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Desk Booking System – How Desk Reservation Software Works

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In this article, we will cover how a desk booking system works and how desk reservation software can be helpful in a co-working space or any shared office.

Your venue’s users can easily book a desk using a Desk Reservation Software, ensuring a waiting desk is always at their disposal. Whether you book a meeting room for a few hours or a desk for the day, the on-demand booking experience should remain consistent. You can offer your venue’s users real-time access to desks by offering in-app desk booking using a Desk Booking System.

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Desk Booking System – Everything You Need to Know

A few quick taps, and you’re booked.

A Desk Booking System turns your users’ phones into a booking app that lets them view which desks are available within your venue and book one or more with just a few taps. 

Desk Booking Systems lets users book wherever and whenever it is convenient for them.

In other words, a desk reservation software user can use it for;

  • Booking a desk on their way into the office
  • Booking a desk for next week from the comfort of their home 
  • Grabbing one once they’ve arrived for work, they can complete the booking with just a few taps.
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Create desk group profiles.

Your first step towards creating your own co-working in a desk booking software is to log into your web dashboard and add details for the groups of desks within your venue. Every group of desks has its own profile, complete with its capacity, images, a description, and an hourly rate for drop-in users.

Set up plans so that specific groups of desks are accessible, and then sit back and watch your users book desks from their smartphones. Track your venue’s desk booking analytics from your web dashboard in order to see how your users are using their desks.

Plan access to desk bookings according to your preferences.

A Desk Booking System keeps track of users remaining balance for the month if they have been allocated a certain number of hot desk hours.

It can also keep a record of a specific dollar amount as part of a monthly plan. 

Users can reserve desks for immediate use or make sure that their favourite desk will be available in the future by booking in advance.

Users can save their favourites.

You might want to consider forcing your users to scroll through your app in order to find the desk they want if you have a venue with ten different desk groups. Therefore, we made it possible for your users to favourite particular desks within your venue. When they open the app to book a desk, they’ll be able to jump straight to their favourites.

Multi-desk bookings

You also offer users the option to book more than one desk at once. For example, suppose that someone in your co-working space is the CEO of a startup, and they wish to book a group of desks near each other. Bookings will have the option to select the number of desks they want at once and the capacity of their booking. As a result, they can be sure their whole team will always have space.

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Analyze your bookings and gain insights

By offering desk booking software, you can better monitor the success of your membership plans and the utilization of your venue’s desks. You can access the desk booking analytics within your web dashboard to determine the extent to which your venue is fully utilized.

Identify your users’ behaviour and gain insights. Identify which days of the week are the most popular for drop-ins, how long an average booking lasts, which group of desks are most popular and much more.

Refine the membership levels according to your needs.

You can use your desk booking analytics to make smart and informed changes to the way you structure your membership tiers and desk groupings. You can as well use it to keep track of your venue’s overall performance. 

Desk booking systems keep your co-working business running smoothly and efficiently.

The app design is such that the desk booking system turns your desks into “bookable assets” for your venue’s users. The desk booking system will be helping you track the usage of both your hot desks and dedicated desks simultaneously. 

A desk booking system can benefit a facility whose users share resources (or who have restricted access to space within its facilities).

Offerings should be optimized.

Using a desk booking system can efficiently monetize your entire venue, not just your meeting rooms, and track how and when users. You are using your desks if you are using the facilities. As a result, you can see how much desk time a user is using in relation to their monthly desk allowance, helping you streamline and optimize your membership offerings.

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Consider how much easier it would be if processes were streamlined.

Co-working members no longer have to have their favourite chair at the window already taken when they rush to their venue. The need for a receptionist becomes obsolete, as users can book their own desks on their own time within seconds using a Desk Reservation Software. 

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