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10 Best YouTube Downloader Apps You Can Use for Free

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YouTube Downloader Apps are excellent tools for anyone who uses YouTube regularly and needs to save videos locally. They can be used on any device, including a Mac, Windows PC or smartphone.

A YouTube downloader tool is a great software to save your projects or download videos for your presentation.

It’s much simpler and more stress-free than trying to capture a video with a screen recorder app.

Some of the best YouTube downloaders on Windows or Mac will allow you to save your favorite videos to view later easily.

Do you need YouTube Downloader Apps to download videos from YouTube and many other video streaming and hosting websites?

You can easily download YouTube videos from YouTube and other video hosting sites using the YouTube Downloader Apps listed in this article.

Most of our recommendations work regardless of whether you are using a browser or an operating system.

Best YouTube Downloader Apps

Some paid YouTube Video Downloaders lets you save videos in an ad-free format and removes watermarks.

You can download a playlist and extract the audio from a YouTube video with some of them.

There are many options available that you can look into. There’s something for everyone, so there’s a YouTube  Downloader that can help no matter what your needs are.


Savefrom, also known as Savefromnet, is one of the most trusted and oldest video downloading sites. Once you have copied the video link, Savefrom will offer you many file format options. You don’t need to worry about pop-up ads or other intrusions. The download begins immediately on your browser. The ads are minimal.

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The maximum MP4 resolution of Savefrom is 720p. It lacks some premium features, but it is entirely free to use as many times as you wish.


Viddly allows you to download online videos. It allows you to convert video clips into MP4 and MP3 formats. The app also has an integrated search function. It allows you to save your YouTube playlist with just one click. It allows you to download subtitles for YouTube in any language.


AnyVideoConverter, one of the most popular YouTube video downloaders for PC, supports many video inputs. AnyVideoConverter can be used to convert videos, including iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs, Samsung and others.

You can download YouTube videos and music online with this online YouTube video downloader. The latest version of the program allows you to burn videos onto DVD.


Another browser-based video downloader is Y2Mate.

Also known as Y2Mate Guru. It doesn’t need any sign-up pages or installers. You can copy and paste the video link, just like Savefrom or Keepvid. The software supports WebM resolutions up to 4K (22160p) and MP4 full HD (1080p). You should download Y2Mate for high-resolution source video files.


Tubemate is a YouTube downloader that allows you to save YouTube videos. This YouTube downloader is free and allows you to save the video to an SD card or to a specific folder.

You can adjust the speed of your YouTube video download. This YouTube video downloader PC is free and can be used to change the language you prefer. You can easily restore the language you have accidentally changed.


Snaptube, a secure YouTube video downloader app, allows you to stream and download videos in multiple resolutions. This YouTube video downloader PC allows you to choose the resolution that best suits your needs. This YouTube video downloader PC is one of the most popular. It supports Facebook, and Instagram.

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4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader can be used on Linux, Mac OS X and PC. Any type of YouTube playlist can be downloaded with or without subtitles. You can save entire Youtube channels and single videos in 4K1080p, 720p or 720p quality. Extract YouTube Music audio in MP3, M4A, or OGG. Support for 360-degree video and 3D.


Many people love ByClickDownloader because it is simple to download videos yet offers advanced features like playlists, subtitles, live video, and more. It recognizes your browser’s video and allows you to download it instantly. It is so frictionless and straightforward to download.

Frequently Asked Question About YouTube Downloaders

Q #1: Why use a YouTube video downloader?

Answer: YouTube videos cannot be downloaded directly. You can use the Video Downloader app to download YouTube videos from your mobile or desktop computer. You can also download videos from other platforms like Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook and Vimeo.

Q #2: What are the main features of a video download application?

Answer: Video downloading applications allow you to download videos from video streaming websites.

Advanced features are also available in some video downloader apps, including the following:

  • You can compress videos by specifying the encoder rate and resolution.
  • Limit the speed of your downloads
  • Save playlists.
  • You can save videos to online drives like Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox.
  • Send videos to another account or your own.

Q #3: Is YouTube Video Downloader safe?

Answer: Video downloading apps are generally safe to download videos. Some apps might contain malware. It is important to ensure that you only use a trusted site for downloading videos. These apps are safe to download videos online and have been tested.

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Q #4: How can you save YouTube videos to your phone?

Answer to Copy the URL of the video into the search bar. That’s it. The app will then process the video and allow you to download it to the folder specified on your phone or computer.

Q #5: What formats are supported in Video Download Apps?

Answer: Video downloading software can save videos to different formats. Videos can be saved in MP4, AVI FLV, 3GP and WMV formats. You can also specify which application you want to extract audio from and save the file as MP3 or WAV.

Final Thoughts

YouTube is the most popular video streaming site. YouTube was launched in 2005 and features a variety of content, including TV clips, music & games videos, entertainment stuff, and more.

Slow internet connections can cause problems when streaming videos online. You can download YouTube videos to your smartphone or PC using a YouTube video downloading app. You can view videos whenever you want, without having to worry about it.


We don’t encourage or support downloading copyrighted video in violation of these sites’ terms. To legally download videos via a video downloader app, you must ask permission from the video owner.

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