Engagement Ring Alternatives Alternatives To Engagement Rings

8 Trending Alternatives To Engagement Rings

You may need to consider a few alternatives to engagement Rings in case your resources, your preferences, or just your sense of humor makes a more meaningful proposal with something different from a regular engagement ring. 

There is no doubt that the engagement ring is not the best option for every couple.

If a traditional engagement ring doesn’t seem perfect for your situation, there are many excellent engagement ring alternatives – from tattoos to pets; we will share a few engagement ring alternatives in this post.

Alternatives To Engagement Rings

Engagement Ring Alternatives – 6 trending alternatives to engagement Rings

We suggest you consider these five exciting alternatives to engagement rings and choose what is closer to you. Do not forget to consider what will make the event sweet and memorable for your lover.

If you are considering pets as engagement ring alternatives, be sure to use an animal your partner likes a lot.


The trend to make wedding tattoos has given way to a new global trend – ring finger piercing, nose piercing, or piercing in other parts of the body. This operation is very painful, but fortunately, this procedure has many variations. Some lovers and newlyweds insert microdermals with diamonds or rhinestones into their fingers; others prefer complex rings and metal strips with stones.

microdermals, Alternatives To Engagement Rings, Alternatives To wedding Rings

Along with the obvious advantages of engagement and wedding piercing, there may be many not obvious disadvantages. However, this does not stop hundreds of lovers and newlyweds around the world who have already tried out the new trend and shared their results on social networking sites.

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One of the first things that come to mind. Bracelets are considered a symbol of commitment and eternal connection – an excellent option for exchanging during a wedding ceremony. It is also a ring, only in an enlarged size, which gives more creative space for beautiful and original engraving.

Some brides prefer bracelets with charms – small themed pendants that will reflect important events in the couple’s life: the birth of a child, major changes and promotions, joint travel, and so on. If you stopped at this option, then know that in the Pandora jewelry house, for example, the choice of charms is even more than necessary. In a good way.


Using tattoos as engagement ring alternative is trendy among young people who believe that rings are an inconvenient relic of the past. It will not be easy to lose or remove such a “ring.”

That’s a symbol of eternal love. Most couples choose identical or complementary tattoos. These can be symbols, among which the most popular is the infinity sign, someone fills in each other’s names, others – the wedding date. The range of ideas and styles is limited only by the imagination of the lovers.


For many, chains are a more familiar element of everyday life than rings. The chains symbolize union, duty, and belonging. You and your partner do not have to wear identical jewelry, and it is enough that they have something in common: metal, weaving, style. For those who work in factories or operate machines, the option of wearing an engagement ring or chain may not be convenient or suitable. But recently, chains have become a popular alternative to engagement rings.

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Art Work

For more creative couples, exchanging works of art as an alternative to engagement rings seems like a great idea. You can hang them as wall decor so that both of you can be pleased to point them and tell your kids about your past; you can also show them to guests after your marriage!


Pendants in the form of halves of one heart are stale and worn out to the point of losing a pulse. Let’s move on. The first pendant may be the shape of a heart; the second is a key to it. A good attempt, but if you don’t like this, there are pendants in the form of wings with engraved names, and then, most likely, attractive options will turn out, which will be an excellent alternative to wedding rings. Convenient or not – it’s up to you.


If your chosen one loves animals, you can present them with a dog or other animals instead of an engagement ring. You can choose a puppy, kitten, or even a unique plant. In any case, it’s a joyful and delightful way to show your devotion to each other.

Engagement Pet, wedding Ring Alternatives, Alternatives To Engagement Rings

Pets’ can be great and fun engagement ring alternatives.

Precious stones (Gemstones)

When it gets to engagement ring alternative ideas, there are beautiful options that don’t have to be expensive to be appreciated by your lover. Do not shy away from presenting precious stones. 


A marriage proposal without an engagement ring can be even more romantic and fun than a traditional proposal. It’s all about knowing your loved one and what he or she values. The goal of engagement is to show devotion; considering alternatives to engagement rings is already a significant sign that you are interested in using unique ways and uncommon things to show your partner how much they are loved.

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What is your take on the engagement ring alternatives shared in this post?

Do you have any more you’d like to share?

Feel free to share your thought in the comment below.


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