Are you looking for the best tools for project management? If yes. This post is for you. In this article, I have compiled a huge list of top project management software that will ease your project management task.

The tools for project management compiled in this article have been selected based on consideration of their features and other information about cost, user support, ease of customization, speed, and reviews from the internet.

You can trust that a project is on a fast lane to success if you have the best tools to work with. Managing projects today has gone from managing petty activities to ones requiring effective project management tools to get the job done. Projects vary in many ways. The nature of one project might be so easy to manage and complete only with a checklist.

However, some projects can be very tough and need more than a checklist. Organizing a project of this kind would involve one to plan extensively, allocate tasks and monitor progress, fix deadlines, and keep close watch of time used.

It’s very crucial to properly allocate the task involved in such a project. Inexperienced product managers might be left confused on what to choose out of the numerous options available today. However, in this article, we’ve shared a list of the best tools for project management.


    1. 5pm
    2. 10,000FT Plans
    3. AceProject
    4. ActiveCollab
    5. Advantage
    6. Airtable
    7. Apollo
    8. Azendoo
    9. Basecamp
    10. Bitrix24
    11. Breeze
    12. Brightpod
    13. Cage
    14. Celoxis
    15. Chanty
    16. Citrix Podio
    17. Clarizen
    18. Comindware
    19. Confluence
    20. Copper Project
    21. CoSchedule
    22. Crocagile
    23. Deltek WorkBook
    24. Dropbox Paper
    25. Easy Project
    26. EventCollab
    27. Evernote
    28. Filestage
    29. Flock
    30. Forecast
    31. Freedcamp
    32. Freshdesk
    33. Functionfox
    34. GanttPRO
    35. Flow Project Management Tool
    36. Highrise
    37. Hive
    38. Insightly
    39. JIRA Software
    40. LiquidPlanner
    41. Mavenlink
    42. Microsoft Project
    43. MindGenius
    46. Notion
    47. nTask
    48. Nutcache
    49. Ora
    50. Paymo
    51. Podio
    52. Producteev
    53. Project Insight
    55. ProofHub
    56. Proprofs
    57. Proworkflow
    58. Ravetree
    59. Redbooth
    61. Scoro
    62. Smartsheet
    63. Teamdeck
    64. TeamGantt
    65. Teamwork Projects
    66. TimeCamp
    67. Toggl Plan
    68. Weekdone
    69. Workbook
    70. Workzone
    71. Wrike
    72. Zenkit
    73. Zoho Projects
    74. Kanban Tool


Based on consideration of their features and other information about cost, user support, ease of customization, speed, and reviews from the internet, the project management tools and apps below are considered the top 11 tools for project management from the list above.

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best tools for project management, trello

This online project management software is direct and simple project management software that is user-friendly and regarded among the best tools for project management. It improves teamwork and gets a lot done with its cooperative features. It prepares and keeps tasks organized using boards, cards, and lists. Trello aids the sharing of files, user collaboration, and interaction.

However, Trello lacks features that track time. Nevertheless, this is a remarkable tool for dealing with small projects simultaneously. There is a free plan with basic functions for users. It also offers a paid version containing additional components.

2.  ClickUp – Project Management

Project Management, free project management software

This project managing tool is well-known for its capabilities hardly found in any other tool. ClickUp is easy and direct to use giving. This software gives clarity to business life. This tool can help a manager effectively allocate tasks among a team. It’s loaded with time-tracking abilities, integrations, Gantt Charts, reminders, automation, documents, and more. Of course! It comes as an unlimited free project management software plan with basic functions. However, it also has paid versions, especially the business version with added functions.

3.  Wrike

Project managers can make plans with ease using this project management tool. It has features that monitor deadlines and task progress. This tool helps to rank task and important ones can be focused on till it’s finished. It has a very productive collection of project managing features and gives users the ability to select from several integrations.

A company that has a team of developers, marketers, and those offering professional services would benefit from this tool. It offers a free basic version, a free project management tool that only 5 users can access. There are paid plans, especially the business plan containing Gantt Chart, workflow, and features that track time.

4.  Proofhub

This is a tool for project management that makes teamwork effective. The planning, management, and monitoring of the allocated task are much easier. Proofhub contains calendars, documents, and features for easy conversations. Teamwork is much easier with this software. Interaction with external clients is also possible with this tool. You can only use this software on only two available paid versions.

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This is a straightforward tool to use when managing projects. helps organize work in a well-defined manner. This software consists of attractive surfaces and tools that visualizes projects. Customization is easy, security is tight and users can access many available features on this software. There is no free version of this software. Users can only work with the paid versions.

6.  Kanban Tool

This is one of the best project management tools offering easy time-tracking, document sharing, and workflow visualization. It makes collaboration and task monitoring easy as the reporting feature is available with this tool. Hosting this software outside is one interesting feature of this tool. The free project management software of Kanban can organize only two product boards and allow just two users. However, the paid version is improved with extra components.

7.  Teamwork

This is one of the best tools for managing projects online. Teamwork improves collaboration among users. It enables effective communication via its email integration. Ongoing tasks can be monitored till completion via its dashboard. This fall in the category of free project management tools because it has a  free basic version that permits just five users and handles 2 projects only. The paid plans of this tool come with extra capabilities and different pricing.

8.  Airtable

A top project management software every enterprise can benefit from. The customization is easy with direct usage. It features a database that helps store data used to plan and organize projects. Also, a spreadsheet allows much creativity when organizing data that users love. Air table offers a free version with teamwork features and multiple views. There are also great paid plans, especially a special pro version that has improved features.

9.  Asana

This online project management software concentrates on teamwork and offers solid task management. This tool applies to every size of the enterprise. However, it isn’t quite suitable for freelancing. The tool has a free version that permits about 15 users. There are also paid plans available with Asana.

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10. Kissflow Projects

This is one of the best tools for project management. Its simplicity positions it as a good choice for an inexperienced project manager. Kissflow has an in-depth collection of features for organizing projects. One feature that draws much organization to this tool is its alluring visual user interface that’s simple to work with. Only three users can the free version and only one project can be done. The paid plans offer different costs and additional components.

11.  Zoho Projects – Online project Management Software & Tools

free gantt chart software, free online project management tools

This is an online project management software that helps in organizing tasks for businesses. It’s a tool that improves teamwork and allows people to interact, especially in real-time. Gantt Charts are available in this tool. Also, it features document sharing, and the ability to track time and bugs. Its free basic version allows only a few access. The paid version of Zoho Projects varies with cost and improved functionalities.


No google tools for project management are available right now. However, you can access the free project management tools that are available. The paid plan of any tool comes with additional features for better project organization. A close look at our list would help you choose the one that’ll best suit the kind of project you’re managing.


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  1. I’m surprised there no Kanban Tool ( It’s a great proyect managment tool. Acessible prices, transparenct view of all the tasks and many integrations with another apps. I improved my productivity and I’m glad I’m using this tool!

  2. Wow!
    Many thanks for your contribution, Margarita.

    I just checked the Kanban Tool and it’s a great project management tool to increase team performance.
    Am Adding it to the list ASAP

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