positive difference.

  1. Ignoring Local Regulations

Familiarizing yourself with the stringent regulations concerning solar panels is crucial before investing in their installation for your home. Ignoring local laws may lead to significant setbacks, especially if your energy system fails to comply with the local code. That’s why it’s crucial to find solar panel companies near you that can guide you through the process and ensure compliance with all requirements.

Your system’s quality and safety could be in jeopardy if the solar installer doesn’t abide by these codes. Getting permission from your local government and HOA is always best before installing panels at your home. You want to avoid penalties and fees imposed on you because of your solar panels.

  1. Not Determining Home Suitability

Several factors determine if your home is a good fit for solar panels, and it’s crucial to look for these factors before choosing a home solar company. A home with an old and weak roof will be suspect when moving forward with the solar installation experience.

You may need to purchase a roof replacement before the installers can install solar panels. You must also ensure you have the space on your roof to handle a suitable number of panels.

Other factors like neighboring buildings and homes can block your panels from accessing the light they need to produce energy. Tall trees are another obstacle you’ll need to overcome to make your home suitable for solar energy use. The roof’s pitch also plays a role, though the best local solar installer will know the proper angle for your panels.

Consider Choosing a Home Solar Company Today

Choosing a home solar company is the first step toward freedom from energy companies and sustainable living for your family. Reading online reviews and checking accreditation is an excellent way to narrow your options for solar companies.

Check the fine details in the contract, and ask questions about warranty coverage before signing any documents. Consider working with a local solar company for an effective energy collection system since they know the climate and local regulations.

Making a difference in the environment and saving money starts with investing in the newest technology. Explore more of our exciting Technology blog content for the latest news and trends for a better and healthier life!

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