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Nike Metcon 7: Meet The Most Durable Training Shoe

A pair of shoes can make a difference in how you feel during a workout. Whether you are a strongman trainer, classic bodybuilding, powerlifting or running fan, your shoes need to last long and will be crucial to your workout.

Choosing the right Training Shoe for you can be significantly difficult if your workout routine changes from one session to another. This is the problem that Nike Metcon 7, the world’s most powerful training shoe, solves.

The Nike Metcon 7 has arrived with a bang this year. It’s the most durable, reactive, and stable version of the Nike Metcon line and is the standard for weightlifting and training shoes.

The flat, stable sole will keep you grounded while performing compound lifts. The Metcon 7 has a flat, flexy heel that allows for more cardio and weight distribution. The Nike Metcon 7 provides a stable platform and is Nike’s latest attempt to combine the Metcon line with weightlifting options such as the Nike Romaleos.

Nike’s React foam has been added to the Metcon 7 line for those who like to increase their heart rate. React foam is a Nike exclusive and provides a lighter, more responsive support when shifting between sprints and metabolic machine work.

The Nike Metcon 6 is the most breathable Nike training shoe. The Nike Metcon 7 uses a similar lightweight mesh to keep your feet cool without compromising the shoe’s integrity or structure. This is a welcome development for those who don’t want their kit to compromise safety or form.

Other details have been designed to be useful for functional fitness enthusiasts. Rubber wraps on both sides of the shoe protect the outer layer against abrasive rope climbs. A rear foot’ clip” reduces drag during handstands. And a flywire cable system secures your midfoot when you’re pushing hard.

Metcon 7’s silhouette is very similar to the Metcon 4’s, but the technology is so much better. The Metcons are available in a variety of colours, including a black and gunmetal mix and the standard block colourway. This is a great addition to anyone looking to spice up their gym look.

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Who should invest in the Nike Metcon 7 Training Shoe?

The Nike Metcon 7 is slightly more versatile than the Nike Metcon 6. This model includes Nike React Foam throughout the midsole. 

This gives it a little more bounce and reactivity in plyometrics or shorter runs.

This model is an excellent choice for functional fitness athletes who need a shoe that can handle a wide range of tasks. The Nike Metcon 7 has a mid-foot rope protector to aid in rope climbing performance. This is a minor detail, but it’s important for those who depend on their shoes for this purpose.

Nike Metcon 7 Performance

While testing the Nike Metcon 7, I focused on many different aspects to evaluate the shoe’s capabilities. Below I will discuss the Nike Metcon 7’s performance in lifting, agility, and plyometrics.

Nike Metcon 7 CrossFit and Lifting

The Nike Metcon 7 is fairly similar to previous Nike Metcon models when it comes to lifting. It is stable even under heavy loads. I also didn’t feel any compression in the model’s outsole or midsole. This shoe has held up to 505 lbs of deadlifting and performed well.

This model has a 4mm heel-to-toe drop, which is consistent with other Nike Metcon models. 

This model is great for lifting if you like a lower drop. The built-in Hyperlift construction is also a plus. It saves you the hassle of keeping track of inserts and remembering them to bring to the gym.

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The Nike Metcon 7 is a step up from the Nike Metcon 6. 

The Nike Metcon 7 is now more traditional in design, removing hyper lifts and drop-in midsoles. Metcon fans will be happy with a traditional-built shoe. Can the Metcon 7 stand out in a crowded market for cross-training shoes? Let’s see. 

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Forefoot flexibility

The Nike Metcon 7’s forefoot seems to be a priority. It has four deep flex grooves, one of which bisects the entire outsole. Nike allowed the React midsole to show through on all four grooves. This result has a significantly improved forefoot feel than previous Metcon models and is better able to perform any exercise that puts you on your feet.

Forefoot cushion

React cushioning is added to the Nike Metcon 7. It doesn’t have to React cushioning in the heel, but the forefoot is impressive. 

Sprints and box jumps feel much better and are less taxing on the feet, ankles, and legs. It’s not as soft as the Floatride in the Reebok Nano X1 and the Reebok JJ IV, but it’s a massive improvement for the Metcon line.


The Metcon line is known for its narrow fitting. However, the Nike Metcon 7 increases the toebox and maintains a tighter fit at the heel. This makes the shoe more comfortable to wear. This is especially noticeable when you do exercises such as deadlifts or squats, where spreading your toes and increasing ground contact can make all the difference.

A well-fitted upper, with dynamic fit lace loops to provide superior midfoot lockdown and a gusseted tongue, helps improve the fit. The extras make it feel a lot more comfortable than other cross-training shoes.


Clunky heel

Foam hyper lifts were available for previous Metcon models. These could be used under the removable midsole to increase the heel lift. Instead, the Nike Metcon 7 uses a rigid plastic hyper lift that is placed below a thin layer of React foam in its heel.

Although I do appreciate the convenience of not having to add something to my shoe for certain lifts, the plastic hyper lift didn’t work well for me. This results in a lower heel cushion and a heavier, clunkier heel. It is very stable in traditional Olympic lifts but can be precarious during running. The Nike Metcon 7’s heel is so irritating that I would not recommend it for running. It doesn’t feel right.

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Lace Lock

Basic, cheap laces are back. Double knots are essential as they can come undone if not used properly. A “lace lock” failure is worse than the laces. This tongue-based system uses Velcro to hold your laces in place. Although it’s a great idea, the system leaves exposed Velcro regardless of whether you use it. Velcro is a problem because it catches on all fabrics, including pants. Metcon 8 will require a complete overhaul of the entire lacing system.


Nike Product Testers loves the herringbone outsole pattern. It grips well and is very appreciated. However, the rubber used is too soft and thin. The channels also collect dirt, seeds, and pebbles. Outdoor workouts can lead to you spending 20 minutes picking up crud from your shoes. This is another bad idea.

Upper durability

The upper is well-made and fits perfectly. However, it does show signs of wear quickly. The nylon mesh upper is prone to nicks. Although the vinyl overlays on the heel are fine, the upper of the shoe’s front three-quarters will be beaten up quickly. Is this a problem? It all depends on how annoyed you were when your shoes looked gloomy because that’s what you’ll see soon after you get the Nike Metcon 7.

The Metcon 7 is the best thing that could happen to your gym bag by 2022.

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