Latest Tech News Today is on Tiktok.

Latest Tech News Today: Tiktok Against Child Abuse!

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Latest Tech News Today is on Tiktok.
Tiktok now in partnership with technology coalition [file-

Latest Tech News Today: the social media mammoth (Tiktok) has joined the Technology Coalition to fight against children abuse and exploitation.

 Child Abuse is a practice against the well-being of a child or children.

 This practice is unacceptable and should be detested, both offline and online.

 Good enough, the Technology Coalition has been set up as a body to fight against the exploitation and abuse of children online.

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Tiktok family pairing feature is for child safety.
Tiktok app is a popular Chinese social media mammoth. [File-from-pixabay]

The Latest Tech News Today has Tiktok on the line.

 Tiktok, a popular Chinese video making and sharing app has announced her partnership with the Technology Coalition.

 The purpose is to protect children from any form of exploitation or abuse in the online world.

 A statement from Tiktok says:

 “Community safety is our top priority, and we place utmost care on the safety of our teenage users in particular. Our membership reflects both TikTok’s zero tolerance of child sexual exploitation and that this global challenge requires a collective response.”

 Latest tech news today has Tiktok, the social media mammoth on the setlist of latest technology names, registered with Technology Coalition.

 The list includes Google, Amazon, Dropbox, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Adobe and other companies who have pledged and are delegated to fight against the abuse of children online.

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The aim of the latest news on Tiktok joining the board of Technology Coalition

 Tiktok joining the board of the Technology Coalition is with a number of committed, committees with the aim of improving child or children’s protection, both online and offline.

 Also, the social media mammoth is set to drive more exposure to ongoing threats to the safety of children.


 It is worth knowing that the social media mammoth (Tiktok) had previously partnered with other leading safety organizations for online safety.

 Some of those organizations are; ConnectSafely, WePROTECT Global Alliance, Family Online Safety Institute and others.

 Tiktok joined these organizations to ensure the promotion and continuity of a safe environment for the Social Media Mammoth’s community.

 A statement from Tiktok also reads:

 “At TikTok, we are deeply committed to the safety of teens on our platform. We do not tolerate content or behavior that perpetuates the abuse, harm, endangerment, or exploitation of minors, as outlined in our Community Guidelines. If we become aware of any such content, we will take immediate action to remove content, terminate accounts, and report cases to NCMEC and law enforcement, as appropriate.”

Latest Tech News Today has the social media mammoth, Tiktok stressing:

 “We offer a number of safeguards to support teens as they begin their digital journey. For instance, accounts of users ages 13-15 are set to private by default, and only people 16 and over can use direct messaging and live stream.”

Latest Tech News Today: Family Pairing Feature on Tiktok

 The social media mammoth also offers tools to promote family life and growth online. Features like Family Pairing is a good one for teens and parents with the best privacy settings.

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 With the family pairing feature, parents and guardians accounts can be linked with that on their children. The purpose is to manage and control their settings.

Finally, Tiktok said:

 “There is no finish line when it comes to protecting the TikTok community. We work each day to learn, adapt, and strengthen our policies and practices to keep our community safe, and we look forward to building on all of these efforts through our partnership with the Technology Coalition.”

What do you have to say about the latest tech news today on the social media mammoth joining the Technology Coalition? 

 Feel free to use the comment section.

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