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In this post, I will share some alternatives to JIRA.

Atlassian’s JIRA is one of the most popular project management tools for software development teams. It has no less than 30 million customers worldwide, and it is designed to support Agile teams in planning, creating, tracking progress, registering problems, and releasing software on time. With such a large company and software, it is not surprising that there is a demand for a list of JIRA alternatives.




Favro is a universal application for planning and collaboration that helps developers, marketers, and managers stay on the same page. Its functions and capabilities are designed to scale for any business. Favro is an alternative of JIRA that gives Teams the ability to schedule tasks as they see fit, and managers can see all projects and teams in one place.

Favro is one of the alternatives to JIRA that has built-in processes for Kanban, Scrum, etc. It also supports the import of Trello, Basecamp, and Excel. In addition, users can create reliable reports by combining data from different teams.

Cost: $6.80-12.75 Monthly.


A visual task board designed for any workflow, SmartQ is among the alternatives to JIRA that makes it easy to distribute work, issue applications, track progress and collaborate with your team online.

SmartQ Features include a whiteboard-style interface for visualizing your work, sharing files or notes, sending requests via email or via an external form, a customizable workflow, customizable request fields for collecting additional information, and flexible team roles for access and security management. This alternative of JIRA is available in 10 languages, which makes it one of the best alternatives to JIRA for managing a distributed team of developers around the world.

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 Cost: $ 5-8 per user per month.

Scrum Mate

Another alternative to JIRA is Scrum Mate

Scrum Mate is a flexible JIRA alternative tool designed to bring developers, business people, and creative teams together on one platform to take the process beyond software development.

This alternative to JIRA includes tools such as a backlog for long-term planning, Kanban boards for managing ongoing work or helping to start a Scrum sprint, flashcards and documents for collecting information, reports for tracking progress, as well as events and notifications to help everyone stay up to date.

 Cost: $ 29-199 per month.


This project management tool is also a great alternative to JIRA designed for developers to improve the efficiency of their projects. SprinGround includes features such as task management, issue, and bug tracking, development progress tracking, changelog, centralized real-time collaboration, and time tracking.

The software is designed to support the Scrum, Kanban, and Waterfall methodologies.

SprintGround is considered one of the best alternatives to JIRA because it allows you to automatically create an estimate so that you can accurately plan the release.

It encourages customer-centric product development, allowing product owners to easily monitor progress. File storage is somewhat limited in all plans, which makes it difficult for groups to work with large files.

Cost: There is a free plan,  Paid plans are free to try for 30 days.


Eylean is a Scrum and Kanban desktop software that organizes information into “boards” such as a team board, a task board, a scrum board, and a Kanban board. It also includes features such as time-tracking and reporting. The program integrates with MS Office and TFS tools from the Microsoft product family. It is among the best alternatives to JIRA because Eylean is fully customizable and supports Kanban, Scrum, CMMI, Scrumban, XP or any other process.

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Cost: Eylean costs from $ 92 per user and up to $ 4222.80 for 30 users.

Mingle Project Management Tool

Mingle is a popular project management tool that allows teams to implement and scale Agile methods. It has versions in different languages, including English, Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish, which makes it one among the suitable alternatives to JIRA for working with remote software development teams. Mingle’s intuitive interface allows users to update their projects on Kanban cards, communicate in real-time via messages, forums, and wikis, and share their source codes in the app. Price: Free for 5 users, then the cost increases depending on the functions and the number of users. For example,

Cost:  The basic version will cost $900 per month for 50 users, and the Mingle Plus version will cost $ 1,575 per month for 50 users.


Below are a few more alternatives to JIRA, one of the most popular project management:

  • Bitrix24: Some companies are already using Bitrix24 to collaborate on projects and manage clients.
  • Wireline: Wazeline Roadmap is a cloud-based roadmap development tool that supports real-time collaboration through visual roadmaps and product release schedules
  • Request Tracker: The system of accounting and tracking of applications at the enterprise level. Request Tracker (RT) is an enterprise-level accounting system that allows a group of people to intelligently and effectively manage tasks, problems, and requests submitted by the user community.
  • Open Project: Open Project is an open-source project management program with a wide range of features and plugins. Open Project is an open-source project management program with a wide range of features and plugins. This alternative to JIRA allows you to control the duration of the project, supports Gantt charts, time and cost reports, code management, Scrum, and much more.
  • Trac: Trac is an improved wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects. Trac is an improved wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects. Trac uses a minimalistic approach to managing software projects over the Internet.
  • Yodiz: Yodiz is the leading Agile Scrum tool and bug tracking system. The innovative user interface, simple UX, and excellent feature set make it probably one of the best alternatives to JIRA project management tool.
  • Proof Hub: ProofHub is an online project management program and a collaboration tool. Proof Hub provides your team with the right tools for better project planning
  • Hugger: A product and project management tool with built-in priorities for flexible teams
  • Brain Office: BrainOffice is a software product that helps the project manager of software development, games, and mobile applications to develop and manage project risks
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