Visa Free Countries For Nigerians

20 Visa Free Countries For Nigerians

If you are searching for visa free countries for Nigerians, you are in the right place.

With Nigerian passports being ranked 83rd for freedom to travel around the globe, getting visas is often challenging and exhausting.

There are visa-free countries for Nigerians that are open to everyone holding a Nigerian Passport. If you have an active passport, you will be admitted to these countries without stressing about getting a visa. However, some of these visa free countries for Nigerians may require you to to obtain a visa at your entry point.

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Top 20 Visa Free Countries For Nigerians

  • Rwanda

One of the most accessible African visa free countries for Nigerians, Rwanda, has become a place of choice for investors and tourists. Following the genocide of 1994 that took place in 1994, Rwanda has been transformed into a tourist destination. East African nation is wearing an updated look. It’s also a safe country with less than five percent crime rates in Country.

Visas can be obtained at the border with a fee of just 100 dollars to Nigerian Passport holders.

  • Djibouti

Within East Africa, one of the visa free countries for Nigerians and top places to go is Djibouti. It is possible to get an entry visa at a low cost. However, the Country offers stunning places to visit, including Lake Assal, the lowest point in Africa. It is the third-largest lake in the world. It is just the third-place following that of the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea.

  • Morocco

The climate, culture and exotic options of Morocco make it an ideal destination for honeymooners. There is a myriad of unique places and restaurants, shops and cafes along Morocco’s streets. Morocco will surely tempt you to transform your honeymoon into an ordinary trip you’ll never regret.

  • Cote DIvoire

Location – West Africa

(Visa free)

Another visa free countries for Nigerians Cote d’Ivoire, formerly known as Ivory Coast, is worth it since there are a variety of attractions and points of interest sights you can explore during your time there. The beaches of Assinie and Assinie, the Parc National de Tai, the valleys of Man and the edgy Grand Bassam are some of the most stunning tourist destinations to visit within Cote d’Ivoire. There is also the lagoon boat trip or visit the market on the streets of Treichville and Cocody.

  • Cape Verde
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It is an island nation located on the West African coast. It is among the most popular places to visit on earth because it is blessed with fantastic weather and stunning locations where you can enjoy the most memorable holiday.

  • Kenya

This gorgeous tourist destination is home to plenty of safaris, wildlife and historical sites to visit. Cities worth exploring comprise Nairobi and Mombassa, and the hosts are generally friendly and accommodating. Visas are also available upon entry.

  • Uganda

It is an East African nation with rich culinary history and historical places like Lake Victoria, and others allow Nigerians to travel without an entry visa at the entry point.

  • Sudan

Nigerians are able to obtain visas at the border to travel to the vast wilderness and wildlife conservation areas in the vast nation of Nigeria.

  • Burundi

Location – East Africa

(Visa no cost for 30 days)

Nigerians are permitted to travel into Burundi for 30 days with no requirement of a visa. The Country is famous for handicrafts, making excellent souvenirs for tourists, from baskets, shields, masks, statues, and ceramics. One of the most critical aspects of the culture of Burundi is drumming. The Royal Drummers of Burundi have performed for the past forty years. The oral tradition that is woven into the culture of Burundi through storytelling, poetry, and songs is worth a look at.

  • Burkina Faso

Location – West Africa(Visa free)

The Country is also home to the International Arts and Crafts Fair, Ouagadougou, which is regarded as one of the top African Handicrafts fairs.

Burkina Faso is a visa for Nigerians who wish to stay for as long as they want. The Country boasts gold reserves and is abundant in art and music, including the drumming culture.

  • Benin Republic
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Location – West Africa

(Visa Free for 3 Months)

If you are a Nigerian passport holder, you can visit the Benin Republic and stay for three months without needing a visa. The Country is located near Nigeria and Nigeria; numerous tourist destinations might appeal to you, such as the designated UNESCO World Heritage site named Pendjari National Park.

  • Chad

Location – Central Africa

(Visa Free for 3 Months)

Chad provides a visa-free 3-month visit for Nigerians. All you have to do is present the return ticket, which proves that you are not planning to remain in the Country for a long time. The Chad National Museum is a must. Chad National Museum,

Chad Cultural Centre to gain a sense of the rich culture from Chad and the Chadian people.

  • Cameroon

Location – West Africa

(Visa without cost up to 90 days)

You can have a wonderful time in Cameroon because admission is visa-free to Nigerians. Check out the National Museum & Mvog-Betsi Zoo in Yaounde or the La Pagode Maritime Museum in Douala. There are numerous animals, from antelopes and lions to birds and snakes, that you can see at all of these parks.

  • Cambodia

Location – Southeast Asia

(Visa upon arrival for the period that is 30 calendar days)

The Country allows Nigerians to enter the Country with a 30-day visa upon their arrival at the entry point. Nigeria is famous for its stunning beaches and temples that date back to ancient times. You can go to the Country at the start of each year’s Water Festival in November.

  • Comoros

Location – East Africa

(Visa on arrival)

You can visit Comoros with no visa; however, you can obtain a visa at the airport for $50. Comoros Island comprises four developed islands, with white sandy beaches, gigantic fruit bats, volcanic craters, and forests. Experience one of the most thrilling experiences at Comoros Island and make memories lasting the rest of your life.

  • Cape Verde

Location – West Africa

(Visa on arrival)

Visas are not required by Nigerian citizens upon their entry into Cape Verde, provided you can prove to immigration authorities that you don’t intend to remain permanently inside the Country. The government will require you to present a return ticket and evidence of your money.

  • Palestine
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Palestine is a country with its capital as Jerusalem is located to the west of Western Asia. While Palestine might not be an attraction for tourists, it is an important cultural, historical, and cultural site more than any other anywhere globally. Therefore, the country is home to more Muslims as well as Christians who are on pilgrimage. However, this is the only Nigeria visa-free country; however, it is not permitted to visit the country via sea unless you are in the Gaza Strip.

  • Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis is an island nation located in the West Indies region of North America. It is also an area with cloud-shrouded mountain ranges and beaches. Saint Kitts is a beautiful island with green Crater Lake vervet monkeys and an extensive rainforest crisscrossed by hiking trails. It is a hiking destination. As of now, Nigerians visiting this country without visas can stay for just 30 days.

  • Guinea Bissau

Similar to Guinea, Guinea Bissa is also a West African country. It borders Guinea towards its South and East and Senegal towards the northern part. Although this country is home to plenty of chimpanzees and forests, it can also be a Nigeria Passport visa-free.

  • Fiji

The last place on this list of visa free countries for Nigerians is Fiji.

Fiji is the Republic of Fiji, located in the South Pacific Ocean and has 333 islands. Additionally, Fiji has one of the most advanced economies within the Pacific. With its abundance of islands, Fiji is home to one of the most beautiful beaches, with a variety of marine life. It also has a stunning tropical landscape. Additionally, Fiji allows Nigeria Passport holders just 4 weeks of visa-free travel.

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