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Starting a small business might be tiring and rather strenuous because personnel is kept at the barest minimum. However, the right division of labor and teamwork makes it easier to achieve a lot not just in profits and meeting targets on time but also in job satisfaction.

Team spirit shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to business, the right relationship between employer and employees makes the business function perfectly. Striking this balance and getting everyone to operate at a similar frequency and with efficiency is a big challenge to several organizations. A lack of team spirit would greatly affect small businesses and might facilitate running at a loss.

These eight ways I’ll be introducing to you are quite simple and easy to implement, adhering to them would not only make your start-up profitable but it would also create a good working relationship between employees and their employers.

  • Trust and Respect

Respect they say is reciprocal, in every human relationship Respect is key it breeds a sense of togetherness and encourages familiarity. The employees should respect each other and also respect their employers. In the same vein, employers should also respect their employees.

No business would thrive without trust. In our day to day business activities, life transactions are made based on trust, when dividing roles and work employees should be able to trust their colleagues to deliver as at when due and with efficiency. Employees should also be able to trust their employers that whenever they do well, they would be appreciated.

  • Setting Rules and Guidelines

No organization would run smoothly without rules, rules direct our day to day transactions and they make the job seem easier. In business, rules ensure productivity and also discipline. Rules that don’t favor part of the team however should be amended.

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An example of a rule that could be adopted in small business includes No use of handset during meetings and team discussions etc.

  • Reward hard work

When employees feel appreciated, they tend to work more efficiently.  An average human being loves being praised and giving rewards for a job well done. Dishing out incentives to productive members of the team would encourage slacking ones to work better and also make the productive ones strive to achieve more.

  • Set a common goal

Setting goals not only motivates the team to work well it also encourages team spirit. A clearly defined goal creates a perfect picture of what the whole team wants to achieve and this allows teammates to collaborate and ensure that target is met.

  • Define roles clearly

Everyone in a team wants to know what part they play in the team. To discourage laziness and to also limit confusion one should clearly define the roles of every employee. There should be a description that shows the limits and jurisdiction of every member of the team.

This would go a long way in ensuring everyone works to complement each other and get the job done quickly. It would also facilitate a working relationship between teammates.

  • Celebrate together

Time to time, members of the team should be celebrated. Milestones such as birthdays, anniversaries, and the completion of projects among others should be celebrated together as a team.

Celebrations are not only fun they also encourage a sense of togetherness and unity in the team.

  • Effective communication

In every relationship communication is key. There should be an effective channel of communication in a business where feedbacks can be passed across to employers from employees and vice versa. This would enable employers to know about challenges facing the business as a whole.

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This would help run a smooth business and also encourage a healthy team spirit.

  • Conflict Resolution

Occasional disagreements and varying views would occur in every business. It may be between employees or it could be between the employee and the employer. How these disagreements should be managed should be stated clearly from the beginning.

Conflicts should be resolved promptly and in the appropriate way. This would help ensure there is no breakdown in productivity and there is the maintenance of a good working environment.

Here they are, 8 simple ways to improve teamwork in your small business. Apply these to your business and watch your productivity skyrocket into the stratosphere.


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