Agricultural Business Ideas


Agricultural business ideas have many advantages including low competition and availability of raw materials.

From time to time, you go to the store to buy agricultural products including meat, fruits, and vegetables.

 The agricultural industry does not stand still but is constantly developing, it consists of various types of farming business ideas and other agricultural business ideas that can be categorized into farming, management, production, storage, and marketing of agricultural goods, such as livestock and crops.

In this article, I will share some of the highly profitable Agricultural business ideas that can be done both in rural and urban settings. Some of the Farming Business Ideas in this piece will require minimal starting capital.


Here you go!



The production and sale of natural honey are amongst the agricultural business ideas in Nigeria with high demand and profit.

As in the case of organic vegetables and fruits, the market for bee products is strong.

Natural honey can be produced in your own apiary. However, it must be properly packaged.

Where can I sell it? In local grocery stores, at fairs, festivals, and online on your blog.

To promote the consumption of honey and your honey products, you can, for example, write quality blog posts and make videos describing the benefits and positive properties of bee nectar.


Growing Snails, Agribusiness in Nigeria

This may seem like a crazy farming idea to you right now, but it really is on this list. Sometimes it is such business ideas that can bring a good income.

Snails are much easier to breed than birds and rabbits, they do not need so much space, unlike other animals, a small box or even an aquarium is enough. Their meat tastes like that of chicken, in almost every state in Nigeria they are consumed almost every day for dinner. Snail meat is a delicacy and is also served in restaurants.


Now, everyone is trying to buy good products to take care of their health as much as possible, Scientist have not identified negative consequences of soy consumption. In addition, there is not enough protein in the human diet now, and there is a large amount of it in soy. People have long noticed that they poison their body, and also feel a lack of certain vitamins, nutrients for their body, which is why they are switching to more natural products every day.


 So fans of crop production and everything related to it consider it a popular business. The best thing is to occupy niches in which they have not yet developed much and be among the early birds.

Any business based on soy can be opened, starting with the production of soy products, ending with the cultivation of soybeans. It is sold for both people and animals, so the range of choice is large. The main thing is not to rush and you can start small.

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I think you are perfectly familiar with this agricultural business idea.


To start the business of growing vegetables, you can start with both small and large investments, it all depends on how much you want to grow. However, a piece of good advice is “start small”: find out the demand of consumers, study competitors, understand what your potential customers need. Initially, do not sell the product in large quantities. You can try to trade in the markets or even enter into partnerships with small and large firms to test products. Grow more than one type of organic vegetable, try different ones. If the price falls on one or another product, then another will be able to replace it.

Now people are in search of natural products, so many are willing to pay good money, just not to poison their body. Be honest and love what you do, then people will love your business and give you their money in exchange for your products.


Fish farming is quite a profitable agricultural business idea, like chickens, fish are eaten a lot. But not everyone will grow it himself and go fishing every day.

Fish farming in Nigeria, Fish farming business in Nigeria

To begin with, it is important for you to determine what kind of fish you will grow (and here you already need to take into account the demand of consumers), get the information needed to engage in fish farming, buy or install the necessary equipment for fish farm maintenance and cultivation. And also do not forget about medicines, like any other animals, fish are also subject to diseases. At the same time, do not forget to work with potential buyers of your product, monitor the market, work with suppliers and sales markets.


Poultry farming is one of the popular agribusiness ideas in Nigeria, yet, the demand for poultry products keeps increasing.

There is a special demand for chickens and eggs, every day people buy poultry meat for themselves, or even make a festive dish, like for the New Year, weddings, and other events.

Your products can be unique if you produce chickens without stuffing them with various chemicals. People will immediately understand where there is a good bird and will only run to you for the product.

In addition to breeding chickens, you can also breed various other breeds of birds. Money here can be obtained at least from the sale of the birds themselves to people, from their eggs, with a ready-made product (which you can buy and immediately cook), or you can even open your own cafe or your own restaurant, where your delicious poultry dishes will be prepared. There are many options, but you need to start somewhere and be honest, this is very important.

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There is generally a wide range of Agricultural business Ideas in Nigeria around crop cultivation. Choose any crop that you would like to grow, get acquainted with all the nuances of growing it, and get to work.

Look for buyers, various enterprises that would be profitable for you to sell and sell. There will be a lot of people for your products.

The main thing is to be patient, to study everything properly in order to get started correctly. After all, in this business, you really need to know a lot and for the first time have good capital to invest in seeds, machinery, land, etc.

Undoubtedly, there are various subsidies, programs for novice farmers, but you don’t need to totally count on them. It is better to slowly develop yourself and, as always, start small and be hardworking.


In simple words, this is a resale agricultural business idea. You have to purchase goods in large quantities from farmers, suppliers, or manufacturers and then sell them in small quantities to individual small firms like restaurants and petty provision stores. It is necessary to start such a business with an understanding of what people need now.

It is very important to take into account consumer demand and the trends in the Nigerian food items market, however, as in any business.

In order not to burn out in this case, the advice is to start small. See if your product will be accepted by people or not. If yes, then you can confidently start investing more money: hire people, sign contracts with transport companies, get your own warehouses for storing goods, etc.

  1. AGRIBUSINESS CONSULTING –Why not open an online studio or even a consulting agency for training farmers, agricultural enterprises, traders and everyone who works in this niche. Conduct webinars online and offline format. I think it will be very interesting and useful and people will even say thank you.An important factor is a sufficient knowledge in this area. If you are a specialist, an Agribusiness expert, and want to share your knowledge, then after reading this article, launch a website to show the world what you can do and get to work.

Garlic is an unpretentious crop, and the purchase of seeds and fertilizers for this agricultural business idea does not require large expenditures of funds.  One hundred square meters can give 100-150 kilograms of harvest, depending on the variety of garlic. The average wholesale price for 1 kg is 500 Naira.

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  • To learn how the system of online and online training
  • To understand where your project will be based, online or offline (or both).
  • To invest a certain amount (and perhaps you can even start for free if you are well acquainted with everything)
  • To get to work (the main action)


Anyone can start a business based on the Agricultural business ideas in Nigeria mentioned in this article. But it is necessary to remember these basic rules for farming business in Nigeria:

  • Quality Products: The better the quality of your products, the more people will buy them
  • Eco-friendliness: Harmless products without pesticides and GMOs have higher demand
  • Wide Variety: the wider the range and variety of products sold, the more people will buy the product, remember the covid-19 lockdown? High-quality products are always in demand even during crises. You can partner with others to provide variety and earn more.
  • Proper care: to get good products ready for the market, it needs proper and professional care. This is the truth in any agribusiness case. It is necessary to always keep the quality high.

Agribusiness is a gold mine, it will never become irrelevant in life, so the competition is growing. When opening your business, choose the area in which the product being sold will be in high demand.


I think there is nothing more to explain about Agricultural business Ideas in Nigeria. This area of business includes everything related to agriculture. If you want to become a major entrepreneur in this niche, then you should choose any of the agricultural business ideas in this article, always try to produce high-quality and good products.

It is very profitable, especially if no one is well engaged in this activity in your city or district. Study your competitors, if there are any (if there are none, consider yourself lucky and you definitely need to start working on your business idea) look at the mistakes they make, and try not to allow them in your own business, and better read the material on how to avoid mistakes and learn to make your work better and more productive.

If you add a little creativity and go to work, I believe you will succeed in doing agribusiness in Nigeria.

Thanks for taking the time to read this agricultural business ideas piece.

If you need a logo, website, or advice and support on marketing issues for your Agribusiness, I will be glad to help.

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