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7 Best Bulk Domain Availability Checker for Resellers


An automated bulk domain availability checker is a tool that helps you check bulk domain availability via a web application. Especially if you need to do bulk domain name registration, you can use a bulk domain availability checker to simultaneously determine the availability of domain names for an entire list of domains before you decide the domain names to register.

You can enter the domain names you want to search for on these websites, and they’ll show which ones have been offered and which are not. In addition, if a domain is in the market, you can find its cost on these sites.

A bulk domain availability checker may also provide the price of a domain name from several domain seller sites.

Checking domain availability through these websites is easy. You don’t require an account before using most domain checking tool.

These sites let you look up domain names to determine their availability before your bulk domain purchase. When you decide on the domain name, you can choose to either include the TLD in addition to it or select various TLDs explicitly.

If you plan to build your blog or business website, most likely, you’ll need a web address for your content. There are a lot of tools to look domain, but the issue is that most websites allow you to look up domain names one at one time.

If you have an extensive list of domains that are 100 or more, going through them one at a time can take a long time. This is where bulk domain availability checking tools can be useful. If you have bulk domain name registration task, all you have to do is enter the domains you’d like to run availability search on. Then, you will see the results of availability within a matter of minutes.

GoDaddy bulk domain search tool is most likely the most sought-after by those who need to check bulk domain availability. This is because GoDaddy is a popular domain registrar as well as web hosting provider.

In this article, we will share the most suitable option for both individuals who are contemplating building a new website and domain name brokers who buy and re-sell domain names.

I believe we already know that a domain checker is a web-based tool that you can use to determine the existence and check other information of specific domains or a set of domains.

Searching for a domain name is as simple as defining the domain name and selecting the appropriate TLDs such as .com, .org, .net, .mobi, etc.

Then, you can search for the domain you want to check. It will show you which domains in your list is already owned and the ones you can register.

When you’ve received the results of availability, you are then able to go on to register.

Utilizing the bulk availability checker offered by GoDaddy is quite simple. Simply visit the website of the domain availability checker, and you’ll be presented with the interface.

You can create a list of domain names there and then look up the TLD choices for those. You can input domain names up to 500, analyzing them all at once. Once it has reviewed the domains that you’ve entered and you have the option of deciding which one you prefer and then register in line with your decision.

Why You Need A Bulk Domain Name Availability Checker

The availability of domain names is a subject that never gets old. There’s a good reason for that! There are more than 350 million domain names registered as of 2021.

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With the help of a bulk domain checker, it is easy to find a great domain name to purchase.

The domain name must be memorable, be in line with your brand, and obviously, be SEO-friendly.

When you are deciding on the right domain name, there are many ideas to think of, or you may not have any ideas at all.

You may need some help with a domain checker that can double as a domain name suggestion tool.

If you’re overwhelmed by domain name suggestions, you must limit your options as much as possible. You must remove the domain name concepts that have already been taken. This can save time thinking about something that may never become yours.

So, bulk domain availability checking applications is a helpful tool.


Best Bulk Domain Availability Checker

If you are looking for the best bulk domain availability checker, the list of bulk domain availability checking tool will be of help in deciding the best tool for you based on your requirement.

Here you go!


Namecheap – # 1 Cheapest bulk domain registration

Namecheap Bulk Domain Checker, Bulk domain Availability

Many of us are aware of Namecheap for being one of the well-known domain name registrars worldwide. Namecheap provides a domain name checker that is bulk that is known as “beast mode” as part of its domain name search feature. Utilizing Beast mode, you can look up to 5000 complete names or keywords. The data can be entered manually or uploaded in the format of CSV files. CSV file. Regardless of whether the data is complete keywords or domains, your search will offer the following choices.

  • Select from 471 TLDs divided into categories such as international, popular, academic non-English, and many more.
  • The option of setting an amount of price range for the domain name. It could be to as little as zero dollars and up to 500.000dollars.
  • You can also add suffixes and prefixes to your domain’s previously-existing names or create your own.
  • Finally, you can also select the “transform” option, which will, you’ve guessed, transform your keywords either by removing the vowel at the end or pluralizing nouns.

Your search results could be narrowed by hiding or showing available and premium domains and exported to a CSV file or distributed by way of a link. Each available domain is listed with its annual price. It has an “add to cart” button, and the domains that are not available are either marked as taken or registered.

NameBright – #2 Fast bulk domain availability checker

NameBright Bulk Domain Check

NameBright is a different domain registrar’s website that you can check for the availability of domains. There you can look at more than 5,000 domains in their availability. This is a straightforward checker for the availability of domains tool. It is as simple as entering your full domain names (with the TLD) and telling you the available domains. In the event that you discover the desired domain that is available and you want to make an application to register it through this website on its own. The best part is you are able to download the results of domain availability on your computer in the form of either a CSV, Excel or an XML file.

To check domain names in bulk with this website is simple. All you need to do is visit the homepage. Like the other websites previously mentioned, you do not need to complete registration to utilize this service.

Type in the domain names you want to search for within the form that pops up. Then click”Search” and click the “Search” button, and then it will begin searching for those domains. It may take some time to process the information, and once it’s done, it will present the domains that are accessible and those that aren’t in two distinct sections.

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GoDaddy Bulk Domain Name Checker, Bulk Domain Purchase

Given that it is the largest domain registrar globally, it’s only natural to assume that GoDaddy offers its own checking of domain names. Although it is among the simplest bulk domain names checkers, it can still check as many as 500 domains or keywords.

It can support an extensive list of extensions of domain names. After analyzing your domain names, it will categorize them into both available and inaccessible ones, and you have the option to add all available domains into your cart for registration in one go.

Name.com ☑– #4 free bulk domain search & bulk domain purchase

Name com, bulk domain registration, godaddy bulk domain

Name.com is yet another domain registration site that comes with a free bulk checker for any domain availability. It can be used to check if a particular domain will be available within a small period of time. It requires an inventory of domains, looking for availability, and then giving you the cost for available domains. You can also view the annual renewal fees as well. The report that produces can be exported as a CSV file format that you can save to your computer.

This website can be used exactly the same way I have described it on the previous websites. Go to the home page of the domain checker tool and type in the domains that you wish to see if they are available. After you have entered the list of domains to be checked, you are able to begin the check. The availability report will display the available domains and those that aren’t. If you’d like to, you could download the results to a CSV file format.

IONOS ☑- #5 Simple And Fast Bulk Domain Checker

IONOS search tool, Bulk Domain Availability Checker

Going through multiple domains one by one could be time-consuming. Instead, avoid the trouble by using the bulk domain search. With a more advanced search, you’ll be able to quickly find the availability of over 100 domains in one go. Enter your entire domain list into the IONOS search tool. You’ll be able to immediately determine which domains are still available to purchase.

If the domains you’re looking for are available, just include them in your shopping cart when you’ve completed your search. If you register more than one domain simultaneously, you’ll be eligible for discount coupons from IONOS. You can do a bulk domain availability check for free and sign up for bulk domain purchase.

Dynadot ☑– # 5 Hassle-free bulk domain name registration

bulk domain search, bulk domain purchase, Name com

Another bulk domain name checker is the domain search tool offered by Dynadot. This Dynadot powerful domain name search tool can search over 1000 domains, either incomplete domains or only keywords. You can determine if you’ve entered domain names using TLDs or just keywords when you click the radio button.

If you select the latter option, the list of TLDs available will be displayed in alphabetical or default order. You will then choose the ones you wish the verification to be conducted. Suppose you also indicated that you only used keywords, but you added full domains. In that case, the tool will ignore the extensions and only look at the domain names.

If you search only for keywords, each result row will include the keyword as well as all of the TLDs you have selected with a dash if the keyword and extension combination is not available or an option to checkbox and price to indicate if it is accessible.

If the search is done for all domains that are in use and the result of the search will show the domain’s name as well as the price. If the domain isn’t available, the domain will be declared as taken and will have an option to perform an inquiry into whois and offer the domain through DomainAgents and the actual domain’s website.

Domain Hole– #7 Bulk domain lookup

Domain Hole is a website dedicated to all things related to domain names, domain name creation, the expiration of domain names, and creating domain alerts and more. It is only natural that a website like this should include an extensive domain checker. Like Dynadot’s bulk search tool, it requires users to enter domain names that do not have TLDs.

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If you add TLDs, they will be removed in the domain’s name. Then the domain name check is done only for the name as well as the TLDs you choose in the TLD list. The results will be marked as being taken or a hyperlink that reads “register”.

This will take you to a GoDaddy page, where you can sign up for that particular domain. When you register for an account with a Domain Hole account, which is unrestricted, it will allow you to create an account with your most-loved domain names. It doesn’t matter if these domains are in use or not; it does not matter.

In the list, you will view the current status of each domain name as well as the date you put it on your favourites list. Of course, any domain may be taken off your favourite list with a simple click of one button.

Who Should Use Bulk Domain Availability Tools?

This bulk domain search tool is particularly suitable for those who want to secure the protection of their brand. Creating any number of domains is possible with your company’s name will prevent other people from purchasing the domains and could harm your reputation.

This bulk search tool is also beneficial for companies and people interested in the domain trade. People buy domains with the hopes of selling them for a profit. The ability to search up to one hundred parts for availability in one go makes their work considerably more accessible and more efficient.

Why should I register more than one domain?

By registering multiple domains, you safeguard your company’s reputation online by protecting your brand name. If you’ve reserved a domain extension, that doesn’t mean all of them will become reserved to you. Domains are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. If someone else registers first, they could grab your domain name.

Cybersquatters are the most likely to engage in this type of behaviour, buying domains they don’t want to offer for sale to the rightful owner at a more expensive cost. Suppose you register as many domains as possible such as yourbusinessname.com, yourbusinessname.net, etc. You protect your brand name and make it much more difficult for cybersquatters or any other person trying to hurt your business. Be sure to record every possible variant that could be entered during the search process, including spelling mistakes.

If you have multiple domains, you need to guard against duplicate content since Google will be penalized for it. It isn’t necessary to write original content each time (unless you’d like to). You can make use of a 301 permanent redirect to fix the issue.


Final Thoughts:

These are the top free bulk domain availability checking tools we curated from across the web.

You can quickly create domain availability check data by using these sites within a matter of minutes. All you need to do is type in the desired domain name with and without TLD and then get the result of availability. Certain of these sites permit you to export the available data to an excel file. Personally, I’d suggest GoDaddy or Dynadot as well as NameBright as good bulk domain checker tools. You can also try other ones and let us know which you prefer.

We will be glad to have your feedback in the comment below.

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