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12 Atlassian Products for Improving Business Efficiency & Agility

Are you looking for an online solution that can improve the efficiency, speed, or agility of your business? You can find an Atlassian solution to this.

Atlassian collection of tools (Jira, Opsgenie, Confluence, Trello, Bitbucket, and more) are used by a multitude of companies around the world.

Atlassian products can be successfully adopted and implemented by any company across a multitude of use cases.

They offer;

  1. User-friendly Design
  2. Excellent support
  3. Friendly Pricing Plans: More cost-effective than many of their competitors
  4. The ability to customize and automate as needed
  5. Online support is available 24/7 and includes documentation and help
  6. Seamless integration across Atlassian products.
  7. One-time Platform to support Development and Support teams
  8. Supports Agile development
  9. Many plug-ins
  10. Simple to use and simple to set up

What We Know About Atlassian Products

Atlassian Product

With a variety of options to pick from, it’s difficult to determine which Atlassian product or solutions to choose. Here’s a brief overview of Atlassian products and services and what they can accomplish for your company:

Jira Software

As one of the top software development tools that flexible teams can use, Jira Software is built to assist the teams of software designers and developers in effortlessly organizing the development, track, and deployment of projects.

The software creates a roadmap for developers, which helps team members stay on the same page from the beginning to the product’s release. Utilizing Jira Software, teams can assign work, monitor progress, alter workflows at a moment’s notice and monitor for bugs at each step.

The planning capabilities of the software are designed to easily be integrated into the team’s existing frameworks, such as Scrum, Kaban, and other mixed methodologies, in conjunction with using Bitbucket, which is a different species to developers’ Atlassian tool.


Collaborate, manage projects, trello

Contrary to Jira, which is specifically for teams working on software and is targeted at developers, software builders, or project managers working on software-related projects, the renowned Atlassian tool offers project tracking tools that any business can use. It can also be utilized for personal planning!

With Trello’s boards, lists, and cards, teams are able to understand each aspect of a project in progress, from tasks completed to upcoming ones. The system was created to provide teams with the necessary information to know about a workflow in one glance.

Teams can also conceal attachments and due dates, and other information on the shared Trello Boards and Lists. This can help avoid an overload of information: You can see a summary of the project on the shared Trello board and then navigate to the tasks they have been assigned to find more details or information in the event that they require it.

Atlassian Access

Atlassian Access, Atlassian Products

Companies that utilize several Atlassian products should think about purchasing Atlassian Access. This enterprise-wide subscription offers increased security and centralized management for each Atlassian cloud product, such as Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Trello. Security of data and users across multiple cloud platforms is not an easy job, especially for rapidly growing companies.

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However, companies remove the risk for shadow IT by using Atlassian Access. This tool allows administrators to manage the entire range of Atlassian cloud applications with high-end security controls and accessibility features to develop large-scale governance plans without limiting flexibility or collaboration.

Jira Align

The Atlassian tool was developed to link a company’s strategy for business with its technological ones. With Jira Align, companies can gather data from certain teams and utilize this information to define the scope, scopes, roadmaps, and relationships between portfolios and teams. This solution is being used by a variety of organizations and roles, such as portfolio managers, who can use it to explain the benefits of investing in strategic initiatives to analysts and investors.

A digital transformation team can utilize it to develop a custom plan to drive digital initiatives at their workplace.

Delivery teams can use it to ensure that their sprints are aligned with the company’s overall strategy. Jira Align is flexible enough to assist any company, regardless of the industry integrating everyday tasks with the long-term objectives.

Jira Core

This project management software for business is designed for teams with no technical expertise who require an instrument that can facilitate better collaboration among teams. Jira Core is very similar to Jira Software but without the software-specific components, which makes it more user-friendly and less complicated for users.

Jira Core comes with customizable workflows, task-management capabilities, and performance monitoring tools. It offers detailed processes to ensure that teams are organized, regardless of the size or scope of the project. This software is able to be utilized in many scenarios across a company, including finance, HR, legal departments, operations, or marketing.


Connect Opsgenie, Opsgenie Integration

With Opsgenie, companies are able to respond to urgent issues before they impact your business processes. Businesses can program Opsgenie to notify specific people and teams of problems through their existing systems through its flexible rules engine.

After an incident has occurred, businesses can make use of Opsgenie incident investigation tools to pinpoint the cause. Opsgenie is a great solution for companies with large infrastructures that cannot control all their products and service. With this alert and on-call management tool, businesses can ensure that they don’t fail to receive an important alert.


This Atlassian tool allows quick communication with an enterprise’s clients and customers when one of its services or systems is experiencing problems.

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With StatusPage, companies can avoid negative reviews as well as an overwhelming number of support tickets that can be generated from downtime. If there is a network issue or an error by a third party that renders the website unusable, the company could update its StatusPage to inform users of the problem and inform them that their teams are working to fix it.


Confluence helps companies manage the entirety of their databases, documents, and employee records for safe and secure data storage. Confluence is an Atlassian tool that creates an electronic knowledge base for the company’s most important documents with different levels of permissions so that only specific users can access or modify pages.

Confluence also offers customized templates for documents that every department can use. Marketing, HR, legal, and finance departments don’t need to develop new templates for each new procedure. They can utilize Confluence’s templates for creating efficiencies.


The Git code management system offers software developers the collaborative tools needed to develop software with high-quality code. It is renowned for its code collaboration capabilities and the ability to manage versions; Bitbucket helps establish code review processes to ensure that the projects are thoroughly tested prior to being released.

The software also serves as a centralized place where teams can plan projects and share their Git repository. This allows for project visibility for each team member, ensuring that no one is left out in the creation and testing phases or the deployment phase of the software release. Bitbucket can easily be integrated with Jira Software to create superior software that improves workflows for the company’s software developers and enhances the company’s CI and CD skills.


This Atlassian tool simplifies the management of identity processes across a company. By using Crowd’s single-sign-on (SSO) features, businesses can offer their employees and customers a single username and password to sign in to the various applications they require access to.

The Crowd can also help businesses organize directories into one application, which makes it easier to manage the authentication rights of individuals within and outside of their business. This application is compatible with connectors such as AD, LDAP, Microsoft Azure AD Novell eDirectory, and many more.


Sourcetree simplifies the way teams working on software development work with Git repositories to ensure that they can concentrate on programming.

This tool comes with a Git GUI (GUI) that lets developers manage, edit and display the repository.

Sourcetree replaces command-line commands with simplified distributed capabilities for controlling version numbers that allow beginners to become familiar with a Git client. However, it’s strong enough to aid those who are experts. Advanced users can make use of Sourcetree to become more efficient in reviewing changes, storing, or even cherry-picking between branches.

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Software developers utilize the continuous integration (CI) tool to connect automated builds, releases, and tests together in a seamless workflow. While developers concentrate on programming, Bamboo enables CI and supervises the build servers.

With Bamboo software, teams are able to make multi-stage build plans and set triggers to ensure that builds start when committed or assign agents to the most critical build and deploy.

Bamboo can also support continuous deployment, which automates the repetitive process of releasing new code to each new environment while permitting teams to control the flow using per-environment permissions. Additionally, Bamboo can be integrated with Jira Software and Bitbucket.

Jira Service Management

This is one of the Atlassian products that is transforming the way that an IT department functions. It’s a flexible and collaborative IT Service Management (ITSM) system that lets IT teams effortlessly handle, track and receive customer inquiries all from one place.

Jira Service Management also comes with help centers that can be customized and widgets that IT teams can integrate into their platforms. These tools facilitate communication and collaboration so that IT departments can respond to issues and service requests quicker and more effectively.

Why Users Choose Atlassian Products

What are the fundamental advantages of Atlassian Products, and how are they contenders in the collaboration and development software tools?

Here you go!

With everything available from Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, Confluence, Bitbucket, and more, the possibilities of integrations and choices are diverse.

As an enterprise-class software brand, Atlassian develops products for software developers and project managers and manages content; Atlassian has become a leading company in its field with a variety of products and services and is constantly working on additional offerings. 

From starting as a small start-up and operating in a highly competitive technology market, Atlassian quickly established its business and launched JIRA as its initial product.

Most commonly used for the Service Desk incident management and project management tools, Atlassian fits seamlessly with flexible workflow processes, making it extremely useful across various sectors.

One of the primary reasons Atlassian is now a leading brand in this field is the variety of software that can work with various plug-ins. Regarding flexibility and possibilities for integration, Atlassian is widely recognized as one of the best. Atlassian products are constantly evolving with software features that further enhance the potential of businesses.

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