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Best Nodejs Frameworks for Web Apps in 2022

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Nodejs is an open-source JavaScript runtime environment capable of independent execution without the need of the browser. It runs JavaScript code on the server-side. Hence 4 out of 5 back-end and full-stack developers prefer using Node.js nowadays. About 85% of developers use it for web app development and 43% of developers use it for building enterprise apps.

The demand for Mobile app & web apps is rising in recent times as they are able to impart a better user experience. Hence, many businesses are investing in web app development that has resulted in a rise of Node.js development companies in India. Big business groups that have already incorporated Nodejs into their business framework are Netflix, PayPal, Reddit, eBay, Amazon, LinkedIn, and more.

It is undoubtedly an excellent choice for startups as it brings down the cost of development by 58% and also boosts the app’s performance by 50%. About 30 million websites use Nodejs, and in 2018, Nodejs downloads hit 1 billion.

Nodejs offers a unique set of tools along with an active community of developers who are continually developing newer frameworks. To use Nodejs, developers must be aware of the correct frameworks that they should use for the purpose of web app development. Thus, we have thoroughly researched the best Nodejs frameworks that can be used for web app development in 2022.

NodeJS, Node.js, NodeJs Frame Works

Types of Nodejs frameworks

There are three different kinds of Nodejs frameworks. Before looking at what are the best Nodejs frameworks, let us understand its different types.

MVC frameworks – The Model-View-Controller frameworks offer valuable design patterns and make it quite easy to scale as well as maintain apps. An example of Express.js is an example of the MVC framework.

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Full-Stack MVC framework – Full-stack MVC framework can be employed in both frontend and backend web app development. In addition to this, it also offers several other development capabilities such as template engines, libraries, and scaffolding.

REST API frameworks – REST API frameworks offer a ready-made programming interface that aids in the faster development of apps.

Nodejs frameworks useful for web app development in 2022

Several developers have written unique frameworks for Nodejs. The five most frequently used Nodejs frameworks for web app development are as follows.

  1. Express.JS

Express.JS, otherwise known as Simply Express is a free, open-source, popular Nodejs development framework available under the MIT license framework. It especially finds use in the backend web development platforms. It is frequently used in developing web apps and APIs and the following are the useful features of this Nodejs framework:

Key Features:

  • Helps integrate APIs instantly.
  • It is one of the fastest Nodejs frameworks with robust features.
  • Helps in rapid building of server-side tools.
  • Based on MVC architectural pattern.
  • Apps built with Express.JS have maximum testability.
  • Owing to asynchronous programming developers can execute multiple operations independently with higher performance.
  • HTTP helpers make apps reusable.
  • Templating, robust routing, security features, and error handling are among its other offerings.


It is best suited for developing enterprise-grade apps and browser-based applications.

  1. Meteor.js

This is a full-stack solution that comes with database integration and a custom package manager. Meteor, a startup software company developed the Meteor.js framework in 2012 which is an open-source, isomorphic, JavaScript-based web framework. It is compatible with all kinds of apps, which is necessary because app use has risen, suggests this app vs desktop statistics.

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Key Features:

  • Being a cross-platform framework, it allows developers to write one code that can be used for the web app and also the mobile app.
  • It facilitates building rapid prototyping with CLI.
  • It facilitates easier integration with frameworks.
  • It enjoys the exceptional support of the developer community.
  • It offers extensive libraries and numerous testing features.
  • It is easier to learn as it is an isomorphic framework.
  • Allows deployment of live updates.


It is best suited for building cross-platform apps and real-time apps.

  1. is a JavaScript library framework that can help in building real-time apps and applications requiring WebSocket development. is a full-stack web development platform, already employed by Bepro, Barogo, and Patreon.

Key Features:

  • This framework utilizes multiple programming languages.
  • It helps in solving issues with a simple and clean API.
  • Real-time analytics facilitates faster support.
  • Facilitates integration of chat apps.
  • Helps to keep track of modifications.
  • It is capable of auto-identifying errors.

Application: is best suited for developing chat room apps, video conferencing applications, and multiplayer games.

  1. Nest.js

Nest.js is a dynamic Nodejs framework offering binary modularization, complete flexibility along huge libraries. It is an effective combination of object-oriented and functional reactive programming. It has an easy learning curve. Though it has a clean-code architecture, it is capable of maintaining the required code complexity for building large-scale apps.

Key Features:

  • It boosts backend productivity.
  • It integrates perfectly with other frameworks like Express and Fastify.
  • Also compatible with Typescript, a subset of JavaScript.
  • Offers extensive testability.
  • Compatible with Angular on the front end.
  • Offers CLI for modular structure and features.
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Nest.js is most suited for developing multilayered enterprise apps.

  1. Hapi.js

This is another popular, free, and open-source web app framework. The server of Hapi.js is commercially available and it has a rich ecosystem.

Key Features:

  • It offers several in-built plugins, thereby excluding the need to use unauthorized middleware.
  • Availability of cycle models offers tremendous assistance.
  • Enabled with quick bug fixing techniques.
  • Compatible with MongoDB, MySQL, and various other databases.
  • Secure defaults and minimal overheads.
  • Helps to build scalable apps.
  • Default caching, authentication, and input validation.
  • Compatible with HTTPS proxy apps and REST APIs.


This framework is best suited for developing desktop apps, proxy servers, and social media apps.

Final Thoughts

Express.js is the most trending Nodejs framework with 43,000 Github stars followed by Meteor.js which has acquired 40,000 Github stars. Frameworks help in reducing resource consumption and marketing time besides making the app development process a breeze.

The key to getting the desired results lies in choosing the right framework according to the requirements of the project. We hope that you can make your call about implementing the best Nodejs framework for your web app development project after going through this blog post.


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