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HBO MAX, HBO – 5 Alternatives to HBO MAX for Content Streaming


HBO Max is a video streaming platform from Home Box Office and its mother company Warner Media. It hosts all the premium HBO TV shows and movies and additional exciting programs from the Warner content library.

The global Streaming Video Platform size stood at USD 342.44 Billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 842.93 Billion by 2027, exhibiting at a CAGR of 12% in the forecast period and HBO has been a leading wellspring of subscribed content for a long time; it as of now offers seven 24-hour tubes loaded up with top-notch unique and authorized content.

Five years ago, HBO moved into the computerized age, establishing the framework for a fundamentally broader service name HBO Max.

Through this service, HBO will be able to converge a number of shows and films from the company’s parent, Warner Media, into a single subscription service.

How Is HBO Max Different from HBO ?

The old HBO cable channel that we know and enjoy still exists, as it always has, offering incredible original content paired with the best of Hollywood. Now there is also, existing side by side with its predecessor.

But make no mistake, Warner Media (HBO’s parent company) wants you to be on HBO Max.

What’s better with HBO Max?

It has everything like on the HBO channel and films and shows of many other WarnerMedia brands, such as TBS, TNT, CNN, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, performances from classic Turner films, and even HBO Max original. Warner Media claims that more than 12,500 hours of content are available on the streaming service.

More About HBO Max

HBO Max isn’t only a name change. A great deal of new content has shown up, and HBO is effectively attempting to extend its endorser base for certain exceptionally intense advances.

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The super dramatic versions of Warner Bros in 2021 will be delivered at HBO Max around the same time as they show up in theatres.

This is no joking matter, considering that an outing to the movies for two can, without much of a stretch, cost $20 or more, and this doesn’t rely on concessions! HBO Max will have the absolute best movies of 2021 at no extra expense, with the exception of a membership fee of $14.99 each month.

Alternatives to HBO MAX

In some ways, HBO Max already has its niche highlighted by the sheer quality of the existing HBO catalogue, but if you’re still on edge, it’s worth checking out some of the alternatives to HBO Max. Most of them are generally cheaper, but few offer the same incredible library of shows and movies as

Below, we compiled some alternative content streaming services in the market.

  1. Netflix

Like HBO Max, Netflix is without a doubt the leading platform for streaming original content. The streaming service has invested a lot in both films and TV series for years, and there is something here for almost any genre.

Some of the most popular Netflix originals include The Witcher, which tells the story of Geralt of Rivia as he journeys across the Continent killing monsters; the horseman Bojack, which is an animated story about a horse that talks; and Ozark, in which Jason Bateman moves to Missouri to launder money and escape from drug cartels.

Even though Netflix is very popular for its originals, it also has some great shows and movies that aren’t exclusive to Netflix. Making Netflix one of the most used streaming platforms in general, as you will always find something interesting to watch.

  1. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is the library of original movies and shows powered by Amazon.

Amazon Prime Video, HBO, HBO MAX COM

Amazon Prime Video may not be exactly like HBO Max, but the selection is still impressive. There is a lot of interesting content to select from, including the superhero show “Boys”, the police show “Bosch”, the exciting Tom Clancy film “Jack Ryan” starring John Krasinski and the hilarious “The Wonderful Mrs Maisel”. It’s also a great platform to find low-budget movies like Velocipastor.

  1. YouTube TV

When you talk of streaming video, you speak of YouTube. And so, perhaps it’s only natural to expect that YouTube TV is Google’s live streaming service.

Designed for users who want to cut the cord and give up their cable subscriptions (and recognized in the streaming industry as a distributor of multi-channel video programs or MVPD), YouTube TV competes in the same space as other content streaming TV services such as DIRECTV Stream (formerly known as AT & T TV Now and DIRECTTV Now), Sling TV, FuboTV and Hulu with Live TV.

And YouTube TV offers a unique combination of features that make it very attractive — so much so that it easily ranks among the top three TV services in the United States by the number of paid subscribers. This is due to several factors.

YouTube TV is easy to use. It has a choice of channels that compete with all the others. And the price for YouTube TV is also competitive.

You can watch YouTube TV on almost any modern device. And the fact that the parent company of Alphabet (aka Google) has been engaged in marketing in the last few years certainly did not hurt either.

A lot is happening with YouTube TV, and it only gets better over time.

  1. ESPN Plus

If you are a sports fan, then subscribing to ESPN Plus is the right alternative to HBO MAX. The video streaming service offers a wide selection of sports content, including NHL and MLB games, college sports, football and much more. He also holds exclusive access to UFC pay-per-view events.

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ESPN Plus also hosts a bunch of originals, like the Boardroom with KD, Peyton’s Seats with Peyton Manning, the NBA Rooks with Zion Williamson, and more. Having that in mind, you should always have something interesting to watch on ESPN Plus.

One of the notable drawbacks is that ESPN Plus does not include either ESPN Monday night football or live NBA coverage. Thus, this video streaming platform is not a suitable replacement for all ESPN channels, but it still offers a lot of great content at a reasonable price.

  1. has thousands of premium and licensed documentaries on numerous topics, including history, science and technology. It was founded by John Hendrix, who at one time also launched the famous cable television network Discovery Channel.

CuriosityStream, CuriosityStream com

You can watch a lot of vast documentaries on the service. These include The History of the House, which tells about how shelters for people developed, the History of Mathematics, which examines the history of mathematics, and many others.

The service is very affordable, at least compared to HBO Max and Netflix, and you can try it for free for seven days.

However, the free trial version is only available if you sign up for the service through Amazon Prime Video or the Roku channel. You will not receive a free trial when registering through the CuriosityStream website.



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