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4 Unique Corporate Gifting Ideas To Impress Anyone In 2023

Have you ever received a corporate gift and wished for more creativity in gifting ideas? You are starting to wonder how many branded mugs, glasses, and photo frames you will collect.  

Here are some interesting insights. In terms of corporate gifts, calendars and cards lead at 49%. Restaurant/retail gift certificates come in position two at 23%. Branded items are 23%, food/charity donations at 18%, and wine or flowers at 10%.  

The truth is, people resort to the ‘normal’ gift items for a reason. It is tough to know what someone would want. Yet it is hard to go wrong with the typical functional items. After all, who doesn’t use a mug or glass every day, right? Homeowners would appreciate photo frames and flower vases.  

Well, there is one thing you should know. Some of the gifts will probably end up in a drawer somewhere. If not, they will be ‘regifted’ to someone else. 

When shopping for a gift, you should consider some basic things. It is functional and thoughtful. Try for a level of personalization outside of corporate branding as well. It shows that there was a thought process in choosing the items.  

If you handle the delicate task of corporate gifting, please read on. We will share unique ideas that are sure to impress in 2022. 


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Serveware makes it to our top list of corporate gift items. Yes, we did talk about the typical mugs and glasses being gift favorites. But, why we like this category of gifts is that you can expand the range. 

When thinking about corporate gift ideas, lean towards multiple functionalities. A cheese board or charcuterie board is an excellent, functional, unique gift idea. 

Now, take it a notch higher by choosing beautiful designs featuring resin patterns. Such serving components will look stylish when in use or even on display on the Kitchen Island or countertops.  

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Another option is a personalized challah board for your Jewish co-workers or clients. This is an essential part of celebrating Shabbat. 

A challah set is also a perfect engagement wedding, Hanukkah, or housewarming gift. A good quality one passes down through generations, so only buy from the best suppliers. 

Of course, presentation matters. Imagine a gift basket consisting of a resin charcuterie board and a selection of cold cuts, cheese, and fruits. Budget allowing, throw in a bottle of wine as well. With the challah board, complete the set by including the challah cover as well.  

Wellness Kits 

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Many lessons came out of the Covid-19 pandemic. Humans woke up to a new reality that life can change at a moment’s notice.

Aside from that, the outbreak also highlighted a greater need for health and safety. People are now taking more initiatives to safeguard their wellness. There is a greater need to stay safe while feeling good mentally, physically, and emotionally.  

Look in your bag right now; the chances of not having disposable masks, sanitizer, or wet tissues are slim. A further search will reveal some feel-good items like lotions, perfume, and even candy or gum.  

Putting together a wellness kit is a fantastic gift idea for co-workers in 2022. And, since you work in the same space, it allows you to do a little detective work to find out what they like. 

Go Tech 

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Tech items are other fantastic gift ideas. Sending a pair of high-quality noise-canceling earphones or earbuds to remote workers is a thoughtful gift. And, it is also very functional. They will never have an excuse for missing a video conferencing call because of faulty audio equipment.  

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You know how a majority of people use smart devices nowadays. Research shows that there are over 6 billion smartphone subscribers worldwide. They use the devices to browse the internet and even for work purposes. 

As a mobile phone user, you know how they run out of power at the most inopportune moments. That is why a power bank makes it to the list of unique corporate gift ideas.  

You can be sure that the recipients will have it on them at all times. That makes the power banks a fantastic branding opportunity the marketing team can use. 

Blue light blocking eyewear, portable chargers, and cable organizers are other tech gifts to consider. You can find such complete sets, thus giving the recipients more functionality. 

Stylish Office Bags

Fashion trends are making their way into corporate gifts. We like the idea of stylish office bags. Replace a male co-worker’s basic laptop bag with a modern man bag. With so many design options, you will find some fantastic unisex ones. 

Custom options allow you to personalize the bags with the recipients’ names. You can also put a quirky message if you so wish. 

Like in the case of the power banks above, there are branding opportunities. The trick is not to let the company branding dominate if giving it as a gift. You can leave that for the office bags the sales teams will use when out in the field. 

Another option is backpacks. These work great for the outdoorsy kind. If there is that co-worker who enjoys hiking, such a bag brings tons of convenience. Choose a design that looks good, whether for work or fun purposes.

Backpacks with many storage options will work great for tech lovers. It allows for neat compartmentalization of the items. That way, no rummaging through all the contents to find one item. 

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When it comes to selecting a corporate gift that is both practical and versatile, compact key holders for everyday use are an excellent choice. These sleek and functional accessories offer a convenient solution for keeping keys organized and easily accessible. Whether your recipients are busy professionals, frequent travelers, or individuals who simply appreciate efficiency, compact key holders are a thoughtful and practical gift that will be appreciated.

With their compact design and smart organization features, these key holders ensure that keys are neatly arranged and readily available whenever needed. They add a touch of sophistication to one’s daily routine and minimize the hassle of rummaging through pockets or bags to find the right key.

Final Thoughts

Shopping for corporate gifts can be tricky. While it may be easier for co-workers, third parties are another thing altogether. As we stated in the introduction, try to fulfill the basics. 

Is the gift functional in that the recipient can use it for years to come? A resin charcuterie or cheese board is unique, looks great, and will serve for years. And, you get serveware that translates into a piece of art when not in use.  

Does it feel like you put some thought into choosing the perfect gift? No one wants to receive the same gift as ten other people. Imagine all your colleagues opening their packs to find the same mug and T-shirt.  

Finally, personalization matters. Doesn’t it feel good to get a gift with your name on it?

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