Negative Reviews From Your Customers


The way you handle negative reviews from your customers can improve your brand a great deal.

Some consumers become loyal to your business because of the manner in which you handle negative reviews both from them and others.

Yet, getting negative reviews from your customers is not fun at all.

Who gets excited and happy about a negative review like “O Gosh! This machine sucks. I wish I never bought from him”.


“This is all crap! I wouldn’t want anyone reading this to buy it. It’s surely not worth it – The featured benefits are nowhere to be found”.


Have you heard or seen these kinds of negative reviews before?


How will you handle it if your product or service is getting such negative reviews from your customers?


I once had an experience some time ago after making payment for one training.


After the 2-day training, I just found out that I couldn’t still figure out how to get the results that were promised at the beginning.


I struggled with the implementation for days and I eventually got upset and gave up.


At a point, my husband was like, “That’s the problem with all these online things; you never know who’s genuine”.


The following week, I chatted with the trainer about the challenges I was having at the moment and how I couldn’t just get it right.


Though he wasn’t happy about it and didn’t have the time any longer, he promised to give me a special PDF package that would actually be of help.


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Though it took him some time to send it (probably because of his busy schedule), when he eventually did, it was a great relief to me.


And because he kept to his words, I now recommend people to him whenever there’s a need to and more especially, because of the way he handled the whole situation.


As you start working on practical projects from clients (particularly if you’re a newbie in the industry), you will get immediate feedback on your work.


Sometimes the feedback from your customers could be positive;


On the other hand, be open to receiving negative reviews from your customers as well so that you can know the areas that products and services needs improvement.


That is to say, that you must be open to criticisms and when you receive such, it shouldn’t be a time for you to get angry and react immediately in ways you could regret.


Yes! Getting cuss words and hate speeches thrown at you can be so disheartening but you must resist the urge and remember that you represent a business.


(I hope you have an idea of social media etiquette) – if possible, don’t reply immediately especially if the feedback was made openly online.


Be calm.


Take the negativity offline by reaching out to the specific reviewer through a more private medium (such as WhatsApp, Messenger or what have you).


Give it an hour or two and then think of a professional response.


Draft it and let a second pair of eyes go through it – this helps to prevent the negativity from rubbing off on your business).

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Make a resolve to get better at what you did.


In fact, if the affected job you did for that client is something you can fix, then go with the idea and just do that.


It’ll make them see you in a different light especially if they are patronizing you for the first time.


However, if the deed has been done with no way of fixing up anything, you may decide to apologize, offer a little compensation and move on.


After you have resolved the issue offline, make a public post so that others online can see that the situation has been taken care of.


This will show that you maintain your reputation.


In other words, respond to negative reviews from your customers with dignity and tact.


You may also decide to engage experts or your friends in the same niche so that you can get better ideas and additional recommendations too from the finished work which you’re about to deliver to your clients.


These experts may have a thing or two to say about adding some finishing touches to some details which may have gone unnoticed by you.


Feedback(positive or negative reviews from your customers) are great ways to improve on yourself; make sure you use them well.


Whether you’re a teacher, a fashion designer, a freelancer, or what have you?


Have you been getting reviews from your customers or clients? Has it been a jolly ride?☺️


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If you’ve not been getting reviews, would you love to know how to go about getting them?


Let me know in the comment section so I can help you out.

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