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How Building Progressive Web Apps Creates Better Customer Experiences

How Can Progressive Web Apps Create Better Customer Experiences?

Progressive web apps are becoming one of the popular choices for digital businesses willing to expand their reach and user experience using modern solutions. There is an increased demand to hire react js developers to encounter the problems of low conversions on mobile apps. The ever-expanding user base of mobile users is forcing companies and startups to devise new ways for increased customer engagement and reach.

ReactJS can help you create a Progressive web application that is fast and delivers native app experience. This will increase conversions significantly. PWAs provide a unique platform for identifying customer needs, so businesses can concentrate on improving the shopping experience.

We will be discussing some of the benefits of a progressive web application solution to engage customers for a digital company. ReactJS development services should be hired today in order to create a similar app and improve your user relationships. Let’s learn more about PWAs before we get into the benefits.

What are Progressive Web App and its prominent features?

Users have started relying on mobile devices to shop online because mobile devices offer a convenient and fast way to explore online platforms for various products and services. With millions of mobile applications serving humanity, every progressive business wants to tap the mobile universe for better conversions and ROIs.

Progressive Web Apps are the applications that use web technologies like HTML, CSS, and Java to deliver the native app experience to the users. You do not need to hire React js developer to build a separate app for platforms like Android and iOS. PWAs make it possible to target mobile users irrespective of the mobile OS platform.

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You can equip PWAs with push notifications and offline access using Modern APIs. It helps to get enhanced capabilities while adhering to the latest standards for security and app performance. Below are some of the significant features that make PWA an ideal choice for any modern business.

  • Cross-platform abilities

PWA’s cross-platform capabilities are a key feature that has contributed to its incredible popularity. These apps work with any web browser. They can be installed easily and offer the same functionality as native apps. These apps can be added to your bookmarks or home screen, unlike native apps.

  • Offline Connectivity

React JS development services help create PWAs with offline capabilities, thus, enhancing the user experience even when not connected to the internet. For example, many music apps let you download the tracks to listen to them in offline mode later.

  • Highly responsive appearance

PWAs are highly responsive and deliver an equally good experience on different screen sizes. An experienced developer can ensure that your app delivers the content on any viewport size thus eliminating the chance of distorting the user experience. A responsive app is essential to get more users by targeting different devices using the same application.

  • Impeccable loading speed

Fast loading speed is essential to maintain a commendable user experience. Apps with low loading speed often lose users’ interest, thus affecting the conversions and revenues of your business. PWAs are among the most recommended options for lightning-fast apps.

How does PWA enhance the customer experience?

PWAs are fast

No one can deny that slow websites or apps will never be able to deliver satisfactory results to your business. Users prefer to use fast applications, and good React JS development services can help you overcome the challenge. PWA is capable of responding to user actions much faster than traditional websites or mobile applications.

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More Reliability

The users of PWAs are not dependent on the devices that need to maintain a continuous connection to the internet. These apps can work efficiently even when the users are not connected to the internet or facing an unstable network. The ability to work offline offers a reliable experience to the users. They can browse and add products to shopping carts even in offline mode.

Enhanced Engagement

Progressive web apps are known for their enhanced engagement abilities even when the devices of users are not connected to the internet. Your decision to hire a React JS developer can further enhance the inbuilt capabilities of these apps. Users can add these apps to the home screen thus accessing them in seconds without worrying about additional touchpoints.

Better Security

Nothing can beat PWAs when it comes to the security of the apps. As every PWA needs to work with HTTPS encryption therefore it offers an additional security layer to protect the financial and personal information of the users. Surveys conducted by reputed organizations around the globe suggest that users will prefer a secured app over applications that lack security features.

No need to download apps on devices

Nothing can beat the experience of using an app without even downloading it to your device. PWAs make it possible because users can browse them directly from their browsers. It adds to the user experience because downloading and installing the app is a time taking process that users often resist. Offering progressive web apps can motivate users to use the app because they are no longer required to install the apps on devices.

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Cross-browser compatibility

Users can use the PWAs without worrying about browsers or devices they use. As these apps are cross-browser compatible and work equally well on different devices, they add to the user experience by offering a frictionless browsing experience.

No need for regular updates

If you are using mobile applications that are native, updating them regularly is something that might irritate you a lot. You don’t need to worry about it while using a progressive web application as these apps automatically provide updated content as soon as users connect to the internet.


These were some insights about the benefits that PWAs cater to the users of your business apps. Hire React JS developers with appropriate skills because they can help to get the best out of these apps. We will suggest hiring React JS development services from a reputed web development company. They can help you get the ultimate solution using their experience and expertise with progressive web apps. 

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