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How to Choose the Best Dedicated Server Hosting in Kolkata

If you are looking for the best dedicated server hosting in Kolkata, this post highlights some of the things you need to consider to help you select a dedicated server hosting in Kolkata.

An increasing percentage of all global companies are progressively boarding on digital transformation to elevate customer experience and satisfaction.

The switch to a click-and-mortar business model has made websites an imperative link between companies and customers.

If your business website attains a good amount of traffic or you wish to attract more web traffic, improving the user experience must be your priority. Renting a Dedicated Server Kolkata to host your business website is one sure way to have the assurance of your website’s high reliability and optimal performance.

The dedicated server hosting takes away all your concerns about the low speed and downtime of your website.

However, choosing the best dedicated server hosting for your need can be a complex task. Thus, before you hop to any dedicated server in Kolkata, it would help to consider the key factors we will discuss in this article. This will make your choice simple and perfect for your business website. Let us first begin with briefly defining a dedicated server for those knowing not much about it.

Know About Dedicated Server

Dedicated server renders a type of web hosting service where you get access to the whole server along with its resources. You acquire the whole physical server for hosting your business website. And you are not compelled to share the server resources with any other website. The kolkata dedicated server hosting comes with an independent and private platform that enables the highest level of data security. Moreover, your hosting company provides you the full authority over your dedicated server Kolkata. With this, you become capable of running your server in a way that supports your business website to the fullest.

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Best Dedicated Server Hosting, Best Dedicated Server

Key Factors You Should Consider to choose the Best Dedicated Server in Kolkata?

Mentioned below are the principal factors based on which you must make the decision of picking any dedicated server in Kolkata –

Your website’s performance necessities

You must anticipate how much volume of web traffic you can expect or are expecting with your business website. This helps in determining the level of performance your website must deliver. Further, based on the performance level, you get the ability to decide on the needed type of hardware, bandwidth amount, website loading speed, and other such aspects.

The potential downtime that can occur

In general, web users do not wait more than three to four seconds for any website to load. Thus, this statistic confirms how crucial it is to pick a reliable dedicated server Kolkata. You must get your website a dedicated server with the stability of the maximum uptime and least downtime. Also, figure out more than how much potential downtime your website cannot afford.

Robust security features

Security is the prime concern of every web business in this age of increasing security threats and cybercrimes. You must pick the Kolkata dedicated server hosting from a company that involves security-as-a-service. This also lets your business website’s visitors and customers be sure of complete data protection while exchanging any information.

High scalability option

You must make sure that the hosting company permits you to scale up the resources with your dedicated server in kolkata. That is because, with the growth of your business website, the need for hosting services and resources raises. You would surely not want to hop the hosting servers with your increasing requirements.

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Round-the-clock technical support

You can encounter complicated tasks while hosting your business website. Also, there can be times when your server’s functioning gets deadlocked with technical glitches. This all can affect your website’s performance and might lead to frequent downtime. Thus, you must seek the dedicated server Kolkata from the hosting company that provides instant and round-the-clock technical support.

Advantages of Using Kolkata Dedicated Servers

Let us highlight here some significant benefits that the ideal dedicated server hosting in kolkata brings to your business website.

Unique IP address

Your business website obtains a dedicated IP address that serves as one of the key aspects to score better SEO ranking.

Choice of operating system

You get the opportunity to run the OS that is most compatible with your business website.


Since you get the root access of your dedicated server Kolkata, you also acquire the customization power. You can install and customize everything from server settings to its applications, software, or programs.

Dedicated server hosting is relatively expensive than other hosting services due to the privileges as well as the advantages it offers. However, let us introduce you next to the top-leading hosting company that can lend you the best-dedicated server in Kolkata at the cheapest rate.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting in Kolkata, Dedicated Server Hosting in Kolkata

Serverwala: The Cheap and Best Dedicated Server Provider in Kolkata

Serverwala is a top-notch hosting company highly recognized for rendering reliable, flexible, and powerful dedicated servers globally. With the company’s cheap dedicated server kolkata hosting, you will gain the support of top-tier equipment based on modern and resilient technology. Moreover, your business website will acquire the following benefits with the dedicated server Kolkata –

  • 24/7 technical and customer support through certified experts
  • Full root access of the server
  • Intense security features including DDoS protection, data encryption, and SSL
  • Premium and unlimited bandwidth
  • Allowance up to 30 TB data transfer rate monthly
  • Monthly 30 TB Data Transfer
  • 99% Uptime network assurance with the redundant power
  • Continuous secure channels with high tech network flexibility
  • Self-service portal
  • Quick and easy scalability option
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Final Words on How to Choose the Best Dedicated Server Hosting in Kolkata

Serverwala hosting offers the best kolkata dedicated server hosting services – both managed and unmanaged. All the company’s servers will come with consistent and twenty times faster network connectivity. Your business website will get the ability to deliver seamless performance and an excellent end-user experience. To know further details about the company’s cheapest and leading dedicated server Kolkata, browse its official website now.

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